OPORUTO - Fourth Season

Sometimes in my wanderings I stumble upon places that just make me feel like a child again with wonder and joy. Today I found OPORUTO FourSeason on Hannavatu Sim.  My words will fail to describe it properly just like my photos failed to capture the beauty of the experience. This is probably because it is something you just have to experience first hand.

Second Life Art Review of Art Installment called Oporuto, season four

All as if in a dream sequence. Upon teleporting in I found myself in around lightly glowing orb with flowering foliage flowing on a sea of water swirling at my feet. Sparkling deer frolicked under my feet and softly glowing butterflies floated in the air above me. To the distance I could see small dark creatures flitting through the grasses. An aquarium sat surrounded by tall wide flowers. Two fish swam lazily inside.

Second Life Art Review of Art Installment called Oporuto, season four

 In the center of the orb, garnish, black, out of place, are rows and rows of black boxes marring the beautiful feeling of the orb. Glaring and ugly,  so I thought, until examining these boxes I hesitantly touched one to see what it would do. The words floating over the tops making no sense to my mind. Upon touching the black box, it lit up blue to match the surrounding area and released from its inner a beautiful lilting sound, which drifted outward startling me in awe.

Second Life Art Review of Art Installment called Oporuto, season four

My curiosity captured, I touched boxes madly my fingers moving as fast as they could go. My inner child woke up as excitement built from the discovery. As I clicked more and more boxes the different sounds merged combined clashed and astounded me in their beauty.

There is sadly no image to share with you this feeling, for this I will leave to it your own eyes and ears to experience it all. I am not sure how long this installment will last, so if you would like to experience it -- do not dally too long.

Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hinnavatu/161/79/2535

Below on sim level is a sand box (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hinnavatu/56/140/21) . The landscaping is submerged in water slightly. So if you are looking for a sim to work in for water photos this is a good one. You can rez items, they are returned after an hour.

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