Get ready for those cat calls, ladies!

Good evening everyone,  a few days ago I was pondering if I needed more hairs as I stared at the new Rachael release by Catwa from a note card I received in game. I have to admit the hair was tempting, it is a long flowing hair style, the locks nice and curly giving it nice shape, the bangs are long and flowing framing the face. "Just my style", I thought,  "what the heck..lets go look at it. What can that hurt?" I know famous last words...

CATWA is a hair designer I had heard about but never visited previously, as I never could find them, I thought it was spelt Katawa. Don't ask me where I got that at! So with the corrected spelling and a valid landmark I hopped over to see that pretty hair and try on the demo. They had a really impressive selection of hairs, too. I have several on my list to pick up next payday.

The note card had also mentioned the store recently underwent a major renovation and I must say it's a pretty cool store. I loved the wood details, the cat head shaped doorways, and especially the details in the coffee shop, as you all know I love good photo spots -- expect to find it in my Excellent Photo Location Index soon!

I saw several of bloggers around taking photos too. You can always tell bloggers from shoppers,  they have all kinds of light attachments on and are doing pose after pose in some corner in hopes to get that perfect photo. I got to chatting with one of the bloggers working while checking out the really cool coffee shop located in the back of the store. She told me CATWA is accepting blogger applications until Feb. 9th and you had to include a picture of you in their new store in a hair by them. That totally explained the high blogging action going on around me.

It was also just the push I needed to buy that pretty pretty hair! Well, to be honest I had bought the hair before I talked to my new blogging friend, but it was a good excuse to justify the purchase to Mel who doesn't understand my hair addiction at all. The logic don't matter! The hair is mine! (MWAHHAHAHA!)

Just a few quick notes on the Rachel hair by CATWA before I go into the details of my outfit. The  Rachel hair is rigged mesh and comes in three sizes to make finding that perfect fit easier. It is available in five color palettes. Each color palette has 48 textures to chose from, which makes this a pretty versatile hair for those who like to change things up often.

I was really pleased to see how the Rachel hair complimented my new ensemble from Just Because. Well my outfit is partially new. I have worn the pencil skirt by Just Because before in my posts. It is probably my favorite skirt to wear as it has a high-waist, fits beautifully and has an amazing texture to it.

It is available in eight vibrant colors. It comes fitted for Classicfit (regular avatars) and in Customfit (Belleza Venus mesh bodies). Be sure to try the demos before purchasing to ensure you get the right one for you.

The Cowl Blouse is Just Because's newest release. Let me tell you this blouse is hawt!  The plunging neckline is sure to make your significant other, or heck, even random people pause and take a looksie.

The cowl blouse is available in twelve amazing colors.  It comes fitted for Classicfit (regular avatars) and in Customfit (Belleza Venus, Maitreya Lara, & Slink Physique mesh bodies). This blouse is a "Keeper" according to Mel. I personally loved the design and textures used. It made it look like a high-end blouse you would purchase at an exclusive boutique in real life. I am never disappointed with a design from Just Because.

My lovely skin is by Deluxe Body Factory. It is the Toffee skin tone for the  Poppy line. The skin  comes with a clean, natural face without brows, two cleavage options, four eyebrows on tattoo layer (ash, ginger, auburn and jet), ten lipstick options on tattoo layer, six eye shadow options on tattoo layer and standard appliers.  In this photo I am wearing the auburn brows. 

My make-up is a special valentines release for Room69 by Deluxe Body Factory. You get three sets of makeups. They come as #TMP installers and regular tattoo layer makeup. Specially designed for Poppy skin but will work with the most avatar skins and shapes. There is a demo provided to try it out before you buy. 

My necklace is created by Maxi Gossamer exclusively for the Celestial UBER sale this month. The Syrius Star Crystal necklace is mesh and includes short and long versions in gold or silver metal with nine color options for the crystals on touch,  There are also matching Syrius Star Crystal earrings available to purchase at UBER too. My glasses are from Tameless' Hipster Outfit for the Hipster Fair 2015, which I will be featuring a little later this week.

My cute Erika heels are by KC Couture. They come with 40 Main, 40 Strap, 40 Sole and 40 Heel Colors with 2 Metal Buckle Options via the color HUD. They are fitted & rigged For Belleza Venus and Slink High Feet, both sold separate from the shoes. 

And as I promised here is the freebie item of the day!

ODDITY has a wonderful pair of mesh unisex gloves out for free as their SL F&O gift. The gloves come with a HUD you can use to change colors and resize. Excellent texturing and detailing! To join the SL F&O group paste: secondlife:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about into open chat in the game then click the link that shows up. It's free to join and a great resource for deals, steals and freebies.

CATWA | Rachel, Browns | L$250/color palette
Deluxe Body Factory | Poppy, Toffee  | L$2,499
✫ Deluxe Body Factory | Valentine Make-Ups | L$69 | @Room69 till Feb 20st
SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675 
SLINK | AvEnhance High Feet | L$675 
Ikon | Hope, Field | L$150 

JUST BECAUSE | Pencil Skirt, Brown | L$200/color or L$1,000/Fatpack 
JUST BECAUSE | Cowl Blouse, Green | L$200/color or L$1,300/Fatpack 
KC Couture | Erika Heels | L$149
Maxi GossamerSyrius Star Crystal necklace | L$299 | @UBER
ODDITY | Unisex Gloves | L$0 | Free SL F&O Gift
Tameless | Glasses from Hipster Outfit | L$199 | Hipster Fair till Feb 15th

Focus Poses |  Model Set 76, 110, 131

✫ CATWA, Coffee Shop in back of store.

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