Sparkys by Romy Nayar

Good evening everyone, I have an unusual treat for you tonight.
I totally slacked off on blogging and instead sneaked off to a interactive 3D art installment
 by Romy Nayar  at MetaLES named Sparkys.

Sparkys is a town upon stilts that has existed in a world of grey scale
 until one day the  esteemed Doctor Nutty discovered color.  

His discovery was made from observing a small creature called "Sparkys"
gather the color particles from the cloud forest.

After many long nights in his laboratory with his assistant he was able to extract "Color". 

For the townsfolk this means a world of discovery and joy as they 
experience color for the first time in their lives.

For us, this means a fun interactive world to explore moving from one platform
 to another using a variety of ingenious transportation modes.

Each mode of transport is unique and allows you to fully experience each level.

Viewing it from many angles and positions.

Many are traditional means of transport we are all accustom to....

Others not so normal .....

If you reach a platform which seems to be a dead-end, wait a few and something will appear
 or mouse over various object to see if there is a sit. I discovered many fun things doing this.

 Along the way you will get to encounter many of the residents working to bring color to the city.

Many also seem to be watching you as you discover their city and the wonder of color too.

In your wanderings you will come upon Tendedera Mercadillo. She will sell you a color hud, for free.
You will need to wear it and join the group. Once you do that you have a wide palette of colors to select from.
Go into mouse view and paint away.  You can paint anything... prims, people, even the sky!

You have till the end of April to wander this amazing art exhibit.


Credits for my avatar found here. Poses are from AO.

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