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Whose up for a little adventure? I know I was, but I didn't know how much fun I would have doing it. I have not done a hunt post in such a long time. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed getting out and seeing stores as I searched for the gifts.  

On a whim I selected the Medieval Fantasy Hunt 13. Just to make it clear, I am not an official Blogger for MFH XIII. I had to go through all the hoops just like you would to find these wonderful gifts. And I have to tell you I chose the right hunt for fun. The Designers really went out of their way to make this a fun challenging hunt with a lot of nice side items to distract you and entertain you along the way.

One of the things I love the most about medieval/fantasy themed stores, which really stands them out compared to casual and high end fashion stores, is that the stores are almost out to get you. There are so many surprises awaiting you in them.. following you, pouncing on you.; these designers have a wonderful sense of humor ...if somewhat twisted at times. Which, by the way, if you like the twisted hunt several of these store are on that path too! 

Now I warn you I will have to break this up into several posts as there are fifty fabulous places to share with you, along with lots of details and cheats on where the items is located will be provided. Just fun stories and my thoughts on the adventure with pictures of course.  Oh and before I forget the hunt is FREE!

✫ United InshCon | Alpaca Cart Rezzer | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
The cart will carry two avatars and is driven like any vehicle. It would be an awesome addition to any roleplay/Gorean theme sim. The textures are excellent and the alpaca is adorable. The Alpaca Cart Rezzer has a land impact of 3. The rezzed Alpaca cart has a land impact of 9. Aren't they just cute!

✫ Little Branch  | LB_Amur_4seasons Trees |  l$386
Mesh tree with seasons change menu: 6Li - 4 seasons + extras (winter2, summer2, pink version)
Little Branch does amazing texturing and realistic designs perfect for any landscape ideas. You can find the items on the marketplace and at sales room such as Cosmopolitan, FaMeshed,

✫ Persnickity |  Large Privacy Shrub | L$50
The Large Privacy Shrub is absolutely THE BEST for using in landscapes where privacy is desired.  It is copy and mod so you can make it small to use in your garden or HUGE to block out your neighbors.    Best of all its only 1 PRIM.

✫ For outfit details see here.

2. Fantavatar & Moonstruck

Fantavatar & Moonstruck | Sick to Death Tattoo | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
This gift is perfect for role-players who need a tattoo to make you you look deathly ill. I think they did a wonderful job on the parched lips and darkening under the eyes. The darkened capillaries were an excellent touch too.

Style By Kira | McKenna Skin and Shape, 01, L$800 |  @ The Skin Fair 2015 (til March 29th)
Just so Kira does not kill me for making her pretty new skin release for the skin fair 2015 look so sickly; I am going to share how wonderfully beautiful and healthy I look w/o the "Sick to Death" tattoo. I especially like how defined the the cheeks and face looks from a distance. She looks so distinguished and elegant. I think this is a perfect skin for Role-players who want a good healthy natural looking skin for their character. She would make a perfect fiery highland gal. For those who would like a more elegant made-up fiery high-land gal, there are several styles with different make ups to choose from. Each skin comes with one makeup with two cleavage options, brow shaper and a copy/mod shape. Appliers included are  Maitreya Lara, SLINK, Banned, Lolas, Phat Azz and Omega

✫ Tameless  | Rowena | L$249 (30-color pack), L$499 (90-color mega pack)
Rowena is a lovely soft updo with messy tendrils dripping down the front. It is an excellent selection for a day out casual look or if you want a softer evening look. It has an adorable knot off to the side in the back. It is available in three color packs for a total of  90 colors: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors.  All colors come as both rooted and non-rooted. All hairstyles are re-texture and resize (non-rigged hair only) scripted. Demo are available.

Mon Cheri | "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes | L$299
These lashes come with a hud which switch between three styles of eyelashes and change the texture colors of the lashes. They have natural and fantasy colors for your lashes for a total of fifteen colors per style, along with a tintable option. They are four prims, non-rigged so you can custom fit it to your eyes.

 BMe (BlueMoon Enterprises) | Lady Brietta, Olive bag | Free Group Gift
I can not believe I very nearly missed this group gift by BMe this month. I absolutely love their clothing. So as you can guess I was excited to see this during the hunt. They also have a prize for the MFH XIII hunt and I will feature in a little bit later. This outfit comes with the skirt and sweater in five sizes and a system layer shirt, no appliers. I love the detailed buckles on the skirt. Marvelous outfit for RPing!

