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Good evening everyone, I had to move this weekend so I missed posting yesterday as I was dealing with that. It has been a while since I did a home post so I thought I would share with you my home. I decided to go all out on new stuff. This is a a work in progress so don't judge my decorating skills to harshly, it's half finished but I am liking how it is going.

Front of The SKWER by Maven Homes
I go through a lot of houses and skyboxes. I am never really happy with any that I get. There are always features I like but in the whole they fail to please me. My wish list, open spaces, small kitchen/bath areas (why do we need big ones?), a deck and plenty of character. I was just about to give up all hope of finding one that meets what I want till I was given the Skewer by Maven Homes.

Back of The SKWER by Maven Homes
This home has a land impact of 176 and a footprint of 27m x 24m. The interior floor plan is spacious and spreads over two floors with one bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom, sun room and  a roof deck. It has a lot of windows to give you a wide open feel while making you feel protected and cozy at home. I really liked the texturing and design. It is well built. I think the only thing I was disappointed in was that my trophies were too big to fit the built-in shelf in the living area.

Just look at all those decks and balconies, perfect for cozy spots to sit with your friends. And that roof deck! Perfect for parties or star gazing with your special someone. It also comes with a security system with radar controls, lockable doors, adjustable window tinting and lighting that that can be adjusted for color and turned on or off. I really liked the automatic mode that adjusts the lights to the time of day on the sim. That is so handy to have, makes it easy to just come home and kick back than have to flip all those darn switches.

Okay let me give you the grand tour... as you walk in the front door you are in a wide open living area. It has a built in a fireplace and shelf (yes that shelf! Really it's just a good excuse to go buy some new decorative trinkets!)  with sliding doors out to the back deck. 

To the right is a small kitchenette that comes with a fridge, convection oven and sink. The counter wraps around for a cute breakfast nook with two stools. I haven't done anything with this area yet. I am still looking for the perfect items. I love the hardwood floor textures used, too. I never like them too burnt looking. To the left is the glass encased stairwell to the second floor. I love that stair way. Gives me a magnificent view of my landscaping outside.

I do want to mention all my landscaping is done using Heart VR's awesome landscaping products. I have been in love with their designs since getting my first piece of land in SL. I purchased the Mountain Pine Forest & Summer Flower Meadow. It has enough items in it to decorate 1/4 a sim. So I always have fun mixing it up on my smaller plot. They have some great flower sets too!

Okay on with the tour, still on the bottom floor, just opposite of the stairwell I used Kaerri's furniture along with a few items from Fancy Decor and  Wishbringer. I really liked how the Blown Glass  Balls by Wishbringer matched the Sheer Organza Curtains from Kaerri. Kaerri does a wonderful job of designing furniture that is fun and well designed. Their designs are for those who don't want the ordinary and Wishbringer does a wonderful job of the whimsical design. The couch has a menu for couples and singles.

The three items on the smaller white table are by Fancy Decor. The small fancy box is Fancy Decor's SL F&O gift and the Birch candles and lamp are group gifts. The group is free  to join. I love the texturing on these items. Fancy Decor has a lot of fun items in their shop.

As we go up the stairs we enter into a large Sunroom that opens up onto a balcony, which runs the length of the house. For this room I used  Circa Living's "Winter Paris" Romantic Room Gatcha designs for the Promenade. There are 11 commons and 4 rares. SL was cruel and ate several of my items so I am not featuring all the great items you can get. The candle chandeliers are awesome, as are the photos on the walls. You just need to go check it out. It isn't often you get such great items for so little amount of money.

On the opposite end of the room from Circa Living's wonderful Gatcha items, I set up a little reading nook from the Afrian 'stuff  at The 'stuff Lounge. All item pictured are by Kaerri. I really do love their designs. This set made for a playful corner to hang out in as I blog. The 'stuff lounge runs till the 28th of the month, so do not delay too long to get some wonderful African fashion and home decor items.

To the north of the Sun Room through glass double doors is the single bedroom with a bath off to the side. With Valentines day around the corner I wanted to be  bit playful in my decorations in this room. So I used some great items I had from Serenity Style. The lamp and table set in the corner were made for the Fantasy Room, as were the cute bird houses over the door. They are gatcha items.  The Wall hangings and cute dolls in the corner are for the With Love 2015 Gatcha. Did I mention I have a gatcha problem. But you can be proud of me the Cucu Clock and Candy hearts are both from Chapter Four, but not Gatcha items! Though I did end up buying a few cute Gatcha Items from other designers while there too.

