A Tattered Page | 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Part II

Tonight's presentation brings you the second installment featuring items for Round 3 of A Tattered Page. ATP is a quarterly Second Life event based on a book. A real book...not a movie! The book used for inspiration, everyone involved had to read the story and interpret it with their designs/blog posts.The exclusive items designed by the participating designers will be available at their stores and the ATP Library between March 7th - 31st.

This round is centered around 20,000 leagues under the sea by Jules Verne written in 1870. It is regarded as one of the greatest sci-fiction novels of its time because if you think about it submarines were just being first explored and developed in 1868. So that was cutting edge technology back then and many of the things that Jules Verne wrote about actually came to be true.

While doing my research on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea I discovered that many of the translations of the story that exist today do not adequately represent the story. In fact, many have huge chunks cut out or altered to suit the whims of the translator, which is a major shame as a future reader may not ever know what really happened. Since the translator I read was indeed one of the poor translations, i decided to take a few liberties and advance the story with my own twist.  

Join me now.. for a trip to discover a few clues as to what could have happened to Captain Nemo and the Nautilus, after the Nautilus was swallowed into the center of a Maelstrom!

Welcome! Welcome to my home! It is so rare we get an actual human this far below the waterline. I must say, I was very excited to receive your post expressing interest in my collection. I am a most avid collector of all things Captain Nemo! He has brought such enlightenment to my people, a great innovator! Thank you for agreeing to meet me in my home as my affliction does not allow me to travel outside of my humble home. It is truly a joy to meet another avid fan.. especially one as learned as you!  My friends were most jealous when I informed them of your pending visit. Perhaps later, if you do not mind you could meet them. They would come here, of course, only if it is not in inconvenience to you.  

Please feel free to look around! My home is your home, as your people say. As you can see, as I stated in my letter to you, when the great Captain's ship was sucked down the center of the whirlpool it was pulled to our home here, in the Thalassa Crevice. Yes, it does indeed connect via tunnels and caverns to what you humans call the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. The Captain was so very correct in his assessment of the labyrinth of  tunnels riddling the underside of your continents! Such a marvelous man!

But I digress as I am known to do, so please pull me back on track if I wander too far. As you know the damage the Nautilus sustained in the Maelstrom was so bad that most of the crew were dead when our rescue teams were able to gain access to them. Of the 450 crewmen only 32 survived. It was a sad day to lose so many Captain Nemo was beside himself and tried to commit himself to the great sea in his grief. Thank the waves, he was unable to complete his act before my great-grandmother talked sense into him!

Over the years my family was able to salvage this small section of the Nautilus to create our home and many of the late captain's things.One of the most noted items by our historians and the envy of our friends is the late Captains's desk.

Go on, take a closer look. See there the prominent gold letter N. The late Captain had this specially made for him by craftsmen in the country Italy. I hear it is beautiful there in the summertime. Unfortunately my kind can not yet walk on land like you humans do. Oh, yes, those are pages from the late Professor Pierre Aronnax's journal, that  he kept while he guested on the Nautilus in the Captain's care.   I was ever so lucky to find the handwritten notes about his stay as a guest tucked away inside copies of his books he left behind when he disembarked. That old hat was the great whales man Ned's  and yes..yes indeed that is the professor's favorite spyglass. I am afraid it got damaged in the accident. It does not work so well now. But I do have several of the Captain's prized pearls, they are not quite as valuable as they are in your world, Thank the waves, I couldn't have traded for them if they were. Quite common down here, I am afraid...they are like.. um. what you call pebbles in your country, I think?

Oh and there on the wall I have Ned's Harpoon! He was such a violent man, constantly killing things. I am told that is what seamen did at that time. Human behavior is so confounding at times. I also have on the wall an old print the Captain had from a newsletter that speculated on his ship. The top painting is an ode to the sea. The Captain was a firm believer that the sea was a mystical place where peace could be found. He wrote much poetry about it. He was fascinated by the waves above.. he painted many scenes like the one there for my people so we would know what the world above appeared as. 

