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Second Life Blog review for male role-play fashion

Today I wish to present a look for the men. I  received notice that Bade has released a new free group gift. The Bade group is free to join. The Micha Hair is a nice top-knotted style with shaved sides. You get the full fat pack of seven color HUDs. Each color HUD has twelve color shades.

My two tones Ceredil Caleb Chameleon skin (L$799) is by .:Soul:.. The skin set comes with a light & dark skins with three tattoo tinter layers, mesh ears in three styles (Troll, Elf Nub, Animale long), along with four mesh eyes, alpha layers and a shape. You can find this goodie in the relay for life vendors in the main lobby of the store.

The  long Fantasy Elf Ears (L$777) are from Mandala.  This set comes with a long and short pair of ears, They have a HUD that controls size, 33 colors, 26 bead colors, 22 stone colors, 24 metal colors and 24 paint colors. Very easy to customize to any look.

The No_Date Goatee is a Free Group Gift by  No Match. The No.Match Group has a fee of 50L to join. Totally worth it. Each hair comes with color change HUD with five colors. The bands are not changeable via the hud but if you are confident with your skills in editing you can tint it via the build menu. Just be sure to select the band faces and make a copy before you mess with it.

Second Life Blog review for male role-play fashion

My Barbarian Outfit (L$350) is by Gypsy Wolf Creations. The outfit includes chest straps, pants, furs in five sizes, bracers and scripted/unscripted swords. I didn't wear the fur pieces, as I preferred a cleaner look.

Poses used in this post are from Eternal Dream Poses' Monty Pose Set 02 (L$180) and BellePose's Joss (L$55). Both stores has a large selection of affordable unique static poses for men and women. Definitely two of my favorite stores to follow for new poses.

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