Club GO Halloween Party

Have you found a party to attend for Halloween yet? If not, I have one you can attend. It's at Club Go. They will have music, a costume contest, and a prize hunt! All party events Start at 2pm SLT, [Taxi].

Halloween Hunt Details:
The Halloween Hunt is open to everyone who shows up to play. You can get the  Skeleton HUD from Club GO at the time of the event. You will search for all of Mr. Bonejangle's parts and put him all back together so he can boogie the night away with his other skelly friends. There are two prizes for completing the hunt:

Halloween Themed Costume Contest:
The costume contest is open to group members only, but don't fret it is free to join! 1000L pot!  1st Place:  500L | 2nd Place: 350L | 3rd Place: 150L. After the contest Goddess will announce her favorite costume and award a 2000L gift card to )O(Goddess Creations)O(! 

About )O(Goddess Creations)O(
And why should you want that gift card? Well, if you are the time of the person who thinks the small things in life are what makes it great then )O( Goddess Creations )O(  is for you. It has a wide eclectic selection of fun and interesting designs that will add details to your second life that will help tell the story of who you are and what you like. They have clothing, furniture, animals/pets, holiday decorations, buildings, and more. I highly recommend you stop in and join their group (it's free!). They have some really cute free gifts. You can see some of them in the past post I did featuring them and see some of the home decor items Goddess Designs has to offer for Halloween too!

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