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I have been feeling a bit under the weather since my last post and I am finding it hard to get motivated, but tonight I decided to try and take a few pictures. One thing I love about the World Goth Fair is that it presents me a challenge in my blogging style.If you haven't noticed Goth isn't one of my stronger styles. Once upon a time, I was really good at Goth style images but somewhere along the way, I lost my touch so I always find them to be challenge to pull off. I never seem to get Goth right. I can get dark.. haunting ...but not truly goth. To me true Goth style has a bit of attitude, anger mixed in with the pained and haunted look. Goths really look angry and disappointed at/in the world. I think, perhaps somewhere along the way, I either stopped caring or I just forgave the world for disappointing me and now I have trouble capturing the Goth Style. I still love it. It is one of my favorite style to look at, but it feels hollow to me now when I try to portray it.

Review of Virtual Fashion for World Goth Fair in Second Life

Tonight's photo settings were built around Home Decor items created by The Dark Fae and 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

I couldn't resist using The Dark Fae's That's a Mouth Full Lamp (L$100) available at World Goth Fair. It is a wonderfully dark mesh wall lamp featuring a serpents head holding a orb from a hook placed in its mouth. The texturing of this item is amazing. It is only 8LI. It looks so haunting up on the walls. I do not think I am using the words to explain this piece properly. You should definitely go check this piece for yourself. 

The Modern Goth Complete Set (L$810) is a creation from 22769 ~ [bauwerk] available at the World Goth Fair.  The set contains a  black leather Chesterfield bed, black Balloon chair, Candle house, Gothic end table, Petroleum lamp, Cognac Bottle and glass. The bed contains 27 single and 38 couple animations. The chair contains 10 single sitting animations. You can buy the set in separate pieces or all together. There is a pg or adult version, too.

Review of Virtual Fashion for World Goth Fair in Second Life

The Merula Outfit (L$225) created by SAKIDE for the World Goth Fair is a versatile outfit. It comes with several texture styles in the skirt so you can mix up the look. You can even wear it without the skirt as a body suit. The body suit comes in standard layers, Maitreya, Slink, Cute/Phat Azz, and Tango Appliers.

My Aviatrix Heels (L$299) by Chaos, Panic & Disorder are available at the World Goth Fair. I loved the double buckles and stud accents. You can change the color (9 textures) via a texture change HUD. There is a demo for testing before you purchase. You will need to own  Slink Mid feet to wear these heels. 

Along with  Slink's  AvEnhance Mid Feet (L$675), I am also wearing Slink's AvEnhance Casual Hands (L$675),  The hands and feet are easy to wear. Each set comes Color  hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails.

The Faith Rings (L$70) by The Little Bat  are an un-rigged meshed mufti-ring set, re-sizable via a script. Purchase includes rings for Slink Casual & Elegant hands, along with regular Avi versions. You can pick them up at the  World Goth Fair.

In this post, I am wearing IKON's Crimson Hope Eyes (L$150). I wear the mesh version; most all of IKON's eyes come with a regular Avatar set and a Mesh set. The Mesh set is controlled by a HUD that allows you to change the pupil size, along with glow and positioning. There are over 50 color choices to select from in the Hope collection.I love how bright and clear IKON's eyes appear; they really stand out in photos.

Review of Virtual Fashion for World Goth Fair in Second Life

The Lova Skin is the group gift this month from Deluxe Body Factory. This is a great skin for those who prefer a more mature look over all the tween skins on the market.  Deluxe Body Factory is  my main go to place when I want a new look. They create amazing quality skins with excellent attention to details.The group is not free to join. You get one skin with or w/o cleavage, and lola skin appliers. Other appliers are available separately. When you pick this one up you also get last months skin too.

I found the Beki Hair (L$250/single L$1,500/fatpack) while wandering the Cosmetic Fair, which runs till the end of the month. It is a lovely creation by AYASHI. The Beki Hair is  available in twelve color sets. Each set includes eight color options via HUD, demo available.

Also at the Cosmetic Fair, you can pick up three great makeup packs by Zibska; Sayen (L$100), Savina (L$250) and Selby (L$250) . I am wearing the Selby Eyeshadow in this post. Each makeup pack includes system tattoo layers, TMP installer and Lelutka appliers.

My poses for these photos were using the animations in the chair (photo one), my AO (photo two) and Bellepose's Cute Bat Girl (Photo three). The Cute Bat Girl Pose set (L$90) is available at the Spooky Cute Event. It comes with six static poses with corresponding bat props. I know the parts are not really Goth but I thought its go cute.. I gotta use them! The Spooky Cute Event runs till May 22nd,it's a bi-weekly event. So if you want this pose set you probably should go now.

Review of Virtual Fashion for World Goth Fair in Second Life

I housed my photos in the SkyGoth Skybox (L$150) by The Dark Fae available at World Goth Fair. It is a five room mulit-level skybox that features unique geometric designed shelving and a center fireplace. The windows scenery can be changed via a HUD in the house. The skybox is available to purchase  in five color varieties. 

Review of Virtual Fashion for World Goth Fair in Second Life

The Dark Fae  also has a Dungeon skybox (L$200) for purchase at World Goth Fair.  It is also, multi-level and is RLV enabled. Perfect for Rpers.

Don't forget, the World Goth Fair runs till Midnight SLT, June 1, 2015. So if you are intending to pick up some awesome goth designs now is the time to go visit the fair, located on the Curse Sim, You can see a map of the shop locations on the official site.

Take care and have fun in your Second Life adventure!

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