The Cursed Space Station...

I am as excited as a kitten on catnip! Futurewave 2015 is open! I have been looking forward to this event for months. I love the opportunity to add new items to my sci-fi collection as I am an avid sci-fi fan. The genre just fits my personality, so I am happy to say I added quite a few great goodies to my inventory and am now prepared to share it all with you spread across several posts. Curse did a bang up job of  decoration for the event so I thought I would do my first post setting there so you can get a sneak peek before you visit. So tonight I present to you with a short skit....

The Cursed Space Station.... (imagine eerie canned sci-fi music here)

Good Evening, My name is Lt. Cathaldus. I am one of the few authorized personnel who are allowed to work security on the Space Station Cursed. 

My job is not overly taxing, I spend most of my time monitoring the computer systems to ensure that the primary orbital engines and life-support systems are running in tip-top shape.

It can be a lonely job as I do my rounds mostly when civilians and other space personnel are tucked safely in their bed. It is what I get for being the last one hired, I suppose. But It wont always be like that.

As you can imagine, working on the Space Station Curse  can be a little weird. I mean what do you expect with a name like that? I find the evenings go fine as long as I keep a watchful eye out for "stuff".

But as you can imagine, things still can go weird. You could be scooting along on your hover boots miles up above the city proper, minding your own business and suddenly go for a spill after tripping on some "invisible" item left in the air above the walkways (I wonder who would do that...).

And the next thing you know you are falling off said your death maybe?

Your screams echoing hollowly in the dark sky as you plummet down...or is that laughter because you are in reality a thrill junkie and you live for those moments of mysterious surprise?

Either way you are a smart cookie and remember your hoover boots also have thrusters which allow you to land safely. Lucky for you, you are like a cat, always landing on all fours and appear to have many lives.

 Just remember to dust yourself off, and finish your rounds keeping a sharp eye out. You never know when an "invisible" occurrence may happen.

- The End -

I wasn't able to get a close up of the nails I wore but I loved them, so I wanted to give a close up of them before I go for the night. 

Deluxe Body Factory | Miyo Skin and Shape, Cream | L$1,995
MINA Hair | Aston, Browns | L$250
SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675
✫ SLINK | AvEnhance High Feet | L$675 
Ikon | Sunrise Eyes, Bleached Blue | L$150

Bliensen + MaiTai | Orbital Shoe | L$329 | @Futurewave 2015
Chariot | Krylova Outfit, Blacks | L$300 | @Futurewave 2015
Beautiful Freak | Circuit Lipstick, Grey | L$200 | @Futurewave 2015
Fallen Gods Inc. | Circuit Tattoos | L$450 | @Futurewave 2015
Bluprintz | Data Pad | L$199 | @Futurewave 2015
Bluprintz | Tech Spaces, Code Visor | L$149 | @Futurewave 2015
Chaos Panic & Disorder | Chipped | L$49 | @Futurewave 2015

Rook | Galaxian Poses | L$125/set  | @Futurewave 2015
Nantra | Requiem Poses | L$250/set L$40/single  | @Futurewave 2015
Eternal Dream Poses | Naga Set 01 | L$100/set L$30/single | @Thrift Shop 8.0
✫ Eternal Dream Poses | Monty Set 01 | L$100/set L$30/single | @Thrift Shop 8.0


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