The messenger....carrier of secrets...

"So you need a package delivered, do you? You are worried about it being done, quickly and securely and... there are people who wish to stop the delivery? High risk? You don't say...well you came to the right person, indeed you have." The old man leans forward on the table as he squints at you slowly. He takes a long slug of his grog as he ponders thinking a few minutes before smiling slightly.

"Well do I have a gal for you. She is a bit of an odd one. You may have seen her spinning around the station on her wheels acting as if she has not a care in the world." He chuckles slightly as he thinks of the carrier. You shift uncomfortably in your seat and look around the room, trying to spot if anyone is listening too closely to your conversation with the old man.

"Hmm, yes." you murmur slightly leaning forward as if closing the distance between you and the man would make it harder for others to over hear your conversation. "Would she be available, the package must be kept safe." Sweat beads your forehead. The old man shifts in his seat, his muscle aching from sitting too long. He lifts his hand and rubs his fingers slowly together. You swear you can hear the dry skin on his aged hands crumbling to motes of dust. Your eyes strain to see it wafting down to the table. 

"Ah, well..." He waves his hand about "Everyone is available for the right price. Mind you, she isn't cheap. She charges high, because she needs the credits to keep spinning on those high priced fancy wheels of hers." You nod, almost too quickly, pushing your cred meter toward the man. His eyes light up as he reads the balance. "That'll do.. oh yes.. that'll do nicely" he murmured as he places his cred stick to yours smiling as it beeps the transfer is complete.

Nodding nervously, you look around one more time as your hand moves to your chest. Your fingers fumble at latches on your chest. Your hands tremble as you slide the container out accompanied by a slight hissing. The glass case glows as the organ inside beats in a steady rhythm set by the attached monitor. 

The cables connected to monitor trail into your chest glisten wetly in the neon lights of the pub. You look at the old man as he watches you remove the package. You lick your lips nervously as your fingers find the monitor to twist the cables to free the package, but you are finding it hard to move your fingers. 

"Could you?" You whisper, faintly asking for help. The old man nods and reaches across his fingers thick and imposing on the slender cables. His eyes glint in the light as he twists the wires quickly before sitting back, sighing loudly, the package in his hand. 

Your head feels heavy and your words slowing. "Pleasessss..." Your words slur as you speak... "tell keepps my ...hhh...arrr..t saffffvvvvv..." The old man nods short and sharp before standing up and limping away to find the carrier. The last thing you see in your fading sight is his back receding to a pinpoint as the blackness encroaches..taking your sight along with your last breath.


Deluxe Body Factory | Poppy Skin & Shape, Honey  | L$2,499
The Poppy Skin comes is available in five skin tones; Toffee, Mocha, Honey, Chai, and Sand. Each skin tone pack comes with: one natural, clean face on skin; five brow options (ash, ginger, auburn, chestnut, jet); one natural, clean face with out brows; six eye-shadows, tattoo layer; ten lipsticks, tattoo layer; Modifiable shape; brow shaper; alpha to hide system lashes and appliers pack ( Slink hands and feet; Slink Physique, Lola Tango/Mirage, Baby Bump and Loud mouth).

MINA Hair | Ashton, Browns | L$250
Ashton is one of my more favorite hairs. I love the pulled back ponytail with a shaved head look for my punkier sci-fi looks. The hair is available in seven different color packs each containing five color textures via HUD.

Beautiful Freak | Circuit Eye Make-up, Red | L$200 | @Futurewave 2015
Comes in a set of five colors, tattoo layers. Multiple color packs to chose from.

SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675 
Comes with one pair of hands in each standard size. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and fingernails.

Chaos Panic & Disorder | Nemesis Eye Implants | L$129  | @Futurewave 2015
These freaked me out as much as they intrigued me. I guess it just looked like someone jammed something into my eyes. I am very sensitive about my eyes. They are keeper though. I can see using them in many different types of posts. I really liked their design and texturing. The implant package contains right and left eye, along with a color change hud with six metal textures and ten stone textures.


✫ Chaos Panic & Disorder | Nemesis Chest Implant | L$99  | @Futurewave 2015
No this is not a breast augmentation! It is the matching chest piece in the last two photos, that go with the Nemesis Eye Implants. This piece comes with a color change hud containing six metal textures and ten stone textures.

✫ Senzafine |  "Eclipse" Women's Jacket - Carbon | L$250  @Futurewave 2015
This jacket is available for men and women. It is Mesh and comes in standard sizes. I really liked the design and detailing of the textures. Well worth the money to add it to your wardrobe.

Gallactic | Callisto Necklace | L$295  @Futurewave 2015
This is the necklace worn in the first five photos. I really liked the design and textures. It is available as an exclusive and regular pack. The regular pack comes with twenty four textures to customize the necklace and the exclusive comes with nine exclusive to Futurewave colors.

NeverWish | Wheel Boots | L$200/ea $L1,500/fatpack  @Futurewave 2015
These are pretty cool boots that look awesome in darker environments. Looks great in sci-fi settings! They are available in a ton of colors. I love the design ans and details of them, well worth the money.

ODDITY | Women's Pants, B/W Colors | L$199
These were a pretty cool find. They come in four color packs: Black/White, Cold Colors (includes B/W Colors); Misc Colors  (includes B/W Colors); and Warm Colors  (includes B/W Colors). Each color pack comes with five pant lengths (ankle shoes, flatted cuffs, mid-calf, lower knee and upper knee), which made this purchase one of the best in value and versatility. I am wearing the "lower knee" pair. Each color pack HUD has a plethora of color textures, along with materials if you chose to turn it on. The pants are fitted mesh so be sure to try the demo first.

Anachron | Harmonic Helmet - Carbon | L$149  @Futurewave 2015
This was a fun helmet to play with. The ear portion generates a beat or musical notes and  you can select via the hud if you want your head to nod as if your listening to music. You head can nod in several speeds so you can set the mood of what type of music you are listening too. The helmet is available in six styles and each style pack comes with seven color textures.


Eternal Dream Poses | ADV2014 Ice Skating | 2014 Advent Calendar Gift (no longer available)
Focus Poses |  Skater Girl | L$150
Eternal Dream Poses | Catrina Set 01 | L$180/set, L$40/pose

"Botany Bay is a unique multi-genere Sci-Fi roleplaying sim. With a unique, inclusive backstory and lore, this sim is friendly to many different types of Sci-Fi roleplayers. With no meter requirement and flexible play styles, the staff work to make everyone feel welcome, new or seasoned. Rental and space available." For more information check out their website.

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