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Evening everyone, I am back with a few more goodies from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt 13. You can see the first 10  prizes in previous two posts: 1-5, 6-10.  MFH XIII runs till the end of the month and is Free to participate in. So grab your friends and get some really awesome gifts while discovering some great designers.

✫  Black Hole Sun HQ | Quarunah | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
For this gift you get either a Men's or Woman's outfit. The woman's outfit comes with a dress, leggings, and armbands in five sizes, along with a collar and belt. The Men's outfit comes with a jacket, pants, boots and gloves in multiple sizes.

Fallen Gods Inc | Thalassa Skin | L$990 | @ A Tattered Page Library till the 31st.
The lovely Thalassa skin is amazing. If you are looking for a wonderful Mermaid/Water Sprite skin. This is the one. The watery texturing is fabulous. I loved it! You get an adult version and a PG version of the skin. It also made my day it came with Uni-ear appliers. I have had my mer ears for a few months now just waiting for the perfect opportunity to sport them about. So it tickled me to death to beable to match them so perfectly. Other appliers supplied with the skin are Omega/Lola, SLink, Soul Uniear, TMP Body, and TMP Face.

.:Soul:. | Uni Ears - Mer Long | L$200
I have waited so long for a water themed post to feature these ears. I love these ears! They are perfect for your merfolk/waterspiries or even frog people! The set includes one pair of mesh ears, a Uni ears Hud, Alpha layers and instructions. The Uni Ear Hud that allows you to change the tattoos and skin. You can also adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Uni Ears HUD is very easy to use. I had no difficulties matching it to my skins by other designers. You can also request your favorite Skin Designers to support Uni Ear Appliers, so that you wont have to match them yourself or you can buy matching skins by Soul.

.:Soul:. | Deep Sea Antennae | L$150
This is another piece I have been dying to use. I love how this looks. It blends perfectly into the forehead as if it belongs there. The color HUD allows you to change the light and skin. colors You can also adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. It was very easy to use. I had no difficulties matching it to my skin.

The Stringer Mausoleum | Mutant Creature Eyes, Void Salamander | L$65
TSM has an amazing collection of monster/mutant eyes. I loved the color and style collection. They are perfect for when you are trying to be your nonhuman self. recommend hoping over to her store and checking all her stuff out. Her stuff will definitely keep you looking for a while.

MINA Hair | Jasmin Hair | L$249This is probalby one of my favorite hairs to wear when I am wanting a hair that looks good with a forehead decoration. It comes in two styles one with braids in front of the ears, and the other with wisps of hair.It is available in twelve color packs and is rigged mesh and materials enabled. So try the demo first. BTW, if you join Mina's in-world group, you get 10% off your purchases and store credits by wearing your VIP group tag.

Maxi Gossamer | Maka Boho Feathers Necklace | L$499 | @UBER
The Maka Boho Feathers Necklace set is the Maxi Gossamer themed release for this round of UBER. The mesh Maka Boho Feathers necklace includes gold and silver chain versions and various texture options on touch.

HelaMiyo | Gift Poses Favole | L$1/set 
This pose set comes with five mirrored static poses perfect for "capturing the moment" shots.

Heart VR | Mountain Pine Forest & Summer Flower Meadow | L$999
I purchased the Mountain Pine Forest & Summer Flower Meadow. It has enough items in it to decorate 1/4 a sim. So I always have fun mixing it up on my smaller plot for my photos.

Tayren's Fantasy Fashions | Elven Rogue  | MFH XIII  GIFT FREE
This gift is a unisex elven costume. IT contains mesh unisex elf hair, Unisex system clothing layers, plus boots, belt and flexi-cape. The designer also was nice enough to include a male and female elven shape.

✫ Dulce Secrets | Claire Skin Exclusive | L$700 | @ Skin Fair 2015 till March 29th
My lovely skin is the exclusive by Dulce Secrets for the 2015 Skin Fair. You have to the end of the month to get this lovely look. It is available in five skin tones. Claire Skin includes 2 versions of 6 base skins as well as OMEGA and Slink AvEnhancement appliers, demo available.

