Adventure: The Avalon Catacombs

So today I wandered back to Avalon to work on my quests. The first quest is located in the back of the Avalon Castle.The quests are adventure RPGs, featuring a lot of scripted puzzles, mysteries, dangers, and rewards. There are some fabulous treasures to be found down in the Catacombs; but beware, there are many ways to die.

Review of The Avalon Catacombs, a role-play scripted adventure for Second-life.

Go to the back of the Avalon Castle courtyard and have a chat with Cedric the Portal Guard. He will have some valuable information on how to start the first quest "Avalon Catacombs". He is interactive. If you type his name he will talk to you offering you advice and help. If any of the words in his dialogue have [brackets] around them they are query words you can use to get more information on the topics he offers. Also click the book to the left of him to get information on the History of the Order of Avalon. The rune he speaks of rotates on a glowing stand to his right. This rune sells you the HUD you will need to participate in the quests. It costs 500 Linden. If you would like to try the quest for a bit before you get to the dragon there is a Demo HUD on the Marketplace.

Review of The Avalon Catacombs, a role-play scripted adventure for Second-life.

Once you have your hud, read the short manual included then equip it. You can learn how to fight using the hud by clicking the one of the fighting dummies next to Cedric's area. When prompted to arm yourself, click the wood shield and sword next to the wall. It will place practice tools into your inventory. Equip them and follow the instructions to learn how deal killing blows and keep from being killed.

Review of The Avalon Catacombs, a role-play scripted adventure for Second-life.

Once you complete your training you are prepared to start your journey into the portal behind Cedric. Click the activation rune and click the portal to be transported to the Graveyard. To begin click the scribe feather and read the book on the stand.  It contains valuable information on what you will be facing. You may also wish to click the fairy to have her follow you to provide light.

The Graveyard is a dangerous place for the unwary. I would recommend not rushing and pay attention to your chat. In your Guide to Avalon note card you received they offer some good words of advice. They are as follows:

Review of The Avalon Catacombs, a role-play scripted adventure for Second-life.

Everything you will need to finish the Catacombs quest will be within the catacombs area itself. The only thing you need to find on the castle grounds are 5 symbols for a starting puzzle; after you have found these, the catacombs can be completed without returning to the Avalon castle.

Review of The Avalon Catacombs, a role-play scripted adventure for Second-life.

Watch out for things that look like they may be dangerous or be a trap; chances are, they are. For example the hornet's nest is worth avoiding; step too close, or try to touch it, and you'll be engulfed by a swarm in no time. Do not despair, however;  if you die, simply click the, blue portal on your HUD, then the  skull icon, it will transport you back to the catacombs.  

Perhaps most important of all, make sure to search an area thoroughly for clues or hidden items; often, a more obvious item will overshadow an important less obvious item and you can walk straight past it.

When you enter a room or area, I advise you look around thoroughly before you touch anything. Sometimes a trap might need disarming before you can pull a lever, for example.

In addition to those words of advice, I have a few of my own to add:

You will need to pick up items and equip them in order to trigger the actions for many of the puzzles. Be very careful not to double click after you disarmed a trap and pulling the lever.. you will die. You will die.. and die a lot! But that is part of the fun...  if you die, simply click the, blue portal on your HUD, then the  skull icon, it will transport you back to the catacombs.  

 See if you can find your grave.. I found mine! If you click the cover you can rest in peace....maybe. It's little details like this one that makes this adventure great. I am going to stop here and let you get going to start your own adventure, I don't want to give too many of the details away and ruin your experience. 



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