SL Event: Fantasy Faire 2015 - The Lost Hunt and a tour of the Fairielands

So, I know I am supposed to be bringing you views of all the wonderful items to be had at the Fantasy Faire 2015, but I must confess... It is so amazing there... I get distracted... CONSTANTLY... so I am failing at blogging all the goodness I have to post. 

 So since I am already distracted... Let me give you a a quick start up guide to The Fairelands hunt: THE LOST LAND and a tour of what you can see on the amazing FAIRELANDS . The Lost Land is not your typical hunt. It is a quest -- where you take on the role of the main character!  The princess has been kidnapped and you must awaken the champions from their spell induced slumbers to bring her back to the lands and people who love her.

The first thing you will need to do is purchase a hud package. You can pick it up at the Fairelands Junction. There are two packages available, a deluxe version and a regular version. The deluxe version, costs L$350. It comes with the Hunt HUD and a costume to wear as you adventure through the lands. The regular version costs L$250. It contains only the Hunt Hud. I splurged and got the it all. I liked the idea of playing in character and 100% of the proceeds goes to RFL of SL. Plus it really helped out in knowing who else was doing the hunt.  While you are purchasing your Hunt Pack, grab the Teleport Hud on the scroll above it. It will make it so much easier crossing the Sims and if you have to go back because you forgot a step.

The first step is to put on your outfit, if you opted for the Deluxe Pack and your Hunt Hud. The quest is quest is broken up into two sections. Part 1, you have to seek out the champions who are scattered all over the sims ( one on each), find their orbs and return it to them. In the Second Part you will have to help the Princess win her freedom. Both can be a bit frustrating at times but if you read all the comments from your Huds and the npcs you shouldn't have too hard of a time. The orbs are not hidden in difficult places and the hints are really well written. So what are you waiting for in your Hunt folder you will find a teleport to the Bard Queen. 

Go get started! You will need sound for this as it makes it more immersive. Oh and did I mention along with a gift from each of the champions, the queen and the princess you get to open a chest. The chest gives you a ton of prizes at the end.  You get so many, I thought it was a glitch and it gave me the same folder over and over... imagine my pleasure when I realized that it was all different kinds of goodies.

Now the Tour... .I am not going to give you hints on where to find the champions as I feel it will lessen your experience. I will tell you look around the waterways, alleys and bridges. They and the orbs are not in stores. They are located in common areas. Make sure you give a few moments for everything to rez in, it is easy to over look them if you rush. Lord knows I ran by one a million times till I gave up and came back the next day. You can read more on the hunt at the official site too.

Fairelands Junction

The main junction for the Fairelands is  a  massive underwater cavern which contains some amazing builds, each one a portal for the Sims. Give it a few moments to rez and you will see the names at the top of each one.

If you prefer walking, you can wander up the path way to get to the surface and navigate the Sims using the handy directional signs that are placed everywhere. I used both methods depending on how SL was feeling at the time I needed to move on to the next Sim.

I had a lot of fun wandering around just looking at the wonderful underwater scenery.

Vallacia is a land of boats..or so it seemed at first glance. I loved the rich colors on this sim as they contrasted with the earth tones of the docks and buildings.

I was especially tickled with the bubbles and placement of statuary. It gave it a fun mystical feeling.

Wildehaven Marsh 

Wildehaven Marsh had a comfortable home feeling to it for me. 

It mirrored what I would expect a quiet medieval town to look and feel like if one such existed.

I really enjoyed the dock with the boats and ducks, even a swan too! I really enjoyed this nature scenery.

I absolutely loved the Asian theme to YoZakura. They did such a great job drawing you into the atmosphere.

I loved the flow and balance of the buildings to the landscaping. This is one that I got distracted exploring the most at.

Be sure to look to the sky and explore upward as well as below. There is so much hidden
 in plain sight you might over look something wonderful, as I nearly did with this dragon.

Spires of Andolys

I have always wanted to visit Disneyland and I have to say it felt as if I had wandered into the park, as I watched the fireworks explode over the magical castle Dwarfins hosted their store in.

This Sim was such a wonderful collection of the fairy tales  I grew up knowing by heart. I greatly enjoyed wandering getting lost in trying to identify which story each decorative item went to.

Sponsored by Dandelion Daydream Factory:

I have been pretty hyped to see what  Dandelion Daydream Factory had in store for their sponsored sim since I first heard whispering of the Fantasy Faire coming. I must say I was not disappointed. They have an awesome background story too: 
Long ago in an ancient Library cared for by an old man named Jack Dots'n'comma , a mouse climbed atop a mountain of books and sneezed from all the dust.  The mouse fell into Jack’s hands safely, but up above something unexpected and wonderful was happening.  A book had opened and a world of paper was being created along with a race of paper beings known as the Poppets. 

