School Girls in Space...

...flash forward a few years into the future... well.. lets go a little further than a few years.....

... lets go ....flash forward... oh I don't know a couple centuries into the future...

...perhaps we have a dystopian future waiting for us.... where, perhaps,  school girls are captains of ships.... 

... to explore strange new seek out new life and new civilizations....

... to boldly go where no school girl has gone before....

Avatar Appearance:

Deluxe Body Factory | Calista, Fair | L$498 | 50% Discount Sale
The Calista skin is on sale right now 50% off original price. This pretty skin comes with the pink face pain around the face in a fair skin tone with two breast options, brow shaper, and appliers ( Slink hands and feet; Lola Tango/Mirage, and Baby Bump).

Deluxe Body Factory | Misaki Shape | L$1,995
The Misaki shape is part of the Misaki skin pack. Along with the cute shape you get four faces, natural or makeup in four skin tones, pubic hair tattoo layers, brow shaper and Lola Tango applier HUD.

SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675
Comes with one pair of hands in each standard size. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and fingernails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK hands to help me create the perfect gestures.


Blue Falcon Industries | Scarab Helmet | L$600  | @Futurewave 2015
Now this was a very interesting helmet to play with -- extremely customizable. Probably the most customizable item I have ever seen in Second life. It has toggable plates with 15 colors for 8 texture areas. This means you can turn off pieces of it and recolor it to match your personality. You can turn on the hair or hide it for four possible hair styles. There are 80 hair colors you can choose from. Unfortunately you can not mix and match the pony that would be cool. There are over 1.5 billion possible combinations. The hud is pretty easy to understand, the only piece I couldn't figure out how to change the color on was the eyes, though I did figure out there are three pretty cool textures for them. I almost suspect I have to edit the helm and manually change the eye face color. I liked the swirly eye plates. Click the logo on the hud to switch between helm and hair. To toggle the pieces of the helm on and off, you click the grey drawing of the helm above the color choices. The clear writing around the color squares also affect the helm. Have fun playing with this one.. and my helm is off to the four creators involved in such a intricate piece.

Anachron | Hovershoes - Rocket | L$149 | @Futurewave 2015
Another fun find at Futurewave 2015. I loved running around in these boots. I got so many compliments. The boots come in five sizes, rigged or un-rigged with stockings and shoes. You can have the flames on or off. When they are on and you move, its like you are on roller blades or ice skates. There are five available colors for purchase.

✫ Somnia |  Cheerio Skirt Special | L$10 | @The Wash  
This cute mini skirt comes in 5 sizes plus fitmesh. It is accompanied by a texture change hud containing five color textures for the skirt. If you want stockings to go with it, Somnia also has a set of those on sale for 10L along with a free glittery tube top gift too!

✫ Lunasea | As lf Set | L$ 150L
My cute sweater and top are from the Aslf set. IT comes with blouse and plaid pants, both with a texture hud with eight different colors.  They come in 5 different sizes. Great design and texturing.


Nantra | Defying Gravity | L$250/set L$40/single | @Futurewave 2015
(photos 1, 2, & 3) This is a fun set of poses for your outer space, or even water, photos. The set comes with eight static poses and mirrors. The poses are copy so you can load them into your pose huds.

 On the poses below, I could not find much information on them. I only can assume they were from previous salesrooms/events and no longer in store. I checked in world and on marketplace and was unable to find a venue for you to pick them up.
✫ Elephante Poses | Angel Fly Away (Photo 4) | (price not available)
✫ Elephante Poses | Amazing Superheros (Photo 5) |  (price not available)

Photo Location:

✫ Jeulmun: Space Freighter USCSS Eagle - Welcome aboard: The USCSS  Eagle is a first generation interplanetary cargo delivery system designed to support mining operations within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Now chartered by the Asteroid Miner’s Guild (AMG). Ea is now orbiting Mars. RP,  

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