50 Fantastic Foot Covers for your collection Part 2 of 5

 I hope all you shoe addicts are ready for the next installment of shoes from my 50 Fantastic Foot Covers Theme. I have some really pretty ones tonight. I hope you find something you like! I tried to mix it up a bit more for those  who don't wear mesh feet or are men.

E C R U | "Meridian" Wedges | L$399
Slink High Feet

Dirty Little Secrets | Embroidered Scrunchy Boots
Price Unknown

Felicity | Eden Wedges Jaguar Black Sparkle
L$125 @Feeb's Rascals Sales Room
Partial Mesh 

KC Couture | ADAM | L$199
Can be worn with or w/o slink feet

KC Couture | Indomita | L$525
Slink High, Belleza, TMP & Maitreya

KC Couture | Saira | L$199
Slink High & Belleza Venus

Meshed Up | Valentines & Jenny Textures | L$225
Mid Slink Feet

Milk Tea | Glitratin |  L$200
Slink High & TMP Ouch Heel

Oddity | Shiffer, Leather Lace
L$399/bw, L$599/colors

Precious Designs |  Give Me a Call | L$150
Slink High Feet

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