Medieval Fantasy Hunt XIII | Stores 6-10

Evening everyone, I am back with a few more goodies from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt 13. You can see the first 5 prizes in my previous post.  You have until the end of the month to find all the wonderful gifts and have a little time to taunt your friends about all the neat stuff you get. I had a lot of fun on this event and it has been even more fun unpacking items to make my pictures featuring them. If there is a hunt you hit this month.. I would recommend this one. The hunt is FREE so there is no reason not to add some adventurous fun to your life.

Bad Katz | Mesh Artic Wolf | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
This prize drove me to distraction so many great little rooms to wander in and explore. There are some great mesh creatures and landscaping supplies. I couldn't resist using my wolf in recreating a cliche' image I have seen on half my son's shirts.

Bad Katz | Mesh Bird Set | L$200
I found a really great bird set at Bad Katz. It comes with 2 full perm objects. The bird shape used for the Raven is slightly different than the other bird shape. You also get 6 full perm textures. One texture for a raven,  and 5 for the smaller mesh birds ( Crow, Grey Crow, Magpie,  and 2 Starling Textures).

✫ Little Branch  | BradfordPear_FlowersChange_v3 |  L$386 | @ FaMeshed till March 27th
Mesh tree with seasons/flower change menu:  100% Mesh with Flower change menu. low Li 6li.  Demo available at the event.

7.  LNL Square

LnL's gift is a very nicely textured gothic outfit. It is system layers and prims so you can adjust the belt and jacket flaps. I really enjoy using outfits like this one when I am flying or swimming as the flexi-prims flow so nicely in the images.

✫  OtherSkin  | Satura Skin & Shape | L$1450 | @ The Skin Fair 2015 (til March 29th) Introducin the Avatar Satura, she is a  newly born female angel. She comes in four rich colors with a shape and eyebrows. She is copy, no modify, no transfer.

HelaMiyo | Underwater 2M |  L$300/set, L$50/pose
This fun pose set comes with five mirrored static poses for swimming underwater.  I love HelaMiyo's flight and swimming animations, they interchange so nicely so I have a wider selection for my posts.

Fantasy China | Northern Lights Flowers | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
Fantasy China's giftt is a pretty 1 prim flower that has neon colors and pulsating lights. you should see this field light up at night. Beautiful. They are Mod/Copy/NoTrans.

✫ Even~Tides | Aurua Tattoo  | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
Even-Tides gift for the hunt is an aurora tattoo that runs down the center of your chest. It is modifiable so you can tint it.

Gauze | Angelus Mortis - Wings | L$150
I have a deep affection for wings of all types. I saw this pair and just had to have them. I have found Gauze's creations to be some of my favorites. This set of wings are unscripted, the eyes move about and you can modify the eye tinting.

Style By Kira | McKenna Skin and Shape, 01G | L$800 | @ The Skin Fair 2015 (til March 29th)
 Here is another version of Style by Kira's McKenna Skin, it features a beautiful blue foreshadow with a light lipstick.

Zibska | Alaina Headpiece & Necklace | L$400 | @ Fashion for Life ~ Milan
This beautiful accent set can be worn alone or with a gown. It comes with a color change HUD with 8 colors for main and accents. I really loved the texturing and how the light hit these pieces.  It is re-sizable and movable.

Ikon | Charm Eyes, Paradise | L$150
 With this eye set you receive  regular and mesh eyes in five iris sizes. If you don't prefer blue, there are over 50 color choices to choose from in the collection.

Soonsiki! | Diamond | FREE March Group Gift
This beautiful wavy hair is the free group gift for March from Soonsiki. The Group is free to join. You get the full fat pack of nine colors. The hair comes in a regular version and one for the enhanced.

Pose Manics | Noemi 2
Cute pose with crossed legs.

Lacrime Dell'anima | Warrior Relax Chest | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
This was a pretty nice gift to get. Its a decorative chest that comes with six sit animations. a nice item to place around the house or outside your tent.

✫ Little Branch  | LB_Amoena1_Pack  |  L$386 | @ FaMeshed till March 27th
Mesh potted plant , copy/mod, Comes in topiary and leafless, 3 land impact. 100% Mesh, very realistic. The pot is actually on a raised pedestal but I pushed it down in the floor because I wanted a flat bottom pot. But I fell in love with this plant.. so we compromised, the plant and I.

I hoped you liked this installment of the MFH XIII hunt. I will hopefully be back in a day or so with another. I have finish up on the second installment for A Tattered Page. I have been working on the images for a few days now. I have a great story in store for you.  See ya next time!

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