Truffle Pie... after I get my inventory done...

I decided to work on my inventory today since it is a pure mess. Normally, I am quite organized with sliding my stuff into the proper folders and logging photos of it in my CTS Wardrobe, but I have slacked the last few months. I still have a folder I sort items into, like hair, skins, pants, shirts, jewelry, etc. So that is probably what kept me sane the last few months but I need to be able to see the items when I search my CTS Wardrobe for items to complete outfits. I thought I might share some of the hairs I cataloged. These are not edited images, what you see is what you get. 

CATWA | Aimee | L$250 | @ Fashion Fair 2015

CATWA | Grace | L$250 

Tableau Vivant  | Choko Unisex Hair | Free Group Gift

!Soul | Pansy Ginger | L$60 

Tableau Vivant  | January Group Gift

Soonsiki | Bossy, Unisex | L$250

Soonsiki  | Vanity | Free Group Gift

Soonsiki | Glamour Doll | Free Group Gift

 EMO-tions | JONA Free Group Gift

EMO-tions | KENDRA Free Group Gift

Runaway | Jane v2 | L$250

 Adoness | Andromeda | L$88

Pink Fuel | Harley. Hazel Skin, Fatpack | L$1,000
Pink Fuel | Modified Alyx Shape | L$500
Tameless | Lashes 22 | L$99
IKON | Utopia Eyes |  Light Hazel | L$150
Mandala | Steking Ears | Season 5 | L$699

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