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Evening everyone, tonight's post contains a few more wonderful finds from Futurewave. I opened my posts on Futurewave with a story last night but tonight's post is more of a mood than a story....one I think most all of us can understand..

Have you ever felt like your life is overwhelming you ... driving you so crazy... pushing you so down ...

... that you just need to get away ... get in your hovercraft and fly ... 

 ... fly so far and fast you don't have time to think of your troubles ....

... maybe go somewhere you can just sit and think at a safe distance .... get a bit of a perspective on life ....

... somewhere you can finally take a deep breath ... emit a sigh of relief, then spread your arms wide ....

... and plunge right back into whatever your troubles are ready to try to conquer the world once more ...

If so, then you understand the meaning behind my photos. I hope you enjoyed them and they gave you, like me, a chance to escape for a few. If you want a bit more of an escape, I recommend you stopping in at the Futurewave event and check out all the cool stuff they have to offer. The event runs till the end of the month, so don't doddle too long. All the great details you have come to expect from me are down below.


✫ Deluxe Body Factory | Africa My Love Skins | L$399/make-up | The 'stuff Lounge
Comes in three vibrant eye shadows in green, bronze and violet, each with matching lipsticks. There are also matching appliers. 

  Beautiful Freak | Circuit Eye Make-up, Blue | L$200  @Futurewave 2015
Comes in a set of five colors, tattoo layers. Multiple color packs to chose from.

Fallen Gods Inc. | Circuit Tattoos | L$450 | @Futurewave 2015
Comes in eight tintable tattoos of shades, slim & heavy 25%-100% with appliers for slink and lola tango. Applier tattoos are not tintable only come in white.

Mandala | Steking Ears, Season 5 | L$677 
Well worth the money, easy to color to match the skins and through a hud switch to two other styles of ears, elven and pixie. Plus comes with piercings and color tips you can show or hide.

✫  Pin Me Down | Lipstick - Metallic | L$100 | @Futurewave 2015
Comes in a pack of six colors, tattoo layers. Many color packs to chose from.

✫ Pin Me Down | Mesh Eyes - Mecha  | L$100 | @Futurewave 2015
Comes in a pack of four colors, mesh and system layer eyes. Many other color packs to chose from.

✫ Bliensen + MaiTai | Astronomy Domine Hairstyle | L$299   | @Futurewave 2015
Non-rigged mesh hair, three version available, four color packs, 32 color choices.

SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675 
Comes with one pair of hands in each standard size. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and fingernails.


✫ SAKIDE | Leyana Dress Black | L$200  | @Futurewave 2015
I love this dress! It fits amazingly well, looks hawt and covered all the bits I don't like showing. IT comes in standard sizes with a color change hud with fourteen color change options. You can change the stripes separately or together, which makes this a very versatile dress!

SAKIDE | Takea Boots, Black  | L$150  | @Futurewave 2015 
Awesome boots to match the dress, non-rigged mesh with a color change hud containing fourteen color change options for the straps.

✫ Maxi Gossamer Syrius Star Crystal Necklace  
Syrius Star Crystal necklace includes short and long versions in gold or silver metal and nine color options for the crystals on touch. There are also matching earrings available separately (not pictured). 

Bliensen + MaiTai | Raumzeit - Helmet | L$329 | @Futurewave 2015
Helmet is fitted mesh, non re-sizable. Astronomy Domine Hair included, (32 colors). Try demo first if you have an exceptionally large avatar.


NeverWish | Gear Chair, Teal/White | L$350/White  | @Futurewave 2015
Cool circular gear chair, copy/mod and only 2li. Sixteen poses loaded in cushion.

ORIONITE Labs | Hover Lounger Deluxe | L$149/gatcha | @Futurewave 2015
I loved this chair... it is a must have for those who love oddities and unique vehicles. To use your awesome hover chair simply rez it on the ground and sit!  To fly, you can use the same navigational keys you use for walking!  To fly up and down, use the letters "E" and "C" on your keyboard. It comes with multiple sitting poses too! I adapted the ones in my photos using my animare pose system, so you won't see exacly the same poses in the one you get, but they are all high quality sits.

The gatcha is the sign on the front window looks like Saturn with all the vehicles on it.


✫ Photo 1: A/O animation
✫ Photos 2-4: Poses supplied in Hover Lounger. Some adaptation in my photos using my animare pose system.
✫ Photo 5: Rook | Galaxian Poses | L$125/set | @Futurewave 2015
Set of three action poses.

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