The Captain was a great painter. Perhaps you saw the paintings over my sofa? They are one of the Captain's most famous works among my people. See that one hangs upside down. It was found that way in his personal rooms. There is great argument on whether the Captain meant for it to symbolize the life cycle: blue for birth, red for life, as it is full of pain; and black for death or did someone turn it upside down as a prank. The Captain never did tell while he was living. I like to think it is the life cycle..seems fitting that way.

Oh I see you have noticed my aquarium, I do so love clown fish. They are not native this far down the trenches. I had to have the specially imported. I have named them Oliver and Cleo. I love to relax on my sofa and watch them swim in circles. 

Oh do pardon the mess, I got wrapped up in some research while waiting for you to arrive.  I am fascinated by reading the tales of your people on land. The captain had a large collection of books and instruments that help me greatly imagine what your world is like. 

Unfortunately most of the books were destroyed when the water rushed into the ships cavity. What we were able to salvage is on my shelves over there.

I have spent many a happy hour reading what is left of the Captain's great library. I have learned much of your people from these books. Though I will have to admit, I do not think I understand all the wonders that exist on your land masses. I wish I had more pictures to help me envision it all.

What's that.. oh that lovely sculpture was hand carved by the Captain himself as a gift for my grandmother on their wedding day. It is a rendition of Aspidochelone. The aspidochelone is a powerful mystical representation of a spirit that watches over us, bringing us luck and good fortune. To you humans it is just the opposite. I read in a Latin text once: "There is a monster in the sea which in Greek is called aspidochelone, in Latin "asp-turtle"; it is a great whale, that has what appear to be beaches on its hide, like those from the sea-shore. This creature raises its back above the waves of the sea, so that sailors believe that it is just an island, so that when they see it, it appears to them to be a sandy beach such as is common along the sea-shore. Believing it to be an island, they beach their ship alongside it, and disembarking, they plant stakes and tie up the ships. Then, in order to cook a meal after this work, they make fires on the sand as if on land. But when the monster feels the heat of these fires, it immediately submerges into the water, and pulls the ship into the depths of the sea......." (2015 Wikipedia).  

Oh you thought it was the  narwhal? No, no a narwhal has a horn, like this one, protruding from it's forehead...well not really forehead. Did you know the horn of a narwhal is actually an elongated tooth?

What's that? The large aquarium in the back room? Oh that's not an aquarium really..it is more of a extension to the outside... a way for my family to visit me since my affliction does not allow me to leave to the outside and they can not come inside here. I am quite cut off from my people.. your blood and ours create such mutations as I. Though I like to think of myself more an evolution of the two species.

Ooh.. you are curious about Melix. Melix is a Dugong. Here come close to the glass. If you listen hard enough you can hear him speak. They are quite funny creatures.Yes, it is the very type of creature Ned would, could and did, sadly, kill. It is a great mystery to my people why one would want to hurt a Dugong. They are such a docile creature, only rile when attacked.

 I am told that many a time they were mistaken by your people to be beautiful women.. now that I find funny .. have you really looked closely at a Dugong? Melix is only a baby..they never leave the sea till adulthood. Do you know the size of the Dugong your sailors must have seen? What huge women you humans must have! I hope I did not offend.. Oh, you must go? Well if you must.. it was a great pleasure to meet you. I was just making a funny. Please forgive me if I did. Please stop back by if you fancy chatting a bit more.

Photo Accoutrements:

22769/Bauwerk | Remnants of the Nautilus | L$225 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This set comes with Nemo's Sea box (LI 2/2), Nemo's Lamp (LI 2/3 Prims) Nemo's deep sea Helmet (LI 2/3 Prims), Nemo's Compass, Nemo's Navigation Backstaff, Sea chart and Nemo's logbook (each LI 1). You can change the light and intensity on the lamp on touch and there is a wearable version of the sea helm. I really enjoyed the details and texturing on these items. I have never been disappointing by a creations by 22769/Bauwerk..

