Women's Fashion: A long wait, indeed....

I think the thing I hate the most about planning a party is the wait between the time you 
get all ready and the time people start showing up. I have found this is no different in Second Life.

Review of Virtual Fashion and Home Decor

I always get it all ready way ahead of time and end up standing there watching the clock. It takes all my will power not to start texting or calling my best friends asking where they are. Of course they take longer than I do to get ready for a party... they are all divas.

Review of Virtual Fashion and Home Decor

Then I pour myself a drink.. stand around longer... and wait more, going over everything I have set up.. Do I have it all out....did I forget anything...oh god.. I hope I didn't. Drink more...

Review of Virtual Fashion and Home Decor

Pour myself another drink.. go over the evenings plans in my head again... for the hundredth time. Start getting a bit depressed because no one has shown up yet. My friends should be here early..they know I need support! They are all trying to be fashionably late I am sure.

Review of Virtual Fashion and Home Decor

Pour myself another drink to calm my nerves ... feel a little dizzy. I shouldn't have drank on an empty stomach. But if I ate.. I would mess up my carefully laid out  cocktails for the party. Oh..the irony!

Review of Virtual Fashion and Home Decor

I think of the cocktails just waiting for me .... teasing me with their perfect flavors....

Laid out looking, oh so pretty... one plate and another drink wouldn't hurt would it....

Review of Virtual Fashion and Home Decor

But no.. I must resist.. even those the sushi calls.. I know. I will just have another drink.. it will deaden the hunger... look at the clock again.. where are they!

Review of Virtual Fashion and Home Decor

Halfway through the sixth drink I will sit up and wonder... did I send the invites out...did they get them.. and panic until my guests finally arrive. Then they will tell me I look frazzled and shouldn't have worked so hard... If only they knew!



Deluxe Body Factory | Poppy Skin, Honey | L$2,499
The Poppy Skin comes is available in five skin tones; Toffee, Mocha, Honey, Chai, and Sand. Each skin tone pack comes with one natural, clean face on skin; five brow options (ash, ginger, auburn, chestnut, jet); one natural, clean face without brows; six eye-shadows, tattoo layer; ten lipsticks, tattoo layer; Modifiable shape; brow shaper; alpha to hide system lashes and appliers pack ( Slink hands and feet; Slink Physique, Lola Tango/Mirage, Baby Bump and Loud mouth).
Mina Hair | Yuliya | L$250 | @ FaMESHed
The Yuliya hair is rigged mesh and materials enabled. There are two versions in every hair color pack for each style; materials version and one without materials.Hairs include HUD for color options. There are eight color packs available, each with five different
shades. Try the demo first.
 ✫ SLINK | AvEnhance Casual Hands | L$675
Comes with one pair of mesh hands that fits all standard sizes. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK hands to help me create the perfect gestures.
 ✫ SLINK | AvEnhance High Feet | L$675
Comes with one pair of mesh feet that fits all standard sizes. Easy to wear, comes with a color change hud that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility hud for tattoos, stockings and toenails. I could not imagine not having my SLINK Feet.✫
Ikon | Charm Eyes, Brown | L$150
Each eye set includes regular and mesh and come come with with five iris sizes. There are over 50 color choices to select from in the collection, along with a demo available for testing them out.

Just Because | Original Cuffed Jeans | L$200/color L$1,300/fatpack
Just Because has released another amazing piece of original clothing that is a must have for your closet! You can select from 12 perfect color shades. One is sure to match what you are looking for. I know your thinking but I have jeans already.... but you do not have these cuffed jeans. The textures are amazing. and the cuffs are perfectly done. These jeans are 100% rigged mesh and is ORIGINAL mesh! No templates were used in this item!
They are fit mesh and I know you curvier gals are frowning at that, but they have thought of that and included both standard (what I am wearing) and a curvy fit. If you wear a mesh body these are for you too! There is a version for the Maitreya Lara, slink physique, and Belleza Venus. Note that the Maitreya version is experimental as the files for this body are still to be released. Do try the demo if you wear the Maitreya body! 
Entice | Whole Lotta Love Outfit | L$150/color, L$450/fatpack
The Whole Lotta Love outfit consists of a mesh skirt, applier/classic top and mesh belt. It is not a single piece so you can mix it up like I have in my photos above. I love the argyle pattern on the top and the belt hangs perfectly on your hips. The skirt comes with aa color change hud if you get the fatpack.  There are six color choices to pick from.
✫ Entice | Whole Lotta Love Heels | L$150/color, L$450/fatpack
To compliment the Whole Lotta Love outfit, Entice created matching shoes  you can purchase separately. The are denim covered heels with colored straps sporting spikes. Saucy, they are! They are available in six matching colors s the outfits.
 ✫ Maxi Gossamer | Skylla Immortal Horse Pendant Set | L$399L  | @FaMESHed
Here is one for the Horse lovers out there. Maxi never fails to amaze me with her unique creations. Maxi Gossamer offers the Skylla Immortal Horse Collection at FaMESHed' this month.  The pendant set comes in 5 ready to wear groups and earrings in three styles are also available. Both necklace and earrings come with texture changers with 8 bead color combos and 4 different metals. There a gift of Hand Painted Pansies Bangles, which you can pick up for free at the entrance of the store at FaMashed.


✫ Circa Living | "Black Tie Style" Retro Cocktail Bar Full Set
For those who love to entertain, a new mini bar set. Perfect to fit into a smaller home. This bar set comes with 11 parts. Bar with 12 animations (3 bartender & 9 cocktail stands; includes shaker, writing, drinking, smoking and casual), Bar back wall with shelf & Cosmetic alcove art., 3 chairs with 8 different animation each male & female sits, Cocktail shaker & drink giver to guests on touch & other bar accessories, 2 stand lights & metal/glass chandelier (modifiable). Set up 26 LI, mesh, transferable.
✫ Circa Living | "Black Tie Style" Retro Cocktail - Classic Table Set
A traditional cocktail set up comes with two tables with food and two without - each have 3 animations included (chatting, drinking & eating for both males and females), five food & drink givers - shrimp skewers, sesame toast snacks, billnis, snack plate & cosmos cocktail drinks. Givers offer animated items to hold. 10 LI for full set up, mesh, transferable.
✫ Circa Living | "Black Tie Style" Retro Cocktail Bar - Sushi Table Set
A more exotic option for your guests. Comes with one table with food (linked) and one with/out. Three sushi givers (California rolls & sushimi style, wiht shrimp, salmon, tuna, rice, ginger and wasabi. Givers offer animated sushi to hold and eat. 14-16 LI for full set up, mesh, transferable.
Circa Living | MechWorks Studio Skybox - Greens | L$288 | 50% off only May 1-13 @Perfect 10
New mesh skybox called Mechworks.  It is available for purchase in three colors, Blues, Greens and Greys at Perfect 10. It has an open outdoor deck and open interior floor plan with three living spaces. The primary living space runs the length of the skybox with two side rooms opening off it.The open floor plan allows plenty of light in from a large round skylight and large windows. The total size of the skybox is 28m x 36m, totally 35 land impact. To see more photos check out yesterday's post.

✫ Are all created using the animations in the bar and  bar stools.

Disclosure of Material Connections:
I may have received one or more of the products mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products I would use personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."


  1. Amazing post, as always. I love what you did with the outfit. It looks fantastic and all that food looks so yummy!! Thank you for the post! <3


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