A fanciful tale of adventure....

Something is afoot at Marathon Caye....a Dwarven community has taken root and in their mine digging uncovered a mysterious portal. Join me in exploring the  forest above and travel down the dark mine shafts to  explore the subterranean levels. Hopefully we won't get lost down there as we discover if my future is shiny bright.. GOLD bright that is!

Let me start the story from the begging, this is my home Marathon Caye. It is a quaint sim covered in beautiful forests and hidden coves.

 Not much goes on here....I spend much of my evenings just lounging at home before a roaring fire  contemplating life and dreaming of adventures.

It was just such an evening, I decided to get out and take a walk.. see what was going on about town. 

The townsfolk were aflutter about rumors of a portal found by the Dwarves down in the mine.
Curious I spoke with Joe the barkeep at the local tavern..he always has the best gossip. 

Joe directed me to go speak to Samuel and Tobias, who just returned from the mines. They were told me  a grand tale of how they broke through a wall down the dark mine shafts... and beyond it was unspeakable...just unspeakable... Seriously.. I couldn't get them to tell me what was there!

So I decided to get my trusty steed and go do a bit of exploring.....

But something spooked it and I fell off....

Forced to watch it dart down the path leaving me alone on foot.

I would not let that deter me so close to finally having the adventure I longed for.

I wandered for what seemed like hours, till I found a cleverly hid entrance to a cave.
This must be a hidden back entrance to the mines! Such clever Dwarves!

Just inside a bit of a way down the dark shaft, I came upon an ancient statue that was 4 times as tall as i was. It's eerie face leered down on me, scaring me so much I almost turned back.

Almost but I saw an odd glowing at the end of the tunnel... I couldn't hold myself back....

The tunnel beyond sparkled glowing with lights all about.. it was like being surrounded  by fire flies..eerie green fireflies.

At the end of the tunnel the wall gave way and there glowed a beautiful portal.

I couldn't resist all caution aside, I leaped through the portal and landed on the biggest pile of GOLD!!

So I did what any person would want to do when faced with a mountain of gold!

I leapt.. and slid.. and rolled all around .... it was money...gold...

ALL MINE!!! I AM RICH! I screamed as I tossed the money all over my head! The suddenly the gold started fading.. slipping away from my fingers.. disappearing to a foggy darkness...

And then I woke up.. once more on my bed where Barkeep Joe was nice enough to deposit me once more after my adventures to the tavern... Some day... someday.. I will find that pot of gold!

All landscaping, builds, furnishing, animals, dwarves, caves and gold were found on site at Marathon Caye.


 ✫ Deluxe Body Factory | Poppy Skin, Honey | L$2,499
The Poppy Skin comes is available in five skin tones; Toffee, Mocha, Honey, Chai, and Sand. Each skin tone pack comes with one natural, clean face on skin; five brow options (ash, ginger, auburn, chestnut, jet); one natural, clean face without brows; six eye-shadows, tattoo layer; ten lipsticks, tattoo layer; Modifiable shape; brow shaper; alpha to hide system lashes and appliers pack ( Slink hands and feet; Slink Physique, Lola Tango/Mirage, Baby Bump and Loud mouth).

✫  Tableau Vivant |  Namiriel, Naturals I | L$200/colorset, L$480/fatpack  | @ We <3 Roleplay!
Namiriel is a special frizzy, faux (false) dread  with long locks. There are two styles in each pack, with or with out bangs and butterflies hair decors. 

Ikon | Hope Eyes, Field | L$150
Each eye set includes regular and mesh and come come with with five iris sizes. The collection has over 50 color choices. There is a demo available for testing them out. Rigged mesh hair, can not be re-positioned or re-sized. Menu driven color change. IT is available in two natural sets and one color set. Demo is available.

Mon Cheri | "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes | L$299
These lashes come with a hud which switch between three styles of eyelashes and change the texture colors of the lashes. They have natural and fantasy colors for your lashes for a total of fifteen colors per style, along with a tintable option. They are four prims; non-rigged so you can custom fit it to your eyes.


✫ Storybook | Illusion, Solar, Arcane | L$150 | @ We <3 Roleplay! 
Very nice skirted armor set, available in 3 metal tones, four colors in each. Comes in five standard sizes rigged mesh, copy/mod. Reduced 25% for the duration of We <3 Roleplay.

✫ Storybook | Illusion, Armor, Solar| L$130 | @ We <3 Roleplay!  
Matching vambraces and gorget to the Skirted Armor by Storybook. It is available in three metal tones at a wonderful price. un-rigged mesh and non-scripted.  Reduced 25% for the duration of We <3 Roleplay.

Fallen Arms Forge | Wrath of the North Double Blade, Unscripted | L$150 | @ We <3 Roleplay! 
This is one of two awesome Blades available this round. It comes in a scripted and unscripted version. Reduced 50% for the duration of We <3 Roleplay.

Pixicat | Freja Boots | L$250
This is one of my favorite finds at We <3 Roleplay from a few months back. These thigh high laced up leather boots come in six different colors. Each color comes in five standard sizes. You can pick up a copy at their main store.


✫ HelaMiyo | Extreme Fashion | L$300/set, L$50/pose | @ Pose Fair 2015 
This pose set was made for the model who likes to strike a pose. It comes with five static poses, all mirrored.

✫ HelaMiyo | Surreal | L$300/set, L$50/pose |  @ Pose Fair 2015 
This pose set was made for use with mesh bodies and was inspired by contemporary dances. You get a wonderful selection of five unique poses, each mirrored. All the poses from HelaMiyo are unisex (unless you decide they are not) and mirrored. 

✫ HelaMiyo | Simple | L$300/set, L$50/pose |  @ Pose Fair 2015 
This pose set was made for use with mesh bodies and was inspired by contemporary dances. You get a wonderful selection of five unique poses, each mirrored. All the poses from HelaMiyo are unisex (unless you decide they are not) and mirrored.

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