✫ Anachron | Chaplet of Pearls | L$79/color | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This lovely necklace is available in six colors, each color set comes with two necklaces with either silver or gold shells. Well designed and textured. Would look great on you during a visit to the beach or just swimming around with your merman.

Atomic Faery | Sea-Unicorn Horn w/HUD | L$199 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This design was so unique. I was hard pressed to figure a way to blend it into my story but luckily inspiration hit and I could share this design with you. It is very well designed, meant to be worn on your head and comes with a color change hud with nine colors. 

✫ Atomic Faery | Under the Sea Necklace w/HUD | L$249 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This cute little necklace has a narwhal piercing a boat just like in the myths. It comes with a color change hud so you can coordinate it with your outfits. I think this would be perfect for a day at the beach.

✫ Avatar Bizarre | Captain Nemo Hat  | L$50 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
Unrigged Mesh cap. Comes with color HUD w/6 color choices. Mod/Copy/NoTrans.

Black Tulip | Death at sea poses | L$175  | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This pose pack comes with five dramatic static poses depicting burial at sea. The captioning and imagery on the package was most captivating. I only used one of the five poses in my story. I wish I could have figured out a way to blend them all in. If you are a pose addict this is a must have.

BluPrintz |  Nemo's Desk | L$149 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This was a real treat to find. I loved the description of Nemo's desk in the story. it is well detailed and designed perfect for any nautical home or even an old Renaissance mansion.

✫ BluPrintz |  Spyglass | L$199 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This wearable spyglass comes in four brilliant colors. It is very nicely textured and the hold animation is very nicely done. You can toggle the animation off or on by touch.

✫ BluPrintz |  Nemo's Prized Pearl Stand | L$149 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This pretty pearl is 100% Mesh, has materials. It is color changeable by touch. There are 4 pearl colors, and 4 metal options.

✫ BluPrintz |  Nemo's Prized Pearl Pillow | L$149 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This huge pearl is 100% Mesh, has materials. It is color changeable by touch. There are 5 pearl colors, and 6 pillow/trim options.

✫ BluPrintz |  Ned's Harpoon | L$149 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This decorative harpoon is 100% Mesh and has materials enabled. It would make a lovely decoration to any seaside themed room.

✫ BluPrintz |  Aronnax's Research | L$149 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
Aronnax's Research consists of a stack of books, an open book and several pages of notes. This is all one piece. It is wonderfully details. I love it when I find different types of books or notebooks to have laying about my home in SL. It gives it a homey feel in my opinion.

✫ Chaos, Panic & Disorder | Meleagrina Jewelry Set | L$99/set | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This pretty pearl necklace and earring set comes in five design options. They are copy and mod but no transfer. I really liked the choker style necklace as I can wear it with quite a few dresses this way.

✫ Fallen Gods Inc | Thalassa Skin | L$990 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
The lovely Thalassa skin is amazing. If you are looking for a wonderful Mermaid/Water Sprite skin. This is the one. The watery texturing is fabulous. I loved it! You get an adult version and a PG version of the skin.  It also made my day it came with Uni-ear appliers. I have had my mer ears for a few months now just waiting for the perfect opportunity to sport them about. So it tickled me to death to beable to match them so perfectly. Other appliers supplied with the skin are Omega/Lola, SLink, Soul Uniear, TMP Body, and TMP Face.

✫ Fallen Gods Inc | 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, Bibliophyle Delight | Free Gift | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
One of my favorite things that Fallen Gods Inc. does each ATP round is create a Bibliophile Delight set for the book featured. In it includes a rendition of the book and often times other goodies such as the wall art this time round. It is free. I like to collect these each round and place them on my bookshelf in SL as a reminder of how much fun I had reading and interpreting the stories.

