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Evening everyone, I am definitely down sick with something nasty. So probably have less writing this week and lots of photos. I have some more stuff for Valentines Day for you. These sets are from Aphrodite Shop. (Product details taken from Designer cards, website and marketplace).

Valentines Royal Garden Table Set | Adult L$1480/PG L$920 @Cosmopolitan till Feb 15th 

PG version has 75 animations, Adult has 164 animations. Both include dances, cuddles, kisses & proposals. Includes placemats with 35 food & drinks, chandelier and champagne. 

"White Roses" Romantic Pavilion | Adult L$950\PG L$650

A couple set, not only for Valentines! This lovely romantic rug & fireplace set has all for some romance (& sexy) time for two! Video here; Regardless if you want to use it inside your house or with the optional gazebo outside, this set is fully equipped!  LI as follows: Rug: 2, Petals: 2, Fireplace: 7, Champagne Bucket: 8, Decorative White Roses Vase: 1, Optional Gazebo: 36, Optional MESH White climbing Roses to decorate around: 16  Polar bear rug has couple menus & poses as following: Snuggles: 28, Hot: 21, Warmth: 2, Dance: 2, Tasties: 9  It also has 9+ props, pillows & romantic food, like fresh strawberries, arousing oysters, aphrodisiac caviar, rose champagne, chocolate or sparkly champagne.

Aphrodite Valentine Gazebo, LS1,850/Full Set, L$650/HangOut, L$650/Cafe, L$650/Piano

A lovely set of gazebos connected with bridges. Celebrate your Valentine, Birthday, or Marriage or anything you can imagine on this lovely set!  You can purchase this in a complete set that has all 3 gazebos or buy them in modular form separately.  The complete set includes:
-Coffee set
-Comfy Hangout 
-Romantic bridges with poses for the all important question, kisses and dances.

1)  Gazebo with relaxing hangout 71 LI, COPY partially MOD/ NO transfer

~♥~ Animated couple sofas with 8 couple animations for sitting together and kiss.
~♥~Animated champagne bucket, rose petals, chandelier
~♥~ Menu controlled realistic fireplace & rug
~♥~ Valentine chocolates box animated

2) Gazebo with Cafe set, 72 LI, COPY partially MOD/ NO transfer

~♥~ Single chairs with 13 animations with automatic attachment system props (cafe, petit fours, napkin etc)
~♥~ Couples bench with 7 singles and 12 couple animations
~♥~ Animated bridge for couples with almost a dozen of flowers options to change and 26 animations including proposals, dances, kisses and cuddles.

3) Gazebo with romantic piano, 62 LI, COPY partially MOD/ NO transfer

This piano includes a total of 35 custom animations!
~♥~ 3 solo animations: play, sing and sit
~♥~ 7 duet animations for playing & singing together
~♥~ 9 tender couple animations with kisses, cuddles & snuggles
Includes decorations, red roses, flowers changer options, lamps, soft candle lighting, optional lamps & lights
~♥~ 23 Wonderful piano love songs, playable by the music book.
~♥~ Animated bridge for couples with almost a dozen of flowers options to change and 26 animations including proposals, dances, kisses and cuddles.

Valentines Party Mega Set | L$999/Full Set, L$699/Food Table, L$599 Dessert Table

Mega Valentines set with valentines food & drinks, valentine balloons, roses, flowers & more. Sold Sepparately as salad table, sweets table or the MEGA pack that has both tables plus a bunch, (really a ton!) of decos for a promo price 25% discounted. Please do watch their video  so you see everything better! Valentine Megaset includes:

Valentine decorations:
♥ Valentine heart shaped balloons set of 3 in different colors, 2 LI each: red and pinks or silver and goldens.
♥ Valentine Balloons floating also bunch of 3 balloons 1 LI
♥ Valentine arches, made with heart shape balloons and Happy Valentine legend in several color options: silver, golden, pink, red and combinations MESH 7 LI each
♥ Valentine banners: "I love you" & "Be mine" 1 LI each
♥ Valentine tables: valentine table MESH 2LI, dressed tables with table cloth in several color options, silver, silver & gold or silver & red.
♥ Valentine flowers plant pot 1 LI
♥ Valentine arches made of flowers : magnolias, red roses, pink roses & spring flowers 1 LI each
♥ Rose petals for floor 0.5 LI in red small petals and also in white color larger petals for grass 0.5 LI too
♥ Valentine signs letters: LOVE, and two different Valentine signs with different lettering 0.5 LI each

All decorations are copy and MODIFY! for you to choose size too or recolor/ texture!

Valentine food & valentine drinks

Salad buffet table includes:

♥ Hearted dip appetizer, gives our dipped heart shaped cookies 5 LI, dispenses cookies
♥ Hearty mini burgers 11 LI, dispenses eatable hamburguers
♥ Pizza warmer Assortment 9 LI, dispenses up to 5 different pizzas: tofu and veggies
(for vegan and vegetarian people) caprese, ham & cheese, pepperoni & 4 cheeses. Dispenses eatable heart shaped pizzas.
♥ Hearted meat kebabs: dispenses skewers of delicious different meats with dipping sauce for eating. 6 LI
♥ Bacon & cheddar cheese bagels. dispenses this delicious originals pastries. 2 LI
♥ Hearty breads basket: 11 warm delicious different bread types to enjoy right from he oven 6 LI.
♥ Aphrodite Rose Champagne on silver bucket: valentines edition champagne bottle on ice, dispenses flutes to drink 6 LI
♥ Pasta warmer with sorrentinos & Lasagna 11 LI. Dispenses plates with the two different stuffed pasta with a fork to eat them.
♥ Aphrodite table centerpiece in silver & red with stars, 8 LI each

Valentine desserts table includes:

♥ White chocolate animated fondue 6 LI, dispenses 5 different dipped treats and fruits
♥ Dark chocolate animated fondue 6 LI, dispenses 5 different dipped treats and fruits
♥ Strawberry jelly cookies: dispenses strawberry cookies 3 LI
♥ Two chocolates heart cookies 3 LI. Dispenses cookies stuffed with dulce de leche and dipped in chocolate
♥ Valentine donuts 2LI, dispenses donuts
♥ Apple & Cinnamon rolls 5 LI. Dispenses this delicious buns
♥ Strawberry & raspberry pies 3 LI. Dispenses!
♥ Valentines cake: 4 LI only! dispenses 8 amazing cake flavors to taste and have fun on a plate with a fork to eat them.
♥ Premium Champagne fountain 4 LI: dispenses flutes with particle of falling champagne
♥ Rose Champagne fountain 4 LI: dispenses pink champagne glasses to drink.

You need about 160 prims in order to rezz, BUT you don't need to leave absolutely all rezzed just use the parts that you like better to decorate your own house, place, club, sim or land.

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