The Chosen Queen...

They all said I was too young, too weak, to be the Queen. It was the position that my sister should have, for she was the strong one who fought every step of her very short life. As did my mother before her sister and so on down the long line strong noble queens. No, I was not to be Queen. My place was to be watching the throne from the hall with all the other nobles.

When the plague came it was took who it would blazing through the castle laying waste to the people within and without. My sister fell ill caring for my mother, who in the end failed to survive to the blistering fever. Then that strength, my sister's strongest feature faltered, her skin turned flaky, that dreaded rust color. The fever burned through her stout frame turning it frail and weak till finally she faded to nothing, too.

I was no longer too young, too weak, all eyes turned to me within the faltering castle with more dead residents then alive. I was uncertain, scared with no guidance. 

The rumors flew through the halls of disgrace, shame and punishment. It was divine retribution against my people. They said I was different still unmarked..still no fever... I was chosen it was meant to be, I was to be queen. I could save them all!

But I was no more special than the others, I was weak. I was cursed, as was my family before me. The fever came and burned through my veins. My people turned from me leaving me alone to face my fate. Alone struggling in sweat encased clothing, I cried out to my mother... my sister... to the father I never met... the fates, anyone who could hear me, begging for the pain to end... for them to save me.

In the end, my delirious mind sure the end was near prayed to the Fates. Those fickle creatures who control the strings of time weaving together the lines of our lives. Desperate, I called out to them, my weak wavering voice echoing in my death chamber for them to spare me, save my people.. deliver us from the fire burning in our veins. I begged them to snip our strings short and bless us with our deaths to come quick.

The Fates old, as time itself, their hearing fading, mistook my pleas for myself and my people. They tangled and twisted the twine of all of our lives, of my life so that I stand here before my Mother's, No... My,  throne in these half empty halls. No longer young, no longer weak, no longer dying. Now a Queen.

Avatar Appearance:

Tir na n'Og | Sabah Earth (neutral) | L$120
Did I mention this is my favorite TnO skin. I love this skin. The Sabah Earth in neutral skin tone is located on the lower floor of the store. It is one of  three Sabah make-up sets.. Each set comes with  two skins; cleavage or no cleave options, three lipsticks and appliers for lolas, loud mouth and phatazz.

Tir na n'Og | Sabah Shape | L$99
This is another of my favorite shapes by TnO. It is modifiable so you can tweak it.

IKON | Utopia Eyes | Light Hazel | L$150
When you purchase these you receive five iris sizes. The Utopia Eye Collection has over 40 color choices to choose from. There is a demo available for testing them.

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles |  Rakusu | L$300
Even though at first glance this looks like a complete up-do sytle. This hair is actually a lovely long hair style pulled back in a pony tail with multiple ribbons holding it together. In this hair pack you get 8 color sets with a total of 133 hair textures accessible via a color change HUD. The gorgeous jeweled hair piece comes with the hair.

SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675
Comes with one pair of hands in each standard size. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and fingernails.


BlueMoon Enterprises | Queen of Hearts | $275 | @We <3 RolePlay till Feb 28th.
I fell in love with this dress when I saw it. It is simply gorgeous! I do not normally for for the full formal look but this one I had to have. BMe never fails to wow me with the designs they create and the care they put into the texturing. This dress is rigged mesh, xxs-l, with an adjustable mesh collar. It also comes wiht an undershirt layer which you can remove if you prefer the more riske' style of bare shoulders. This gown is currently 50% for the event, it is normally L$550.

Maxi Gossamer | Arabella Wild Pearls (photo 4 only) | L$499 | @ FaMESHed
This new release is beautiful! The collection consists of 2 necklace lengths, matching earrings, two metals and a texture changer with two shimmer pearls. The collection will be available at FaMESHed during the month of February.


✫ Photo one is just a standard stand, no pose used.

Exposeur | Top Model ’12 – Urban Love – Catherine (Photos 2 & 3 ) | (price unavailable)
This is a mirrored shot. I am not totally sure where/when I picked up this pose, or if it is still available. I was also unable to find any info on it when I googled it.

Diesel Works Poses & Animations | Diesel Works SeptGift11 (Photo 4 ) |  (no longer available)
This is a past group gift from Diesel Works. The group is L$250 to join. You get access to special gifts and offers, as well as keeping up to date. Currently they are having a 50% off sale on all packs. This is the perfect time to hop over if you are looking to buy yourself some new poses.

✫ Expressive Poses | Candice (Photo 5)  | Free (L$1)
This is a group gift available on the marketplace. You get four static poses for close to free.

Belleposes | Christina Pose Set (Photo 6) | L$55
This is one of six poses you get in the Christina Set. I really like Bellaposes because they tend to keep their poses realistic and affordable. With my pose addiction.. affordable is a must!

Photo Location:

✫ In the Callen Castle @  Skara Brae, a fantasy themed adult RP area.

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