Bringing a bit of Morocco home...

Good evening everyone, today I spent a bit of time on adding a few new corners to my SL home. I just felt like a bit of change. It was my luck that several of my favorite home designers had some awesome stuff that just fit perfectly with what I was wanting. I am quite pleased with how it turned out so I thought what the heck.. let's share it!

I wanted to create a sitting corner that would transplant you to a Moroccan setting. For this I found several pieces from [Circa] and StoraxTree, both long time favorites of mine.

[Circa] has created the Epiphany Sun Settee Set (L$2,400) as an exclusive for the 24 Event, available from Sept 11 - 19. This set comes with a settee seat including 44 female sits, 16 male, and 18 sync'd couple animation sets for a total of 96 positions.  The couple's sits range from sits, lays, reading, chatting, cuddles, to kisses.  The settee has 10 fabric color combinations & 5 wood tones.  The side table comes with 5 matching wood tones and branch vase attached.  Lastly, included are 4 hanging lanterns (2 LI).  Great for fall setups. There will be only 150 copies of this version. If there are remaining copies, they will be sold on the marketplace and at Circa's main store in-world.

The Origins Ornate Velvet Area Rug is also from [Circa]. It should be in Circa's mainstore later this week. There are two different color sets  you can pick up. Set one contains crimson, rust, green, black and violet. Set two contains forest, black, red, gold and blue. Each rug is 1 prim.

To compliment Circa's settee set, I chose several pieces from StoraxTree. These items will be available on sale on the 15th of the month. You can still pick them up now, but you will have to pay full price. The Morocco Art Panels A is scheduled to be the September #3 free group gift. The StoraxTree Group is free to join and well worth it. They have several group gifts an discounts a month, along with group gacha machines for 1L each try! The Morocco Tall Chest Dark will be the Group 10L Bargain. The Clay and Willow Vase comes in five colors and will be on sale for under 60L  during the Monday Mania Sale. And at the StoraxTree Rug Factory sales area, you can pick up an adorable Naptime Feline Treasures for a steal between Sept 11-21. There are six wonderful feline colors to select might find yourself needing them all, I know I did!

Second Life Home and Garden Review

Let me tell you a little about my home, just in case you are curious. My home is the Monterey Home created by Cain Maven, owner of Maven Homes. Maven homes are spectacular creations. They are always well laid out, fabulously textured, and full of character. You can see the past two Maven Homes I have occupied here: Skwer & Wakefield, along with a tour of the Monterey Home, too.

The Monterey Home (L$4,490) is a single floor home with vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, large wrap around windows and a roaring fireplace. It has a foot print of 29 m x 48 m and is recommended for a 2.048 sq.m. parcel or larger. It has a land impact of 184. I absolutely love how open this house is and very versatile for styling of home decor.

Well I am going to wander off now. I will try to post more up on my home changes as I do them. Take care till the next post, Enjoy!

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