My new kitchen nook

Good evening everyone, I have a quick post to share tonight. I set up a new kitchen nook and wanted to share it. I am really pleased how it turned out. I really like the little details. See the list below for details on where you can get your own set.

Second Life Home and Garden Review

Rupsy Roo - Phone Chat Bench (L$189) & Mail Organizer (L$125) - Pecan
    -- Each item comes in 8 Wood Colors, that can be purchased separately. 
    -- Phone Chat Bench  is mesh, 4 LI,  with 12 Male & Female Animations. 
    -- Mail Organizer is mesh and 1 LI.

 irrie's { Dollhouse }  Gacha! Love Always Set
    -- The Short Short Trailer RARE (4LI)
    -- Tip-Me-Over Teapot (3LI)
    -- Sorry Sweetheart Chocolates (1LI)

StoraxTree  Bistro Bagel Basket
    --  Bagels are texture change, 5LI.

 Kaerri - Pieces from the Fabulous Complete Living Room Set, can be bought separately.
    --  Fabulous Apples - 4 LI
    --  Fabulous Apple Bowl - 1 LI
    --  Rattan Balls w/ Owl - 3 LI
    --  Shell Planter- 2 LI

The shelving and refrigerator came with the home...see below:

Second Life Home and Garden Review

The Monterey Home (L$4,490) by Maven Homes is a single floor home with vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, large wrap around windows and a roaring fireplace. It has a foot print of 29 m x 48 m and is recommended for a 2.048 sq.m. parcel or larger. It has a land impact of 184. I absolutely love how open this house is and very versatile for styling of home decor. You can see a tour I did earlier this year if you would like to see the interior more.

Well I am going to wander off now. I will try to post more up on my home changes as I do them. Take care till the next post, Enjoy!

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