Luminary | Narwhal Earrings | L$150 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
These pretty earrings are copy and mod so you can move them and re-size them as needed. Remember to back them up first!. 

Noctis | Nautilus sofas   L$199 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
The Nautilus Sofa is available in two colors: Ocean and Ruby. It seats three avatars and has a nice assortment of poses. It is 8LI and partially mod. I can so see this in a nautical or steam punk themed home.

✫ Noctis | Nautilus Portholes | L$99 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
I absolutely loved the portholes. They are only 3LI and have animated fishes. You can get a steel or Brass version.

✫ Noctis | Nautilus lamps | L$99 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
The hanging lamps were another favorite of mine. They come in a short and long version and are available in two colors to match the sofas. They are 2 and 3 LI and can be turned on or off on touch.

Park Place Home Decor | Captain Nemo's Library | L$350  | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
Now this is a steal at this price... a steal! The ocean scenery is animated, the lights turn on and off at touch and  has a wonderful assortment of poses, all which are adjustable. It sits 2 and has his/her menus. All together it is only 20 Li.

 Roawenwood | Sea Escapes Aquarium | L$245 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
This item totally made me smile, I really did enjoy sitting on the sofa watching the fish swim around inside. I loved the colors and style of design used. It is mesh. When you rez it do it in edit mode in case you to need move it about as the fish are independent of the aquarium so they can swim. It is 10 LI and copy/mod/no transfer.

{Rook} Poses | The Depths Poses | L$125 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
Rook once more wowed me with this amazing tentacled pose. It comes with two different poses and is only 6 LI.

The Muses | Dugong  [rigged avatar] | L$295 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
Muses' Dugong avatar was so much fun to go wandering about in it. I think I might make it my hunt avatar. It caused such a stir and I made quite a few friends in it. It is color changeable with 12 Belly/Back colors and 8 eye colors. The textures are amazing, all colors are changeable via a hud.

Spyralle | Medusa | L$200/color | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
These Jellyfish were so adorable. You can wear them or rez them independently like i did for my photos. They are available in four colors and only 5 LI. They are copy, mod, no transfer.

✫ Third Half | Briny Deep Framed Art  | L$150 each | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
These are fun and whimsical sea art. There are more than the one version I featured. Six different styles. you can change the frame and back ground colors via a hud. 

✫ Unrepentant | Ned’s Cachalot | L$250 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
Ned's Cachalot is an original mesh creation with materials enabled. It is 3LI total. I really liked the little details on this piece. Well worth picking up for your shelves or a centerpiece in a water garden. It is Mod/Copy/No Trans.

.:Soul:.  | Uni Ears - Mer Long | L$200
I have waited so long for a water themed post to feature these ears. I love these ears! They are perfect for your merfolk/waterspiries or even frog people! The set includes one pair of mesh ears, a Uni ears Hud, Alpha layers and instructions. The Uni Ear Hud that allows you to change the tattoos and skin. You can also adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Uni Ears HUD is very easy to use. I had no difficulties matching it to my skins by other designers. You can also request your favorite Skin Designers to support Uni Ear Appliers, so that you wont have to match them yourself or you can buy matching skins by Soul.

✫ .:Soul:.  | Deep Sea Antennae | L$150
This is another piece I have been dying to use. I love how this looks. It blends perfectly into the forehead as if it belongs there. The color HUD  allows you to change the light and skin. colors You can also adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. It was very easy to use. I had no difficulties matching it to my skin.

✫  The Stringer Mausoleum | Mutant Creature Eyes, Void Salamander | L$65
TSM has an amazing collection of monster/mutant eyes. I loved the color and style collection. They are perfect for when you are trying to be your nonhuman self.  recommend hoping over to her store and checking all her stuff out. Her stuff will definitely keep you looking for a while.

