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Second Life RolePlay Fashion Review

Good evening everyone, I have a new goodie for you from The Lexi Project. The lovely Moondance Fae is an amazing outfit by Posh Pixels.  The outfit includes Corset Gown, Ribbon Thigh Boots, Ferronnier and Wings. 

My pretty Druids Staff (L$175) is by Bite & Claw for The Fantasy Collective till August 15th. It comes with a scripted and un/scripted version for your hand or back. I love the shape of this staff and the orb glows very nicely in dim windlights. A must have for any magic user/druid.

The sparkling Pear Gem Necklace (L$280) is a wonderful find from !Musa!. It comes with a texture change HUD that allows you to resize the necklace for the perfect fit and change colors (5 metal colors and 16 Gem colors) for endless color combinations. It is available at the Cosmopolitan till August 2nd. S0 hurry!

The Cord Wrap Bracelet are new releases by IT! (Indulge Temptation!). There are three color packs available. The bracelets are 100% mesh, materials enabled, HUD driven, resizable (x,y,z), with 8 color options.

My skin is the Davina in Honey (L$899) by .:SOUL:.. I really like this skin line for it's a natural skin tones, very light and airy looking. The Davina Skins are available in eight fantasy tones, eight human tones and three mono tones. I am wearing (H4). Each skin tone comes with seven muscle tone tattoos, 5 standard shapes, 16 Eyebrows, Mesh Eyelashes, lip tints for Kissers and Loudmouth, 2 eye-shadows and appliers for Kissers, Loudmouth, Booty, Baby Bump, Lolas, Lush and SLINK. Demos are available.

My cute pointed ears are from .:SOUL:.. Uni-Ear collection. The Elf Nub Uni-Ears  (L$399) are but one of sixteen ear options available in the Uni-Ear Collection. Each ear set includes one pair of mesh ears, a Uni ears HUD, Alpha layers and instructions. The Uni Ear HUD that allows you to change the tattoos and skin. You can also adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. The Uni Ears HUD is very easy to use. The HUDs come pre-loaded with.:SOUL:.. Skin ton es too. So you can easily match the ears to your favorite .:SOUL:.. skins.
My gorgeous full lips  are a new pair of Kisser Mesh Lips, Anya Closed (L$599) by .:SOUL:.. These lips are too adorable! The Kissers come with a mesh mouth, mesh buck teeth, three alpha layer options, alignment tattoo & applier. You can adjust your transparency, glow and tint via the hud. They are very easy to fit and Charlie gives excellent customer service if you need a bit of help. There is also an Omega Relay (L$99), sold separately, so that you can use the Kisser lips with any skin that has an Omega applier! 

My long flowing Valeria hair in brown is by  LALA Moon MeshThe beauty was an exclusive gift for Hair Fair 2015 and no longer available.

The Butterfly Addon (L$50) adorning my hair is from Persefona's Rose Clown Wig Gacha Machine. 

I am wearing Secret Garden, Alantic Eyes (L$99) and Basic HUD Controlled Mesh Lashes (L$175) by Dulce Secrets. The Secret Garden Eye Collection is available in twenty-one colors and comes with mesh and system layer eyes. The Mesh Lashes are available in four different colors with a HUD that has seven eyelash styles. They are a very easy modify to fit to your eyes. My Laren Eyeshadow in lilac (02) is by Zibska. The set includes ten vibrant colors in tattoo layers and  an TMP Applier.

I am a huge Star Trek fan so when I found the Andorian Antennaes (free group gift) at .:SOUL:., I had to have them! And since I have them, I had to wear them. They are so cute and awesome! They come in eight vivid bright colors, which matches .:Soul:. Catalina fantasy skin line too. You will need to join the .:Soul:. group to get these awesome antennae. The group is free to join.

I am also wearing SLINK's AvEnhance Elegance Hands (L$675) and AvEnhance High Feet (L$675), both the hands and feet are easy to wear. Each set comes with a HUD that makes it easy to match skin tones and a utility HUD for tattoos, stockings, and fingernails.
Second Life RolePlay Fashion Review

Poses used in this photo set were from the Hovering Pose Set created by HelaMiyo. You get five mirrored static poses perfect to inject a bit of emotion and movement into your photos. I love HelaMiyo's poses, very original and full of character. This set is available at Sneak Peek for the July round, ends August 5th. 

Photos were taken on the Calypso Dream Sim, where hope and dreams collide.

a charity event benefiting  Lexi Zelin • AngelRed Couture
Event Dates: July 26th - August 9th, 2015 

The Lexi Project, a collaborative fund-raiser event founded by Toxxic Rhiannyr & Heather Smithson, created to bring SecondLife brands together in hopes to raise money for one of our own, Lexi Zelin / Owner of AngelRed Couture. As many have probably by now heard, Lexi has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is in desperate need of funds to assist in paying her medical bills / expenses as she is unable to work. Lexi is only 28 years old, mother of one beautiful little girl and plays an important role within SecondLife by creating high quality, full permission mesh apparel, paving the way for many people in the virtual world to have the freedom of opening a store.

The Lexi Project has grown to approximately 350 supporting brands, ranging in a vast number of fields from apparel, decor, full permission, poses, skin, hair and so much more. All of which can and will be found at this event and all on one region. We have received a HUGE response from the grid, many offering helping hands and services showing nothing but pure support to Lexi. We want everyone to know, it is all very much appreciated.

The Lexi Project is scheduled to open its doors on Sunday, July 26th @ midnight slt. Each brand participating will have a minimum of 1-2 new items, 100% of the proceeds from sales go directly to an event account, opened by Lexi Zelin.

AngelRed Couture Group - (cut and paste in open chat)

•The Lexi Project - Blog

•The Lexi Project - Facebook Event Page

•The Lexi Project - Flickr Pool

Our landmark will not be made public til opening day, as we are still setting designers up!

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