Women's Fashion: The Caravan Mystery....

 Second Life, Roleplay, Virtual Fashion, Dark Tale

Before you judge me, first hear my tale.... It was a late evening when I came upon the caravan.

Second Life, Roleplay, Virtual Fashion, Dark Tale

Not a sound came from the in inhabitants as they were sound asleep.

Second Life Roleplay featuring a dark tale of an Drow Elve.

I was just out for my traditional midnight stroll. The moonlight is good for a girls skin, if you don't know....

Second Life Roleplay featuring a dark tale of an Drow Elve.

I never would mean to harm a soul...

Second Life Roleplay featuring a dark tale of an Drow Elve.

....not that their souls were harmed in anyway...

Second Life Roleplay featuring a dark tale of an Drow Elve.

It was tempting.. so tempting... What's a girl to do when presented with such a ... tasty dilemma?

Second Life Roleplay featuring a dark tale of an Drow Elve.

After all a girl's gotta eat.....

This post brought to you by:

Fantasy Faire 2015

I hope you all enjoyed that small snippet of a story. I wanted to remind you all to mark your calendars in less than 3 days the Fantasy Faire 2015 will be opening the portals to let us all in for some amazing shopping opportunities! Yes, I did make it in as an official blogger this year, so I will be sharing many great goodies over the next few weeks. There are several wonderful sneak peek items in my post tonight, see the shopping list for more info. 

  Fantasy Faire 2015, April 23 – May 3
A Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Celebrating its seventh year, Fantasy Faire 2015 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role players and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 23 to Sunday May 3, treat yourself to eleven days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts, events and role playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Avatars, clothing, furnishings, gadgets and exclusive items are available from more than 150 of SL’s top Fantasy Creators across ten stunning shopping sims designed by some of the visionary artists behind many of the hottest spots on the SL destination guide.

The Fantasy Faire 2015 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors.

Our Sim Sponsors this year are:  Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Dandelion Daydreams Factory, Dwarfins, Epic Toy Factory,  Fallen Gods Inc., Fuubutsu Dou, Merchants of Dreams, NeoVictoria, Roawenwood, Solarium and The Looking Glass.

Our Event Sponsors this year are: AviewTV, -AZUL-, Boudoir, Curious Kitties, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Death Row Designs, The Forge, Junbug, Lorin’s Sound Effects Shack, L’Uomo, The Muses, ORIONITE, OtherSkin, Plastik, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Spyralle, Stitched., The White Armory.

Fantasy Faire 2015 will be open to the public April 23 – May 3 and accessible from the American Cancer Society sim. We welcome you to come and join the story.

For more information please contact:

Elizabeth Tinsley or Sonya Marmurek in world
or via email @: fantasyfairesl@gmail.com

Are you or a loved one battling cancer? Find out how many ways the American Cancer Society is there to help. Visit cancer.org or call (US) 800-ACS-2345.



✫ .:Soul:. | Davina Fantasy Skin & Shape, (D1) Ash | L$899
The Davina Skin is available in eight fantasy tones, eight human tones and three mono tones. You get a ton of goodies when you purchase this skin. Each skin tone comes with seven muscle tone tattoos, 5 standard shapes, 16 Eyebrows, Mesh Eyelashes, lip tints for Kissers and Loudmouth, 2 eye-shadows and appliers (Kissers, Loudmouth, Booty, Baby Bump, Lolas, Lush and SLINK). Demos are available.
.:Soul:. | Cupid's Pout - Chompers | *SNEAK PEEK* Fantasy Fair 2015 (April 23 – May 3)
Soul has released two new versions of the Cupid's Pout Kissers for  The Fantasy Faire -- Kiss Cancer Goodbye and Chompers. They are available for males and females. The male Kissers are called EROs.  Each mouth kit comes with a mesh mouth, mesh teeth, 3 alpha layer options, alignment tattoo & applier, Kisser Hud loaded with textures to match all select Soul skin tones and Nine lip colors. You can adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Applier HUD is easy to use and I have had no trouble to match my Kisser mouths to skins by other Designers. If you don't want the hassle of doing it yourself you can send a note asking your favorite skin designers to support the Kisser system or you could buy skins from Soul to match. They have some really pretty ones available. Demos are available.
NOX | Bloody Mouth [Fatpack] | L$120 | *SNEAK PEEK* Fantasy Fair 2015 (April 23 – May 3)
These were just what I was looking for to finish out my post. Amazing mouth tattoos looking like you had a bloody meal. They come with in Tattoo Layers, Loud Mouth Kissers and TMP Appliers. There are four differnt type of blood styles to wear, from a drip to a splattered mouth, which I am wearing. 
✫ SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675
Comes with one pair of hands that fits all standard sizes.  Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK hands to help me create the perfect gestures.
✫ SLINK | AvEnhance High Feet | L$675
Comes with one pair of feet that fits all standard sizes. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and toenails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK Feet.
✫ Tameless | Masie | L$249
I really enjoy this shaggy bob cut. It has flexi so it flows and the ombre colors look awesome for a little attitude. It is available in three color packs: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors. Demo is available.

✫  [Gauze] & [BluePrintz] Celestine Gown | L$300 | @ We Love Role-Play
Gauze and BluePrintz have collaborated and came up with an amazing new custom fitted mesh gown. This beauty comes with tattoo/clothing layer and appliers for TMP, Slink and omega. The back side of this gown is beautiful.

✫  [Gauze]  Alchemist Staff - Mana |  *SNEAK PEEK* Fantasy Fair 2015 (April 23 – May 3)
For the girl or guy who has everything! Who can't do with having a new staff around the house? I love the form of this staff and the shape of the crystal, with the bag and potion vial at top is wonderful. There are two versions, animated or not. The Animated crystals float and turn. It can be worn in two positions, hand held with a script or worn on the back. Trust me all ye staff collectors, you will want this one!
HopScotch | Wild One Small Horns, Dark  |  *SNEAK PEEK* Fantasy Fair 2015 (April 23 – May 3)
A lovely set of small curled horns perfect for the girl who likes to headbutt...joking.. they are great. I like my horns to accentuate not overwhelm and these are perfect accents to give a bit of character to my girls. They come in a light and dark version.
✫ OtherSkin | Cured - Relay for Life 2015 (Necklace) |  *SNEAK PEEK* Fantasy Fair 2015 (April 23 – May 3)
OtherSkin has a beautiful Caduceus pendant necklace available at the Faire. The stone chnages on touch. You have the option of 8 stone colors.

✫ Eternal Dream Poses | Neige Set 01, Set 02, and Trisha Set 02 |  L$180/set, L$40/each
Most all of Eternal Dream's poses are available in two separate sets; each pack contains five static poses. These are wonderfully designed poses for you to make the most of body language for your avatar. 


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Coolest place ever...Play, Relax, Enjoy! Home to Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Lilith's Den, [Oblivion], The Wishbringer

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