Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays...

Ha! Got sent home sick from work. Which is good considering I am coughing up my lungs, I swear. But it also gave me a little more time to dabble around to create today's post. I am just in the Valentine spirit this week, which is odd considering I normally avoid the holiday like it's a plague.

✫ Deluxe Body Factory | Valentia, Noire | Free VIP Gift | Group L$199
Valentia skin is a special Valentines Day skin gift to Deluxe Body Factorys VIPs. For non-group members the skin is available for 49L.  Only available until Valentines Day! Appliers are sold separately.

✫ Calico |  Mantha Hair | L$25 | 25L Tuesdays
Available in 11 color pack or fatpack (L$325). Each color pack has 15 different color tones. I love this hair. It's very fun and will look great with my medieval outfits. The back of the hair is tied into three tails like the front two. The Hud allows your to customize the leather and rings in the hair.

✫ Ikon | Hope Eyes, Field | L$150
Eyes include regular and mesh, come with with five iris sizes. The Hope Collection has over 50 color choices to choose from. There is a demo available for testing them out.

Potpourri Designs | Red Sequin Pencil Dress | L$99 | @Valentines in Vegas till Feb 15.
Cute sparkly dress, perfect for a Valentine date! Mesh - Standard Sizes xxs-xl. Matching shoes available too.

BellePoses | Renata Pose Set | L$69 | @Room69 till Feb 20.
This is a special promo for Room69 only available until the 20th.  Comes with six cute poses. After the 20th it will be available in their new store for L$100.

Great new dinning room set from Kaerri. Really cute and just in time for Valentine's Day. All items sold separately so you can mix it up with items you already have!
✫ Wooden Table with Runner | L$249
✫ Wooden Dining Char | L$199
✫ Group of Gerbra Vases | L$100
✫ Love Ducks  | L$99
✫ Apple Basket | L$75
✫ Pear Basket | L$75
✫ Tin Lantern Pair  | L$149
✫ White Wood Bookshelf  | L$199
✫ Pink Tulip  | L$75
✫ Yellow Tulip  | L$75

✫ Love Plaque | L$75
✫ Heart Screen | L$199
✫ Heart Rug | L$99
✫ Rattan Ceiling Light  | L$149
✫ White Sideboard | L$249
✫ Cage Roses Pink  | L$149
✫ White Wood Candles  | L$100
✫ Love Ladder  | L$150
✫ Red Tulip  | L$75

Potpourri Designs is participating in the Valentines in Vegas  event that which runs until Feb 15.
✫ Rosebud Skybox \  Mesh \  Copy \ 18 prims \  approximately 14 x 19. | L$99
✫ Frosted Glass Flower Table Lamp \ Copy\  Mesh \  3 Prims | L$150
✫ Silver Nouveau Planter \ Copy \ 3 Prims | L$50
✫ Paris Night Wall Canvas \ Mesh \ Copy \ 3 Prims | L$99
✫ Red Leather Library Chair \ Mesh \ Copy \ 6 Prims \ 9 sits | L$250
✫ Red Heart Rug \  Copy, Modify \ 1 prim | L$50
✫ Heart Coffee Table \  Gatcha L$75
Available  in Hot Pink, Black, White, Lipstick Pink, Pink and Red.  The  items are all equal chance. The tables are transfer, 1 prim.
✫ Heart Strings \ Free Gift

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