Five fabulous poses to make you dance or if you are like me ...sentimental...

Tonight I am feeling sentimental. I totally blame it on HelaMiyo's new pose set Taps. I was playing around with them trying to think up how I can use them to their fullest when I started remembering my older sister.

Second Life Virtual Fashion for Women

 She loved to dance. She breathed it. It made her so happy. She was alive when her body moved.

Second Life Virtual Fashion for Women

I would sit and watch her gyrate all over the house to any music playing and sometimes only to music she could hear. I would stare at her in awe of how she was able to move. I was all legs and elbows, as in tune with my body as  a newborn giraffe.

Second Life Virtual Fashion for Women

Sometimes she would try to grab my hand and pull me into  a spin and I would resist pulling away and somehow she would turn that into a bizarre dance between us.. It drove me so mad during times like that. Her eyes sparkling madly trying to force me to join in on her madness.

She kept her hair in a short bob, not so much because she liked it short, but because it was curly  and uncontrollable. It had a mind of its own. She would spend what seemed like hours in front of the mirror, her feet moving as she danced trying to control her uncontrollable mess. 

Second Life Virtual Fashion for Women

And her legs, they went on for miles. The guys would always make weird comments to her about them. I, at the time, never understood the odd phrases or why she blushed such a bright red as they asked her to give them a private dance. Looking back I was quite naive, but are we not all like that in the beginning.

Second Life Virtual Fashion for Women

Those boys were her downfall. She met the "love" of her life. He loved her dancing.. well at first, then he came to hate it. Slowly over 10 years he removed it from her by force and she stop moving when she fixed her hair, and she moved oh so carefully. One day he decided he was bored with her. He told her he missed how she danced before and his new "Girl" knew how to live. Sadly for my sister she couldn't really say a thing in her defense, she was mute, numb, and paralyzed, because when she tried, she discovered she had forgotten how to dance.

Second Life Virtual Fashion for Women

Another ten years have passed since the day she discovered she forgot how to dance. Does she dance now? No, not really she says her feet are broken. She cannot find the rhythm of life anymore. She gets up, goes to work. Comes home, fixes dinner for her children. Watches television and shuffles off to bed. But sometimes when I watch her  as she is getting ready for work, as she is cooking dinner or walking down the hall to bed. It is small, almost unnoticeable, but I see it. I see it -- her foot tapping, her hips jiggling, her soul moving to some unknown tune once more.



Lacy Hair (L$249/color pack, L$499/mega pack) by Tameless.
 Lacy is a short style with flexi prims to give it a natural movement. I love the way it hugs the face. It is available in three color packs: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors. It is fitted rigged mesh so try the demo first.
Delaney.Soy.Bunting Skin (L$99) by Dulce Secrets
This beautiful skin is an exclusive release for The Makeover Room. It is available in five lovely skin tones. Each skin tone comes with SLINK and Omega appliers.
Basic HUD Controlled Mesh Lashes (L$75) by Dulce Secrets.
These lovely lashes are a release for The Designer Showcase. They are available in four different colors with a HUD that has seven eyelash styles. Perfect to wear with any look! 
Secret Garden Steel Blue Eyes (L$55) by Dulce Secrets.
 The Secret Garden eye collection is available in twenty-one colors. Each color comes with system layer eyes and mesh eyes.
Summer Ombre Lipsticks (L$290) by Deluxe Body Factory.
These were at Sneak Peek till June 5th, I am not sure if they will be moved to the store or not. They are a lovely set of three lush lipsticks beautifully colored. In my photos I am wearing the ombre candy. Included in the purchase were 3 lipstick tattoo layers and appliers for #TMP, SLINK, Kissers and Sweetlips.
✫  Mystic Magic Makeup, Lunar (L$175) by Dulce Secrets.
 A lovely set of five smoky smudged eye shadows with scrolled eyeliner etched under the eyes. 
AvEnhance High Feet (L$675) and Elegance Hands (L$675) by SLINK 
I rarely am without my SLINK hands or feet. I love the way they look. The hands and feet are easy to wear. Each set comes with a HUD that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility HUD for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails. 


Believe Dress, Darks (L$60/color, L$270/fatpack) by Entice.
This lovely short and sexy dress will be on available as the Secret Wednesday Sale Item for a week starting on June 10th for the prices listed above. It is regularly L$150/color or L$700/fatpack. There are six vivid colors to chose from: Cobalt, Gold, Magenta, Red, Silver and Teal. You can see each of the colors in my photos above. The dress is mesh and comes in standard sizes.
✫ Makayla Heels (L$300 ) by Lutricias Luxuries.
These lovely heels are accented by a cute little bow on the side. They are available for purchase in five colors: Black, Cognac, Khaki, Pink Snake Skin or Red Snake Skin.   You will need to own either SLINK's AvEnhance High Feet or #TMP Ouch Feet in order to wear these.
✫  Jewelry by Maxi Gossamer
Today's look is a combination of  the Marbella Majestic Bangles (L$299), the Alexa Black Choker Pearls (L$299), and the Knotted Shimmer Pearls (L$299 ), Maxi Gossamer specializes in fashion and jewelry for all occasions. Maxi Gossamer's jewelry is un-rigged mesh so you can adjust it to fit perfectly. All sets come with a texture changer allowing you numerous options to mix and match gem colors, patterns and metals. Maxi is by far my favorite place to shop for my accessories.

Poses by  HelaMiyo.
My poses for these photos were using In this post I used individual poses from HelaMiyo's Taps (Photo 1,3,5,6), and Ground sits (Photo 2 & 7).  All of the sets mentioned come with five static poses, mirrored. Each pose set is L$300/set or L$50/pose, except the Taps Set, it is currently a gift for the Men Stuff Hunt, which runs till June 30th.  HelaMiyo. has a large selection of affordable unique static poses for men and women. Definitely one of my favorite stores to find poses with character. 
Dance Studio by Frozen Panty 
This is an older pose prop I picked up back in 2012. It's a pretty neat prop, loaded with 14 dance animations that I still use on occasion. I did not use the poses in this set, just the room prop. I do not believe it is available for purchase any longer.

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