On the far wall from the bed I have placed two really cute items from Serenity Style and %Percent Furniture and Lighting. The cute little mouse with the letter is By Serenity Style for the House Hunt event that runs until the 14th of this month. It has a little light behind it so perfect as a nightlight. The wardrobe is a neat item by %Percent for the February Challenge for Builders. They created several colors for purchase. It has over 17 animations, along with props and wearables. It is a very fun item to have in your home.

On the lower back deck I set up a really cute (in my opinion) setting area from items by Circa Living. The bench, art and side table are all for the House Hunt. The Room divider and plant are a free gift for SL F&O.

I haven't found a place for this cute table yet, but I want to have it out for valentines day. It is  by MeshedUp for the With Love 2015 Fair. It comes with two versions and necklaces to wear for him and her. I just loved the textures and styling for it.

Photos 1-5: The Home and Landscaping
Maven Homes | SKWER | LS2990
Heart VR |  Mountain Pine Forest & Summer Flower Meadow | L$999

Photo 6: The Living Area
Kaerri | Sheer Organza Curtain - Pink Right | L$249
✫ Kaerri | Rattan Balls | L$100
✫ Kaerri | Potted Camelia  | L$100
✫ Kaerri | B&W Leather Couch | L$499
✫ Kaerri | Glass Coffee Table Black| L$249
✫ Kaerri | Rose Rug | L$99
✫ Kaerri | Tray Table - White | L$140
✫ Kaerri | XO Pictures | L$150
✫ Kaerri | Sticks Lamp Pair | L$249
✫ Kaerri | Tray Table - Black | L$140
 ✫ Wishbringer | Blown Glass Witch Balls | Jan We <3 Roleplay

Photo 7: The Living Area Freebies
✫ Fancy Decor | Black Ceramic Lamp | Free Group Gift
✫ Fancy Decor | Fancy Decor: Birch Candles  | Free Group Gift
✫ Fancy Decor | FD: Inlaid Box | Free SL F&O Gift

Photo 8: The Sun Room part 1
[CIRCA] Living | "Winter Paris" Romantic Room Gatcha! | L$50/spin | @ The Promenade till the 15th!
    - Paris artwork set                  - Candle Chandelier
   - Shutter Room divider           - Pillow Chair
   - Heart Table Pouffe               - Love Sign Light
    - Heart Tree                           - Rose Mannequin

Photo 8: The Sun Room part 2
✫ Kaerri |  African Mask | L$50  | The 'stuff lounge  till the 28th
✫ Kaerri | African Lamp  | L$100  | The 'stuff lounge till the 28th
✫ Kaerri |  Small Side Table | L$120  | The 'stuff lounge till the 28th
✫ Kaerri | Zebra Chair | L$120 | The 'stuff lounge till the 28th
✫ Kaerri | Palm Pot  | L$100 | The 'stuff lounge till the 28th
✫ Kaerri | Zebra Rug  | L$75  | The 'stuff lounge till the 28th
✫ Kaerri | Floor Zebra   | L$50 | The 'stuff lounge till the 28th

Photo 9: The Bedroom Part 1
✫ Serenity Style | Under the light set | L$70 | The Fantasy Room
✫ Serenity Style | Lovely Bedroom | L$180 | With Love Fair
✫ Serenity Style  |  Love Frame, Gatcha Item | L$70 |  With Love Fair
✫ Serenity Style  |  Love Scrabble Gatcha Item | L$70 |  | With Love Fair
✫ Serenity Style  | Cute Love Set Male & Female Gatcha Item | L$70 | With Love Fair
✫ Serenity Style  | Love Window Gatcha Item | L$70 |  With Love Fair
✫ Serenity Style  |  Sweet Wood Candy | L$90 | The Chapter Four
✫ Serenity Style  |  Cucu Clock | L$90 | The Chapter Four

Photo 10: The Bedroom Part 2
✫ Serenity Style  |  Letter to Zaira | L$20 | House Hunt Prize
%Percent Furniture & Lighting  |  Wardrobe and Seat | L$225  

 Photo 11: The Back Balcony
✫ [CIRCA] Living |  "Cyprus Escape" Bench - Mediterra Mix (28 pos)  | L$20 | House Hunt Prize
✫ [CIRCA] Living |  "Cyprus Escape" Sea Life Art Trio | L$20 | House Hunt Prize
✫ [CIRCA] Living |   "Cyprus Escape" Classic Side Table - SeaGreen Marble | L$20 |  House Hunt Prize
✫ [CIRCA] Living |  "Cyprus Escape"  Room Divider | Free SL F&O Group Gift

Photo 11: Valentine Table
✫ MeshedUp | Valentines Table & Necklaces | L$325   | With Love Fair

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  1. Wonderful post Tali, must have taken you ages to put it together but I am glad you did! The house looks great, will have to go and take a look.


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