Mandala | Steking Ears, Season 5 | L$677
Well worth the money, easy to color to match the skins and through a hud switch to two other styles of ears, elven and pixie. Plus comes with piercings and color tips you can show or hide.

SLINK | AvEnhance Female Casual | L$675 
Comes with one pair of hands in each standard size. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and fingernails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK hands to help me create the perfect gestures.

Little Branch | LB Lemonade Promenade SL | L$386 | @ Shiny Shabby till April 15th
Mesh Lemons Tree with menu to change the fruits to oranges, limes or lemons, For a Spring feeling, it flowers.  Land impact, depends on size. A demo is available at event.

Feyline Fashions  |   | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
Fevline Fashion has an colorful fantasy costume for both men and women. I was too lazy to switch to my male alt for the male costume but it is as amazing as the female outfit. This just made me go wow when I put it on. It's so beautiful. Perfect addition to any Goddesses' wardrobe. The outfit comes with system layer top, pants, gloves, flexi-skirt, headpiece and shoes. The shoes come with prim feet and a HUD to tint the feet to match. The shoes are cute flower covered heels. 

✫ Dulce Secrets | Eloise Skin, Spelt.Bio Steam | L$700 | @ Skin Fair 2015 till March 29th
My lovely skin is the exclusive by Dulce Secrets for the 2015 Skin Fair. You have to the end of the month to get this lovely look. It is available in five skin tones. Eloise Skin includes 2 versions of 7 base skins as well as OMEGA and Slink AvEnhancement appliers, demo available.

Calico | Licia | L$150/color, L$900/fatpack  |  @ We Love Role-Play till March 28th.
This pretty hair is 40% off at We <3 Role-Play. The Mesh Licia Hair is available in six different color packs. Each color pack has 20 different color tones. It comes in two sizes for regular or large chests. Demo is available.

Diesel Works Poses & Animations | September Gift | (no longer available)

Pandora Box of Dreams Back ground items located at photo location.

✫ XM Designs |   Throne of Aurora  | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
This gift is an ice encased throne. The throne has four sit anmations included. (animations not used in photo).

addme. (previously .scene) | F006-010 | L$158
This set comes with five mirrored static poses featuring sits.

✫  Chaos, Panic & Disorder | Northern Lights Necklace  | MFH XIII GIFT FREE
This gift is a lovely necklace that shifts through five colors as you wear it.

  Find this gorgeous skin Tova with appliers for SLINK hands and feet plus Lolas included. The hunt will be running through March 15 through April 5. You will donate $3L for the hunt gift with 100% profit to the American Cancer Society.  

 Bliensen + MaiTai | Ilmatar - Feather Crown | L$233  | @ We Love Role-Play till March 28th.
Feather Crown includes eight feather and three metal colors.

 BMe (BlueMoon Enterprises) | Lady Sophia, Dove | L$550
  The LadySophia features a long slender shape adorned with beautiful wide trim of twisted gold and gemstones on the scooped neckline and belt. Is available in Royal, Night, Peace, Ivy & Ruby 

✫ Tameless | Illiana | L$249 (30-color pack), L$499 (90-color mega pack)
Illiana hair is lovely and soft with a long ponytail that drapes over he shoulder.It is an excellent selection for a day out casual look or if you want a softer evening look.  It is available in three color packs for a total of 90 colors: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors. All colors come as both rooted and non-rooted. Demos are available.

✫ Ikon | Charm Eyes, Paradise | L$150
With this eye set you receive regular and mesh eyes in five iris sizes. If you don't prefer blue, there are over 50 color choices to choose from in the collection.

I hoped you liked this installment of the MFH XIII hunt. I will hopefully be back in a day or so with another.  See ya next time!

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