IKON | Sovereign Eyes, Field | Free Group Gift for March
This is the newest eye line from IKON. They are beautifully reflective and soulful. When you purchase these you receive five iris sizes. The Eye Collection has over 40 color available.

Glitterati  Model 51 | (price unavailable)
Not sure what pack this comes from. I purchased it way before I realized I needed to keep up on the details for my blog. Apologies. 

✫ Oblivion | Little and Harmful Horns | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
Here is a nice set of little unisex horns to show the devil inside of you, as a warning perhaps? Perfect for that naughty and nice look.

Be sure if you want a little adventure and distraction to go down that big black hole in Oblivion's shop.... I had quite a bit of adventure below in the caves.

Gauze | Chronicle, Drow, Silver | L$800
This lovely Drow skin is one of the nine colors available from Gauze's Chronicle line. The Chronicle line features skins for Women, FemBoi, and Men, all sold seperately. Each skin pack comes with four lovely shades of the selected skin color. Appliers are sold separately for The Mesh Project, Slink, Omega.

✫ Tameless  |  Judette  | L$249 (30-color pack), L$499 (90-color mega pack)Judette’s victory rolls are sleek and fun with a side ponytail keeping the hair sexy. Lovely for a day at the beach or a night on the town. It is available in three color packs for a total of  90 colors: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors.  All colors come as both rooted and non-rooted.  Demo are available.

✫ Tameless  |  Lashes 33  | L$99
If you are looking for a lovely set of eye lashes, check out Tameless' large collection. There are over 30 different pairs to chose from.

Maxi Gossamer | Arabella Wild Pearls  | L$499
This new release is beautiful! The collection consists of 2 necklace lengths, matching earrings, two metals and a texture changer with two shimmer pearls.

Echo | Hazel Gold Eyes | L$75
Bright eye popping colors are used in Echo's eye collection. There are 30 colors to chose from.

Mandala | Steking Ears, Season 5 | L$677
One of my favorite ears to wear. Very easy to color to match skin tones. Through the use of a hud you can switch the ears between human, elven and pixie. Plus they come equipped with piercings and colored ear tips you can show, hide or recolor.

Lilith's Den | Magical Drop Light Set, Aurora | MFH XIII GIFT FREE 
I had such a hard time deciding where to hang these lights, they are so cool. First I hung them in the trees in my garden, then on the walls of my *cough* dungeon (you don't know I have one), then finally I decided on they go perfect in my dining room. The rustic metals and magical glow gives the modern look a fanciful look. Just what I like. The lights come in 3 chain lengths (S, M, L) and two row lamps with three lamps hanging.

Lilith's Den was one of my favorite stores to wander around in during the hunt, so many amazing things to look at and distract you. I fell in love with the mini quest you had to complete to get the prize. I made all my friends do it too. It was simply too much fun to complete...and I absolutely loved the bust that moves watching you as you walked around the store. Tons of character and goodness if you like the unusual.

Kaerri | Limited Edition Vega | L$500
Kaerri is one of my long time favorite furniture stores. I remember being a noob wandering through...going at that ..omg I love that..  This dining room was a special edition with only 20 sets sold. You can still get a fuller version of it that seats more people at the main store or at the satellite stores at Casa or Jewels Isle.

✫ Maven Homes | The Wakefield | L$7,990
My home is a massive art deco style home with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living area, a dining room,  a sun-room, tons of balconies, patios, a fireplace, a swimming pool, a home control system and a rubber duckie! Simply stunning. I did a full post on it earlier in the month here, if you would like to see more pictures of it.

5. Sweet Revolutions

✫ Sweet Revolutions | Aurora Borealis, Sky Lights | MFH XIII GIFT FREE 
Now this is a pretty sweet gift to get your own personal Aurora Borealis to adorn the night sky over your home. Simply beautiful. I had a lot of fun switching the sky wind lights watching how the colors changed.

This is another one that has an fun mini quest for you to complete, be sure to find it. I had so much fun following the clues and getting helplessly lost, and dying a dozen times... 

Okay, I am going to stop here as I am sure this is too long be continued....check back tomorrow for the next installment of the MFH XIII.

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