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Tomorrow, June 1st, is the last day for the World Goth Fair. If you have not gotten a chance to stop in and check out the amazing ambiance and designs then hurry up, time is slipping away from you! The fair is hosted on the Curse Sim this year. You can see a map of the shop locations on the official site.

For today's post, I wanted to try to create a dark faerie. A creature who is caught between innocence and darkness. The type you would see flitting about the cemeteries and haunted forests luring fools into the dark corners for a little bit of despair and maybe a bit more..she is cute after all.

I found the start of my inspiration for this look with the elegance of the Joli Proie Gown (L$260) in silver-black. In collaboration, the elegant dress is original mesh by Faida and the gorgeous rich textures are creations by Fallen Gods, Inc. The Joli Proie is a lush elegant gown that can be mixed and matched to create three dress styles. It includes a base dress and two over skirts. I The gown can be purchased in four colors: Black/Silver, Royal/Silver, Wine/Silver and Purple/Silver at the World Goth Fair.

For the wings I selected the Clockwork Swallowtail Wings (L$269) by Atomic Faery for the World Goth Fair. These lovely wings are reminiscent of stained glass windows. Beautifully textured. A texture change HUD offers three leading colors, three accent colors and nine wing colors, so you can personalize the wings to your outfits.

For accents I added a fan and jewelry. The Vintage Lace Fan (L$200) is a new design by Digital Eyes. They have a HUGE selection of high quality animated fans, different styles and colors. 

The Lily Jewelry Set (L$50) is by Chaos, Panic & Disorder and is available at the World Goth Fair. Each set includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a ring. The Lily set is available in four color sets: Amaranthine, Blood, Noir, and Peacock. 

The Lady of the Shadows Skin in Coal is my newest purchase from Fallen Gods, Inc. It is a rare from their Nekromantrika Gacha (L$50) at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Each color set comes with two options, normal and glowing. Body appliers are included for Omega, TMP and SLINK and Soul. I have an extra Rare Coal and a Uncommon Mark of the Underworld, Mark of the Fallen, & Mark of the Priest if anyone wants them. Send me a note in world. I am looking for the Rare Ivory or Commons in Acid, Fire or Gold. 

The short and sassy Lacy Hair (L$249/color pack, L$499/mega pack) is one of Tameless newest releases. Lacy is a short style with flexi prims to give it a natural movement. I love the way it hugs the face. It is available in three color packs: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors. It is fitted rigged mesh so try the demo first.

My elongated rounded ears are from .:Soul's:. Uni-Ear collection. The Animle Uni-Ears (L$399) are but one of sixteen ear options available in the Uni-Ear Collection. Each ear set includes one pair of mesh ears, a Uni ears HUD, Alpha layers and instructions. The Uni Ear HUD that allows you to change the tattoos and skin. You can also adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Uni Ears HUD is very easy to use. The HUDs come pre-loaded with .:Soul:. Skin tones too. So you can easily match the ears to your favorite .:Soul:. skins.

The Kissers I am wearing today are .:Soul's:. Cupid's Pout, Chompers (L$599). I love the sharp pointy teeth showing through the slightly open lips. I used the enclosed lip HUD to color them a deep red. The Kissers come with a mesh mouth, mesh fang teeth, 3 alpha layer options, alignment tattoo & applier. You can adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud.  These are only around for a short time, once the RFL boards stop working they go away. Did I mention all proceeds go to Relay for Life.

To match the ruby red of my lips I chose Dulce Secrets' Secret Garden, Red Brown Eyes  (L$55). I love how deep and soulful these eyes are. The Secret Garden eye collection is available in twenty-one colors. Each color comes with system layer eyes and mesh eyes.

My Aviatrix Heels (L$299) by Chaos, Panic & Disorder are available at the World Goth Fair. I loved the double buckles and stud accents. You can change the color (9 textures) via a texture change HUD. There is a demo for testing before you purchase. You will need to own Slink Mid feet to wear these heels. 

Along with Slink's AvEnhance Mid Feet (L$675), I am also wearing Slink's AvEnhance Casual Hands (L$675), The hands and feet are easy to wear. Each set comes Color hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails.

My poses for these photos were using a variety of poses by  BellePoses from the Joss, Tanya, Evan and Miranda Sets (L$75-125). Each set comes with five or six static poses. BellePoses has a huge selection of affordable static poses for men and women, along with a variety of  poses with props.  Definitely one of my favorite stores to find new poses from.

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