My Slink Obssession.... it's all Slink baby!

Good evening everyone! Waves madly,  I did it! I went and bought a mesh head! I decided to go with Slink Visage Becky (L$2550),  as I liked the eyes the best on her. Plus, I kind of wanted to stay with Slink for my mesh body parts, since they are already a known brand to me. There is nothing I hate more than spending money on a new brand and discovering it isn't up to the hype I hear. With Slink, I know what I am getting.  I really like the quality and any time I have had questions in the past I have gotten a friendly quick response. And I never felt stupid when it turned out just to be user error with the items. I really am dense when it comes to mesh body parts :P 

Second Life Fashion Review featuring designers and events

The Visage Head Pack comes with five standard body shapes, mesh head, five mesh alphas, three base skins, a neck patch and the Visage Utilities HUD, which offers twelve expressions along with various options to open/close eyes, hide different layers and clear current settings. 

Slink's Physique Mesh Body (L$1,250) comes with a mesh body, five body alphas, six base skins, A dress, an underwear applier HUD, Physics layer, Physique Utilities HUD to control alpha cuts, tattoo layers, underwear layers and clothing layers. For those who have never tried an mesh body before please understand this is not a "shape" or "skin" its a mesh body layer that lays on top of your shape much like mesh clothing. You can use your own shape with it, you do not have to use the included shapes. Most mesh clothing fits but do not be shocked if you find some just wont work due to the alpha cuts or design style. It works with appliers created using Slink's applier so be sure any clothing you purchase has a logo saying it is compatible with slink first before you buy. You can find a list of compatible designers on the Slink Website.

I am also wearing SLINK's AvEnhance Elegance Hands (L$675) and AvEnhance Flat Feet (L$675), both the hands and feet are easy to wear. Each set comes with a HUD that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility HUD for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails.

Second Life Fashion Review featuring designers and events

So now my avatar is all Slink! Which is really good considering My Slink Obsession (MSO) is right around the corner, opening up the 5th running till the 22nd of the month! Been waiting for this to re-open. It is an event that runs every 3 months. MSO features Slink compatible items from skins, nail polishes, clothing, poses and more! Everything and anything that revolves around Slink Avatar Enhancement products. All items at the event will be new and marked at least 50% off.

Second Life Fashion Review featuring designers and events

I have a couple sneak peek items for MSO to share tonight too! The first is the Zoey Henna Tattoo for Slink Physique (L$99) by Deluxe Body Factory. It is a beautiful swirling tattoo that trails down your side and over your hip. It comes with a tattoo layer along with the Slink Applier so you can use it with classic avatars too!

 The other MSO item is the Alameska Sandals (L$150) by Signature Pose/shiZZo. They are Slink Flat feet add-ons. You will need to own the feet to wear these. They come with a black and white leather strap version. Very cute!!

The Estelle Skin was a release for the Dream Fair this month by Deluxe Body Factory. The fair ended on the 20th. I don't think there a version of this skin available at the main store, yet. I, of course, had to use the Visage and Physique appliers to wear this skin. It also comes in regular avatar base skins with a large variety of appliers for other mesh body/appendage makers.

The cute pixie Ursula Hairstyle (L$250) is from Elua, one of my favorite hair designers. They always have the cutest whimsical hairstyles. Very light and airy feeling.

My outfit is not really swimwear; it is actually Blueberry's Free Group Gift of Lingerie. Very adorable. The details of the set, as always for Blueberry, are fabulous. The set comes in five standard sizes, and versions for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink Mesh Bodies. Blueberry recently opened a new shopping sim with five out awesome designers, each giving away free gifts. Be sure to stop in and check it out.

For my eyes, I am wearing Dulce Secrets' Secret Garden, Steel Blue Eyes (L$99). The Secret Garden Eye Collection is available in twenty-one colors and comes with mesh and system layer eyes. 

Second Life Fashion Review featuring designers and events

I had to slide in this last sneak peek item for MSO, the Bolero Bikini for Slink Physique (L$125) by Forze. It is an adorable lace bikini, perfect for summer hang outs on the beach. It comes with a color change HUD with twelve colors.

My necklace is the Celeste's Sparkly Heart by Maxi Gossamer (L$299). It comes in a long and short version, with a choice of eight gemstone colors and two metal tones.

Second Life Fashion Review featuring designers and events

My poses for these photos were using the Sorry What Pose Set (L$300/set or L$50/pose) by HelaMiyo and the Dutchie Life Buoy (L$498) by Dutchie Furniture.

HelaMiyo has a large variety of affordable and unique static poses for men and women. While there check out the room with the dollarbie poses and lucky letter boards. I recommend HelaMiyo  as a must have in any pose collection.

Dutchie's Life Buoys are available in two versions, animated and decorative. The animated life buoy can seat 2 avatars. The first can choose between 7 female and 7 male animations on the buoy. The second avatar can choose between 3 female and 3 male swimming animations. There is also 1 couple animation. The animated lifebuoy slowly drifts on the water. The movement can be turned off and on in the menu. The land impact is 2 prims. The decorative life buoys come in 3 versions, one attached to a pole, one on a hook for on walls and a third laying on the ground. They have the LI of 1 to 2 prims. The shadows can be unlinked.

Photos were taken on the beautiful Calypso Dream Sim.

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