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Good evening everyone, as you probalby have figured out, I love changing my home environment a lot. I can never find just one home to keep me happy forever. I think I like the creative fun of setting a new one up. I found a new home by Maven Homes called the Wakefield. This is not my normal small quaint woodsy style home, it is instead a sprawling luxury mansion (well mansion to me).  My overgrown grass and horses still look good with it too!

This beauty comes with a land impact of 260 with a footprint of 44m x 44m. It is suitable for parcels up to 4096m and up. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living area, a diningroom,  a sun-room, tons of balconies, patios, a fireplace, a swimming pool, a home control system and a rubber duckie! Simply stunning.... Slip past the jump cut and let me give you a tour and a smile!

The front entrance is probably one of my favorite things about this house. It photographed so well. I loved the gold and silver metal detailing. I am not good with architecture language or terms so bare we me if I slaughter this. But a few years back I went to a Frank Lloyd Wright house.. he had all these amazing geometric designs everywhere in his home. The little details on this house reminded me of that and how much I enjoyed it. I guess it's art deco? I am not sure...I wish I knew the words to really express it. I know the two styles probalby are far off but it did remind me of both. I, also thought the palm tree next to the door was a nice touch too. I do like plants a lot. This house is more for the beach, I think, than the grass and trees...but I can't stand sand in my shoes!

Upon entering you will find yourself in a huge living space, which is open to the outside on two sides with floor-to-ceiling glass with the awesome metal accents around the edges. The glass walls opposite of the front door have glass doors that open up to the back patio with the pool. So if your hosting a party you can open that up completely to join your living area to the pool area. It's pretty fun to just stand there and click it a lot to watch it open and close too.... I'm a nerd I know!

The living area also has this awesome half globe hanging ceiling light in gold and black along with a massive fireplace to snuggle in front of after those long parties. The fireplace reminded me of the fireplaces in the hotel that Angel renovated when he moved to Los Angeles after he tried to eat Buffy...so I think it is a Art Deco influence.. but again... I am shooting in the dark. And yes.. I mean Angel, as in Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

If you continue on past the fireplace, to the right of the front door, you come to a room with a glass ceiling. I think the creator calls this a rec room.. but I am totally going with a sun room. I would put a huge bed in the middle so I could lay around nak...um I mean.. take naps ..fully clothed ...wouldn't want a sunburn would we? But I don't know, I guess laying around could be called recreation, so rec room could be suitable after all.

Heading back into the main living area, You can see a better shot of that really cool half globe ceiling light, as we pass through to head toward the kitchen and dining area to the left of the main door. Did I mention the really cool circular skylight above the light fixture. I love the details in this house.

To the left of the door is a glass encased stairway leading up to the second floor, then the kitchenette area. On the other side of the kitchenette is a side door leading back to the front of the house. 

The kitchenette is situated behind a long island that houses a stove top and oven. Opposite of the stove top is a sink, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator recessed into the wall. There is ample shelving space for nick-knacks, kitchen-stuff and such. All appliances are mesh and open providing spaces for storage or having an sl meal. The kitchenette comes with matching stools to the wall color.

Across from the kitchenette is a large area you can set up as a very elegant dining area,  plenty of room for a large table to entertain your friends for a dinner party.

The dining area leads out onto a patio next to the pool. I can imagine a nice table set with pool side sitting to have breakfast comfortably out side out of the sun while you watch the waves.

Okay Lets wander upstairs.... ain't that a pretty shot.... Love the metal work details!

The stairway enters into a small area that opens up to four doors.

The door to the left opens up into the first bedroom, which opens up to a balcony that over looks the front of the house.

The middle doorway opens up into a large marble tiled  bathing area, it has a him and her sink along with an adorable rubber duckie on the shelf for your bathing pleasure. All fixtures have running water and animations.

The door directly across from the first door opens up into the second bedroom. I believe this is meant to be as the Master Bedroom since it opens up onto a patio that wraps around to the entryway on the second floor. 

The wrap around deck gives you an awesome view of the pool below and out across the ocean. 

I leave you now with this shot of the glimmering water in the pool....to tease you into wanting to take the swim.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maven%20Homes/81/153/21

• Land Impact: 260
• Size: 44 m x 44 m
• Recommended parcel: 4,096 sq.m. or larger

• Two bedrooms
• Bathroom
• Living room
• Dining room
• Rec room
• Kitchen

• Pool covers
• Patio
• Fireplace
• Bathtub and sink with animated poses
• Duck
• Security system with radar controls access to house
• Lockable doors
• Doors can be set to open automatically
• Adjustable window tint and opacity
• Lighting can be turned off, on, or dimmed
• Lighting color can be adjusted
• Automatic mode adjusts lighting according to sim time of day

This build employs Materials technology to improve realism on relevant surfaces. To see the effect you will need a materials-compatible viewer with the Advanced Lighting Model enabled. For best results, enable Ambient Occlusion and set Shadows to None.

The recommended parcel size is just a recommendation; please verify that your parcel is large enough and supports the necessary land impact before purchase. Please keep in mind that you will need capacity for furnishing and landscaping as well.

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