 Jack was delighted and surprised by the many magical things he found in this new world, including a small paper train which took passengers between worlds despite travelling only in a circle, people from other stories and lands seemed to visit this strange new world, though some were friendlier than others. 
The Poppets were kind but frail just like their world, and Jack did his best to assist and preserve it.  He had unexpected allies from Beryl Strifeclaw and Avariel Falcon, the Guardians of Earth and Air in the Fairelands, whom would visit often and brought children to defend this world of imagination and wonder. 

But now tears and holes are appearing in the pages of Poppetsborough, which are corrupting the stories with wickedness and drawing others into nothingness. Is the magic failing? Is some force attacking Poppetsborough? Can a way be found to reverse this before Poppetsborough disappears forever? The Rickety Weasels and their allies will do their best to discover the answers to save Poppetsborough from unravelling.
They also have free Poppet avatars for all faire attendees, and you can play the gotya to see if you can get the whole collection too!

Poseidon's Abyss
Fantasy Faire 2015 Arts and Entertainment:

This is the Sim I spent the most of my time lost wandering on. It is so hauntingly beautiful above and below water.

If you go down the spiral ramp in the building with the blue glowing stairs, you will discover a wonderful watery underworld full of art experiences and beauty.

I also found this sim a "tiny bit" creepy in a lost world sense as the denizens below look as if they were from a nightmare world. It created a very unique atmosphere which evoked many emotions. Just what I would expect from a well done art experience.

Tangleshimmer Grove

This is another lush forested sim. I could just imagine all the fairies and sprites darting among the trees searching out great deals. 

...not that I had to imagine much... I did see fairies, sprites and even a few mermaids darting about during my visit.
Sponsored by NeoVictoria:

Aurora is a beautiful cold sim full of floating icebergs you will need to navigate from one shaky bridge to the next.

 I really liked the atmosphere here too. It possessed a feeling of being way in the future but at the same time being deserted to themselves, as if they were marooned far from civilization and had to work hard to eek out what they had.

Sylvan of Spells

I really enjoyed the magical detailing on this sim. The trees in the corners were beautiful to look at and the animals surrounding them were a great touch.

Though I do have to admit, the tangled guardian sea snakes gave me the creeps. The textures on them flowed just like a real snakes does, just made my skin crawl. Kudos to the makers of these.. great job!

Edit! I found where you can purchase these snakes for your own sim at the Faire. They are created by Merchant of Dreams. See the Shopping list below for more details! Just fabulous!


Enter the world of old gods where Myths are reality. I really loved the old world feeling to this Sim.

It is how I would imagine stepping back into what Atlantis or Greece might have felt like, if the Ancient Gods still walked among men.

The texturing and detailing was simply divine. This is one you do not want to miss out looking up and down in. If you don't you will miss something fabulous!

Ichi-go Ichi-e

This is another amazing sim I got lost on for hours as I wandered taking in all the details and trying out all the wonderful spots to sit and think.

The Designers of this sim really put some major thought into making this a very interactive sim which allows you to enjoy the atmosphere that fosters a sense of well-being and peace.

One of my favorite spots is the cute fairy diner under the wishing tree. So adorable, all the details.
The Lost Land Hunt 

This is the final Sim on our tour, Ravenhold. This beautiful winter land is not the beginning of The Lost Land Hunt, but instead the end.

I ran into many people on this Sim looking for the HUDS and start points, so if you see some wandering confused be a friend and point them to the beginning. It helps not to be frustrated by a hunt before you even begin it!

This post brought to you by:

  Fantasy Faire 2015, April 23 – May 3
A Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Celebrating its seventh year, Fantasy Faire 2015 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role players and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 23 to Sunday May 3, treat yourself to eleven days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts, events and role playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.



