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Evening everyone, do I have a pretty orc to share with you today! .:Soul:. has released another great pair of Kissers, The Anya - Orc Style (L$599). So whats the difference? The Anya lips are a wider fuller lip style than the earlier released Cupid Pout Orc set. Now you have more choices in the style of Kisser mesh lips to create the look you want.

Second Life Fantasy Role-play Fashion Review

Each mouth set comes with a mesh mouth, mesh teeth, 3 alpha layer options, alignment tattoo & applier, Kisser HUD loaded with textures to match all Catalina skin tones and nine lipsticks. You can adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Applier HUD is easy to use and I have had no trouble matching my Kisser mouths to skins by other Designers. If you don't want the hassle of doing it yourself you can send a note asking your favorite skin designers to support the Kisser system or you could buy skins from Soul to match. They have some really pretty ones available. Demos are available.

The Davina Skin in Jade (F8) (L$899) is one of .:Soul:. newest skins. The Davina Skins are available in eight fantasy tones, eight human tones and three mono tones. I am wearing (H4). Each skin tone comes with seven muscle tone tattoos, 5 standard shapes, 16 Eyebrows, Mesh Eyelashes, lip tints for Kissers and Loudmouth, 2 eye-shadows and appliers for Kissers, Loudmouth, Booty, Baby Bump, Lolas, Lush and SLINK. Demos are available.

The pretty Fantasy 003 Hair in Brown Espresso by Oblivion created for Hair Fair 2015. I loved the details on the cap and hair. It's an amazing design! Hurry if you want this hair the fair runs till the 25th.  

For my eyes, I am wearing Dulce Secrets' Moss Soul Eyes (L$99) and Basic HUD Controlled Mesh Lashes in Brown (L$175). There is a large selection of eye colors choose from. Each color set comes with mesh and system layer eyes. The mesh lashes are available in four different colors with a HUD that has seven eyelash styles. They are a very easy modify to fit to your eyes. 

Second Life Fantasy Role-play Fashion Review

The Lorien Outfit in green and brown by Bite & Claw were gacha prizes from the 2nd round of the 30L Mystery Gacha Fair. The event ended already for this month but the gacha items will be available at the main store soon. Gacha items to collect are , upper arm, shoulder, bracers, skirt and top.Top and Skirt are rares.

The Lotus Flower Blossom Sandals (L$499) by Maxi Gossamer come in rigged and non-rigged versions in twelve colors accessible via a texture script. You will need to own SLINK's AvEnhance Flat Feet (L$675).  I am also wearing SLINK's AvEnhance Elegance Hands (L$675). Both the hands and feet are very easy to wear. Each set comes with a HUD that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility HUD for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails.

Second Life Fantasy Role-play Fashion Review
Second Life Fantasy Role-play Fashion Review

Poses used in this post are from Eternal Dream Poses' Talena 01 & 02 (L$100) at The Alchemy till the 25th.  Each set comes with five static poses mirrored. Eternal Dream Pose's has a large selection of affordable unique static poses for men and women. Definitely one of my favorite stores to follow for new poses. They always have great new poses.

Photos taken at Dandelion Daydreams Factory.

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