Snapshot of a Rare Desert Flower.

Second Life Virtual Role-Play Fashion Review with Home Decor!

Today I would like to share with you a bit more scantly clad look than I normally share, as my modesty normally gets the best of me. But I was feeling DARING today!  The Desire Silks (L$200) by The Seamstress was too beautiful not to share. This lovely outfit includes a system layer top, flexi skirt, leaf ear cuff and leaf arm cuff.

I am wearing SLINK's AvEnhance Elegance Hands (L$675) and  Flat Feet (L$675). Both the hands and feet are very easy to wear. Each set comes with a HUD that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility HUD for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails. 

Adorning my feet are the Zulaikha Bare Foot Sandals (L$399) from Maxi Gossamer. The set includes two versions, rigged and un-rigged. A texture change HUD allows you a choice of seven metallic colors. There is also a matching Zulaikha Lattice Necklace Set, sold separately.

Second Life Virtual Role-Play Fashion Review with Home Decor!

To decorate up my arms I chose iT!'s Lex Voluptiti 4 (L$125). The set includes matching mesh materials enabled bracelets and arm bracelets. A texture change HUD allows you to select from twenty-four color options to control three sets of diamonds and ten metal types.  There are five versions of this set available for purchase. 

My cute pointy ears are the Steking Season 5 Ears (L$677) are by Mandala. They are easy to color to match the skins and through a hud switch to two other styles of ears, elven and pixie. Plus comes with piercings and color tips you can show or hide. I loved the way the ear cuff from the Desire Silks outfit outlined the ear, cradling it delicately. 

Second Life Virtual Role-Play Fashion Review with Home Decor!

I absolutely love the creamy sand tone and the light freckles of the Estelle Skin (L$1,950) by Deluxe Body Factory. It is currently available as an exclusive skin at the Dream Fair till the 20th of this month. This is a huge pack with all kinds of appliers, for a full list you can check the vendor at the fair or the website.

The Dionne Hair (L$250) is a long full hairstyle piled upon the top of your head with long wispy bangs framing your face. It is MINA Hair's release for The Chapter Four. There is a materials version and non-materials version in every hair color pack, along with a busty version. Included is a HUD for color options. There are eight color packs available, each with five different shades. Try the demo first, as it is rigged mesh and materials enabled. I love Mina's hairs. They are always well made with good texturing, perfect fit and affordability priced. If you join the store group you can also get a discount and credit toward a future purchase. 

Second Life Virtual Role-Play Fashion Review with Home Decor!

The poses used in my first two photos are a real treat from Black Tulip. I got them for the World Goth Fair but you can pick them up at the main store now. The Lost in the Woods, Full Set  (L$1,295), can be bought in individual sets (L$175) of five static poses or you can buy them individually (L$40). The full fat pack has 50 static poses, mirrored! If you are a pose addict like I am, then you know this is one hell of a deal. The Waitress Poses (L$175) in my third and fourth photos are also by Black Tulip. The pose set consists of five static poses along with a wearable tray prop. 

Black Tulip is co-sponsor of the Mediterranean area at the Multicultural Menu. They have prepared a nice variety of decorative items that would fit in a typical Spanish tavern ("taberna"), along with some tapas (appetizers), drinks (sangria is a popular choice in Spain), and of course, the Waitress poses set! 

Items for purchase at the Multicultural Menu:
✫  Taberna - Counter, Sign and Wine Glasses - L$175
Chorizos Sarta y Longanizas - L$125
Tortilla de Patata - L$50
Sangria - Jarra y Vaso - L$75
Tortilla de Patata con Ajoaceite y Pan - L$75
Tray with Sangria and Tortilla - L$75
Croquetas de jamon - L$50
 Taberna - Decorative Barrels - L$95

The tables and chairs are full permission sets that you can pick up at the Black Tulip Marketplace Store
Taberna Table #1B  - L$375 (MP)
✫ Taberna Table #1A - L$375 (MP)
Taberna Chair #1  - L$375 (MP)

Keeping with the spirit of being multicultural, the main names of the objects are not translated, they are named as Auryn Beorn (Black Tulip Designer) would call them in Spanish. The small names on the ads are the translations. The event will be open until June 21th. I highly recommend you pay it a visit. I learned quite a bit about foods while browsing the vendors of the various designers. 

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