Ghost in the Circuits...

The house lay silent as as the sun rose slowly, the echos of the occupants,
 well occupant -- singular now, quietly reverberate down the stairs as the light grows brighter. 

A sight hum could be heard as the internal security system, triggers on. After running an internal scan and a sweep of the surrounding area, the opaque wall slowly fades to transparent just as the computer projects the master of the house stirring.

The figure of the man on the bed stirs, his eyes seeming to ache as they struggle to open.
 He lays as if he is trying to will himself back to sleep but already his mind is racing and waking wins, the eyes open fully.
 The figure stands, dressing comfortably and heads downstairs.  

The man stumbles to the couch as if the weight of the world is dragging him down. The fingers run over the raised line tracing along his arms and chest as the computer simulates the cold of  a morning to watch the mans reaction. Falling back, more than sitting the mans legs fold up under him as he sits on the couch, fingers fumbling with the visi-screen in his hand.

The man's attention is not on the here and now. 
His face is pensive and distant as if his mind is wandering back to that day...

How bright that day dreadfully bright and quaint life was. 
Everything routine, nothing out of order, predictable...reliable. 

Till he received that message..the message that tore his world asunder and left him on his knees.

 The code tearing through his brain, burning groves along his previously unmarred skin. 
His life, as he knew it, escaping his grasp.

Silently the house watched, humming as the projection came to a halt, as it always did at the end of the day. The sky turning yellow then orange, fading red then black as the  house shut down once more, the final occupant flickering to nothing.


Deluxe Body Factory, Julien Skin and Shape, Group Midnight Mania Board or L$1,995
The Julien Skin comes with two skin tones, modifiable shape, goatee, and stubble options. It is currently on the group midnight madness board or can be purchased in the men's section of the store.

MINA Hair | Knut, Black | L$250 
Knut is one of my favorite male hairs. I love the pulled back knotted tail with a shaved head look for my male characters. The hair comes with a materials and non-materials version. It is available in seven color packs, each containing five color textures via HUD.

Ikon | Sunrise Eyes, Pale Azure | L$150
 The eye set includes a regular and a mesh version both in five iris sizes. The Sunrise collection has over 40 color choices to choose from. There is a demo available for testing them out, if you are the cautious type.

Fallen Gods Inc. | Circuit Tattoos | L$450 | @Futurewave 2015
Comes in eight tintable tattoos of shades, slim & heavy 25%-100% with appliers for slink and lola tango. Applier tattoos are not tintable, they only come in white.


Bliensen + MaiTai | Bionique: Implants for Temple and Forehead | L$  | @Futurewave 2015
 Nice little accessory to give your sci-fi look a little bling. The implants come in three colors: white, Green, Bronze.

Just Because | Tailored Sweats, Grey w/Stripes | A sneak peek of future release.
I was lucky enough to receive a set of these tailored sweats as a sneak peek of what is still to come. As always Just Because has done a wonderful job on an original design.  There are twelve color o select from or you can buy the full fat pack. These are fitted mesh so be sure to try the demo.


Bluprintz | Data Pad | L$199 | @Futurewave 2015
This is a fun little accessory for completing your look. The data pad is scripted texture change with animations, it has five color areas, tint, glow and Transparency controlled by HUD.

✫ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] | Hexagon Table decorated | L$90  | @Futurewave 2015
The hexagon table and Loudspeaker Flower is 1 li ea. The  You can buy the table and USB tree separate  if you like only one of the two pieces.

✫ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] | Snake Sofa Set, Black | L$350 | @Futurewave 2015
The Snake Sofa Set is a combination of two smaller sets (Inner ring set, and Outer Ring Set). Each sofa style contains eight poses and seats up to three avatars. There is a black and white set so you can mix and match if you purchase the smaller versions.

✫ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] | USB 2 Tree  | L$155  | @Futurewave 2015
The USB2 Tree is a decorative item for your home. It is 5 Li/1prim.

 ✫ A World Made of Light | Holobox | L$395 | @Futurewave 2015
I really liked this sky box in the shape of a cpu case. It has two levels connected by a clear set of stairs. One wall is totally transparent on the inside but solid on the inside. The trim colors are controlled via hud. Along with the sky box you get several pieces of furnishing included to decorate your new home.


✫ Sitting poses were supplied in the Snake Sofa Set.

HISpose | HISwings | L$100 
This pose set contains Six static poses with six accompanying mesh wings. 


  1. Thanks, dude!

    And yeah, I ran out and bought all that Bauwerk for my own SL homespace. Those are hot couches!

    1. Awesome, glad you liked it. They are pretty fun to place. I can imagine them in many spaces.


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