✫ .:Soul:. | Davina Fantasy Skin & Shape, (F4) Violent | L$899  | @Fantasy Fair 2015 
This is my go-to fantasy skin line. I love the Davina skin. It is available in eight fantasy tones, eight human tones and three mono tones. You get a ton of goodies when you purchase this skin. Each skin tone comes with seven muscle tone tattoos, 5 standard shapes, 16 Eyebrows, Mesh Eyelashes, lip tints for Kissers and Loudmouth, 2 eye-shadows and appliers (Kissers, Loudmouth, Booty, Baby Bump, Lolas, Lush and SLINK). Demos are available.
✫ .:Soul:. | Cupid's Pout - Closed Mouth | L$599   | @Fantasy Fair 2015 
I have tried almost all of the mesh mouths to come out and never really wore one till Soul released their Cupid's Pout Kissers  They are available for males and females. The male Kissers are called EROs.  Each mouth kit comes with a mesh mouth, mesh teeth, 3 alpha layer options, alignment tattoo & applier, Kisser Hud loaded with textures to match all select Soul skin tones and Nine lip colors. You can adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Applier HUD is easy to use and I have had no trouble to match my Kisser mouths to skins by other Designers. If you don't want the hassle of doing it yourself you can send a note asking your favorite skin designers to support the Kisser system or you could buy skins from Soul to match. They have some really pretty ones available. Demos are available.
✫ .:Soul:. | Uni Ears - Boggart | L$399
This is one of my favorite long ear styles from Soul. The Uni-Ear Collection has over 16 styles to choose from. Each ear set includes one pair of mesh ears, a Uni ears Hud, Alpha layers and instructions. The Uni Ear Hud that allows you to change the tattoos and skin. You can also adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Uni Ears HUD is very easy to use.
✫ SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675
Comes with one pair of hands that fits all standard sizes.  Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK hands to help me create the perfect gestures.
✫ SLINK | AvEnhance High Feet | L$675
Comes with one pair of feet that fits all standard sizes. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and toenails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK Feet.
✫ Wasabi Pills | Jasmine Hair | L$200, All proceeds go to RFL | @Fantasy Faire 2015
This lovely long wavy hairstyle is a special coloring just for the Fantasy Faire.  It comes loaded with three special colors and hairbases. It is rigged mesh, means you can not adjust it, so try the demo first.
✫ Ikon | Utopia Eyes, Lt. Hazel | L$150
Each eye set includes regular and mesh and come come with with five iris sizes. There are over 50 color choices to select from in the collection, along with a demo available for testing them out.


✫ PoshTale | Cequi | L$199 - L$499 | @Fantasy Faire 2015
Here's a lovely gown that is available in three different color packs. Cost varies depending on the pack you choose. The gown comes with dress, collar and bracers. The undershirt does not come with the gown. It is part of the outfit you get from the Faireland Hunt.
✫ Bare@Rose (B@R) | Special Edition Outfit | L$350, all proceeds go to RFL | @Fantasyfaire 2015
The purple outfit is the special collector outfit for  The Fairelands hunt: THE LOST LAND. You will need to buy the Deluxe version of the Hunt Kit. You get the pants, shirt, hat. There is an outfit for men and women. You get both. The shoes are part of the pants.


✫ Merchant of Dreams | Giant Sylvan Lake Snakes | L$199  | @ Fantasy Faire 2015
Amazing snakes to guard your watery paths. They will make visitors pause because these are so life-like, The texturing crawls along them giving them the appearance of actually undulating in the water.
Grendel's Children | Riding Snail | FREE!
This was a really fun find while exploring all the great creations at Grendel's Children. You can control the light and slime on command, it attaches to your stomach. I love my snail. I had to have it since it reminded me of the mounts from The Neverending Story. It is located in the Misc Section of the store. They have a ton of fun and unique mounts  for purchase.
I can not list all the props and furnishing used in all my photos that were taken on the Fantasy Faire Sims, as that would take forever! So I am just sharing the items I used to create the first photo of my post.

Little Branch  | LB_BradfordPear_FlowersChange_v3
100% Mesh realistic tree with easy to use flower color menu changer, Copy-Mod. High detailed bark and leaves with realistic textures , special shape that's looks good from all angles also from the top, no alpha blending. bump maps and spectacular for 100% realistic view.
Little Branch | Sunflowers Cluster | L$286
Past item offered at March's FaMeshed event, not on MP yet but will be soon I am told. Very good texturing and high detailing. Land Impact 13.
✫ T-Spot Design | Morning Dew Grass | L$20 | @Marketplace
A very nice short grass that is not too dense. I found this on marketplace. It is great for a bit of ground cover with out it taking over the sim. Full perm version available for L$100 too.


Frozen Panty Poses  - juststand5-1 (PHOTO ONE)

✫ All other poses created using AO or riding Speedy the Snail!

✫  Landmarks to photo locations are linked above the photos marking each section based on which Sim at the Fantasy Faire it was taken at.

Disclosure of Material Connections:
I may have received one or more of the products mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products I would use personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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