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Good afternoon everyone, I have a quick share today. Got tons of housework I must get done. It's wild how it tends to pile up when all you do is play on second life (smiles). 

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review

For my outfit I chose a new release by BlueMoon Enterprise (BMe) called Celtic Breeze (L$249). This is a fitted mesh outfit consists of two leggings, skirt, corset, poncho, hood (up or down) and bracers. It is compatible with both regular standard sized avatars and SLINK Physique. This is an exclusive color for We Love Role-Play August.

The wooden Nereus Crown by Zibska is also found at We Love Role-Play this month. It is available in five colors (L$120/each or L$180/fatpack). It is easy to re-size to get the perfect fit too.

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review

My avatar consists of:

The Misumi Skin is the current group gift from Deluxe Body Factory The Deluxe Body Factory Group costs 190 Lindens to join but is totally worth the money as the skins are worth a ton more and you have access to previous months gifts and special group slap boards. The Misumi comes with SLINK Physique, hands and feet appliers plus Omega head and body appliers. There is also a male fantasy skin called Iston as the Male Group Gift. It comes with SLINK hands and feet appliers plus Soul Kissers and Uni Ears appliers.

The Boggart Uni-Ears (L$399) are from .:SOUL:.. Uni-Ear collection.  The set includes one pair of mesh ears, a Uni ears HUD, Alpha layers and instructions. The Uni Ear HUD that allows you to change the tattoos and skin. You can also adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Uni Ears HUD is very easy to use. The HUDs come pre-loaded with .:SOUL:. Skin ton es too. So you can easily match the ears to your favorite .:SOUL:. skins. Deluxe Body Factory has appliers for the Uni-Ears available too!

SLINK's Physique Mesh Body (L$1,250) comes with a mesh body, five body alphas, six base skins, A dress, an underwear applier HUD, Physics layer, Physique Utilities HUD to control alpha cuts, tattoo layers, underwear layers and clothing layers. For those who have never tried an mesh body before please understand this is not a "shape" or "skin" its a mesh body layer that lays on top of your shape much like mesh clothing. You can use your own shape with it, you do not have to use the included shapes. Most mesh clothing fits but do not be shocked if you find some just wont work due to the alpha cuts or design style. It works with appliers created using Slink's applier so be sure any clothing you purchase has a logo saying it is compatible with slink first before you buy. You can find a list of compatible designers on the Slink Website.

SLINK's AvEnhance Elegance Hands (L$675) and AvEnhance High Feet (L$675), both the hands and feet are easy to wear. Each set comes with a HUD that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility HUD for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails.

The Secret Garden, Steel Blue Eyes (L$99) and Basic HUD Controlled Mesh Lashes (L$175) are by Dulce Secrets.The Secret Garden Eye Collection is available in twenty-one colors and comes with mesh and system layer eyes. The Mesh Lashes are available in four different colors with a HUD that has seven eyelash styles. They are a very easy modify to fit to your eyes.

My braided pigtail hairstyle is Anna by Entwined. It is one of four free group gifts. The Entwined Group is Free to Join. Entwined offers a large variety of hairs for both men and women. Their have great styles for role-playing! They are at a temporary location currently as they build their main store.

Second Life Role-Play Fashion Review

My poses for these photos were using the Cyber Pose Set (L$300/set or L$50/pose) by HelaMiyo. The set consists of five static poses mirrored. HelaMiyo has a large variety of affordable and unique static poses for men and women. While at the store check out the room with the dollarbie poses and lucky letter boards. I recommend HelaMiyo as a must have in any pose collection if you like to create photos with emotion.

Photos taken on Sarawak Sim.

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  1. Thank YOU Tali for the blog post of BlueMoon enterprise. As always your Pictures and words are wonderful.


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