Cutting Class 2021 Hunt Items - Lilith's Den

More goodies for you to from the hunt during Pulse Games' Cutting Class 2021. There are over 100 hunt items to find. The event runs from October 15th  to November 25. It costs 75L to participate in the experience. The hunt items are free.

Today's featured store is: Lilith's Den

If you like the unusual, then put this shop on your list to frequent. This designer's imagination never ceases to amaze me. For the hunt, they provided 3 prizes: Fresh Meat, Psycho Puzzle, and Skinner's collection. Featured in the image above is Skinner's Collection. Which consists of Skinner's brain farm, Skinner's hand crate, a lantern made from human skin, and Skinner's workplace (tools). They are copy/mod, all original mesh and material enabled. I particularly like the hand crate. When you click it, the hands push between the crate slats. It's a very nice touch. Psycho Puzzle was featured in an earlier post.

The Fresh Meat hunt prize consists of a half leg at a hook, head at a hook, arm at a hook, and leg at a hook, plus a bonus hook and pole. These are truly gruesome-looking decorations for your home during Halloween or all year if you have a meat closet. They are copy/mod, all original mesh and material enabled. If you do not feel like doing the hunt for these great prizes, you can purchase the sets at Lilith's Den Mainstore.


✫ Lilith's Den | Psycho Puzzle | 0L - Hunt Gift | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
✫ [Circa] Living  |  "Thornhill" Wood Cross A, B, C - Three crosses that light on fire with suspended animations with 1 position in each | 0L - Hunt Gift | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee)
✫ [Circa] Living  | "Thornhill" Slumped Ground Skeleton & Candles / Rats |0L - Hunt Gift  | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
✫ [Circa] Living  | "Crossways" Shadow Box Table & Decor Set ~ a graveyard shadow box table, 2 sculptural wall art pieces, and a gnarled branch vase. | DISCOUNTED 50% Off | 250L

✫ .Lunaria.  | Harvest Lights Grass | 50L
✫ Dysfunctionality |  Swaying Leafy Bushes - Animated Season Change XL Bushes | 145L
✫ Two Moon Panoramics | Texture Changing Globe | 600L

✫  Photo location was put together by me. A big nod to Builders Brewery for letting me use their prims to work my magic. I am not sure if building a scenery counts as building but I totally love their sandbox. I never get harassed and there are always interesting classes available to sate my curiosity on how to build in SL. 

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  1. Hey there Taliferrue !
    Thanks a lot for your kind words about my work and for featuring my store.
    I enjoyed the reading and the pictures are nice also ♥


    (Alrunia Ahn)


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