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Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review

Good afternoon everyone, this morning I was playing around with wind lights as I was taking some photos just to see what would happen. I have to admit a lot of times I feel very overwhelmed by the sheer amount of windlights and tend to stay to just a few favorites. I think my favorite windlight is Xanthe's Flawlessness. It gives such clarity and shadows to photos. I really liked how my photos turned out today. You can get a copy of it for your own use at Xanthe's Blog. There are also instructions on how to install windlights, if you need help. (BTW, I also used a bit of my glamour filter in my photo editor to give it that soft glow, so you won't get the effect of these photos with just the windlight.)

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review

For my outfit today, I am clad in mostly Zibska's creations. I appreciate how unique Zibska's creations are, they give a nice other-worldliness to the scenes I try to recreate from my head. The harlequin outfit is the Hedwig Deux in RedGold (L$300). There is a version of this for men and women. It is available in four vivid color combinations. The outfit consists of a top in five sizes, trousers in four sizes, body alphas, hat, collar and accent bow. You can adjust the hat, collar and bow. The top and trousers are no mod, so try the size demo.

My hair is the Hyperion version A (L$200). It is one of the many great new styles Zibska has released at the Hair Fair this year. 75% of each purchase is donated to Wigs for Kids. With the hair you recieve a color change HUD with 20 color options for your hair. Scripts can be removed. While there be sure to snag the free gift too!

The Kiele Foot Straps (L$250) are one of my favorite footwear items ever! I often want my models to go barefoot but still some some form of accent and these are perfect for it. Included are Kiele foot straps and a color change HUD with 27 color options for the straps. You do need to own  SLINK's AvEnhance High Feet (L$675). I am also wearing the AvEnhance Elegance Hands (L$675). Both the hands and feet are very easy to wear. Each set comes with a HUD that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility HUD for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails.

You can not see it very clearly till the second-to-last photo of the post but I am wearing Bite & Claw's new Rule the Darkness Crown - Sloth (L$99). It is tall spiked crown with tendrils of flowing up the shafts of the main spikes, very reminiscent of flames in various colors. You can pick this crown up at Genre til August 10th, after that it will most-likely be in the store.

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review

For my props in the photo I couldn't resist Roawenwood's Treasured One Lavish Kennel & Cage. I did not realize ROMP only ran two weeks, I thought it was month long, so I am a bit late in blogging this item. It was one of three really cool items for sale there. Hopefully they will be placed out for sale at the main shop or a version like it. The cage set came with a cage (8LI with drapes, 4LI without), Bed (4LI, 26 animations), Table, Plate of Plums, Goblet, Water Bowl, Flower Vase w/Peacock Feathers, Rug (all 1-3LI each) and a Slave Tether with 17 single and 6 couple animations. The set contains an RLV and Non-RLV version of the furniture. I do not often see objects like this that I want to own but this one was so beautifully textures and looked elegant. I had to have it.

For my avatar I am wearing The Davina Skin in Frappe (H3) (L$899) by  .:Soul:.. The Davina Skin Line is available in eight fantasy tones, eight human tones and three mono tones.  Each skin tone comes with seven muscle tone tattoos, 5 standard shapes, 16 Eyebrows, Mesh Eyelashes, lip tints for Kissers and Loudmouth, 2 eye-shadows and appliers for Kissers, Loudmouth, Booty, Baby Bump, Lolas, Lush and SLINK. Demos are available.

For my eyes, I am wearing Dulce Secrets' Moss Soul Eyes (L$99) and Basic HUD Controlled Mesh Lashes in Brown (L$175). There is a large selection of eye colors choose from. Each color set comes with mesh and system layer eyes. The mesh lashes are available in four different colors with a HUD that has seven eyelash styles. They are a very easy modify to fit to your eyes. 

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review

Also from .:Soul:., I am wearing the new Kissers Doll - Closed (L$599). These are gorgous full poutly lips that turn so cute at the corners. Each mouth set comes with a mesh mouth, mesh teeth, 3 alpha layer options, alignment tattoo & applier, Kisser HUD loaded with textures to match all Catalina skin tones and nine lipsticks. You can adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Applier HUD is easy to use and I have had no trouble matching my Kisser mouths to skins by other Designers. If you don't want the hassle of doing it yourself you can send a note asking your favorite skin designers to support the Kisser system or you could buy skins from Soul to match. They have some really pretty ones available. Demos are available.

Second Life Fantasy Role-play Fashion Review

Poses used in this post are from Roawenwood's Treasured One Lavish Kennel & Cage bed animations and Eternal Dream Poses' Talena 01 (L$100) at The Alchemy till the 25th.  Each set comes with five static poses mirrored. Eternal Dream Pose's has a large selection of affordable unique static poses for men and women. Definitely one of my favorite stores to follow for new poses. They always have great new poses.

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