✫ MINA Hair | Jasmin Hair | L$249
This is probalby one of my favorite hairs to wear when I am wanting a hair that looks good with a forehead decoration. It comes in two styles one with braids in front of the ears, and the other with wisps of hair.It is available in twelve color packs and  is rigged mesh and materials enabled. So try the demo first. BTW, if you join Mina's in-world group, you get 10% off your purchases and store credits by wearing your VIP group tag.

Entice | Gimme That Girl Dress | Free on Group Midnight Mania Board or L$150/color
Now this is just an eye catching dress. I got mine free on the Group Midnight Mania board. The group is free to join. Or if you do not have a group slot open you can pick it up for sale in the back room of the shop. It comes in six beautiful colors. It is mesh and in five standard sizes. It comes with a jeweled belt also in five standard sizes.

✫ Circa Living |  Ocean Loft, Bali Area Rug Set | L$275
Mesh rugs come in three colors, Teal, Blue Greay and Sand. They are 1 LI each, mesh and modify and transfer.

✫ Circa Living |  Ocean Loft, Sitting Chair Set | L$575
2 chairs with 14 animations, with male and female sits. Including Sitting, lounging, reading, drinking chatting and listening. 2 LI each, mesh and transferable.

✫ Circa Living |  Ocean Loft, Water Colour Painting | L$200
I really enjoyed looking at this painting. It was perfect for my theme. It is only 1 LI and mesh. It is also Modify and transfer.

✫ Circa Living |  Ocean Loft, Side Table with Pottery | L$225
This is a nice decorative side table with a trio of pottery. It is 2 LI, mesh and transferable. This would look great in your summer/beach house.

 ✫ Circa Living |  Ocean Loft, Side Table with terrarium | L$325
I am a sucker for a terrarium and Circa has quite a few of them. This goes without saying I love this one! It is 10 LI, partial mesh and transferable.

✫ Little Branch  | LB_Amoena1_Pack  |  L$386 | @ FaMeshed till March 27th
Mesh potted plant, copy/mod, Comes in topiary and leafless, 3 land impact. 100% Mesh, very realistic.  

✫ Little Branch | LB Banana_PottedSL | L$286 | @ The Black Dot Project till April 4th
Mesh Banana Plant Potted, Copy-Mod  4 Li Land impact, depend on size! Perfect for use inside and out. The pot is actually on a raised pedestal but I pushed it down in the floor because I wanted a flat bottom pot.  

✫ Aquatics | Gioia Anchor with bubbles Gift | FREE 
Cute freebie I found on the marketplace to decorate my large aquarium. It is only 2prims and emits bubbles.

✫ Aquatics | Gioia Bubble Rock Gift | FREE Cute freebie I found on the marketplace to decorate my large aquarium. It is only 4 prims and emits bubbles.

AleyMart | Sea Sponge Sculpty | FREE
Cute freebie I found on the marketplace to decorate my large aquarium. It is only 1 prim.

✫ StoraxTree | Cathedral Chair Shadow C | L$150
Elegant gold trimed chair with shadow. There are several versions of this chair available depending on the angle of the shadow. 

✫  BehaviorBody | Hat Prop Pose | L$10
 Comes with a hat, with four colors, and 10 static poses.

Eternal Dream Poses | Maddie 05, Set 1 | L$100/set L$30/single
(Photo 16) This is one of two sets for the Maddie Pose Collection. You get five static poses in each set.

HelaMiyo | Against the Wall | L$300/set, L$50/pose
(photo 17 & 18) This fun pose set comes with five mirrored static poses for leaning on people,walls or aquariums! Very fun poses for when you want to reach out and touch someone.

✫ HelaMiyo | Large Aquarium |  (no longer available)
(photo 17 & 18) I may be wrong on if this is available or not. It was released for a special grand re-opening by HelaMiyo along with her underwater poses.

✫ SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675 
Comes with one pair of hands in each standard size. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and fingernails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK hands to help me create the perfect gestures. 

✫ Photos were taken on my land. The Nautilus interior was my own creation and design. Textures used were from the linden library.

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