Cutting Class 2021: An Interactive Horror Adventure

 Today I decided to try my hand at solving PULSE Game's latest interactive Horror adventure "Cutting Class 2021". I remembered participating in these types of events when I played SL before and thought it might be fun to try this one out. I was even able to convince Mel to log in and join me. Like me, he hadn't been back to SL in forever. I worried he wouldn't remember how to walk (Haha). But  he did alright, just alright.  

So back to the the scariest, most disgusting, vile, horrific & depraved Survival Horror Game in Second Life.  The whole game takes place on Snatch City Sim.  We begin our adventure standing in the parking lot of St. Jude Academy on a dark rainy night (of course!). The event runs between October 15th and some time mid November. I never found the end date on anything. It costs 75L.

Clicking the Cutting Class 2021 Game Standee will give you a notecard that provides the backstory to your adventure.

St Jude's Academy having never recovered from it's sordid past was left to disrepair & eventual condemnation. The entire building was demolished & soon to be replaced by St Jude's College for Girls, featuring a slightly larger Campus with only slightly more modern amenities. A thriving community of brilliant & well to do students. New bricks & mortar, burying the devastating history below its lofty foundations, to be forgotten & lost to urban legend.
You begin the game as a college student invited to the first Lamba Alpha Gamma Sorority "Bountiful Harvest Social. There wasn't much buzz early on but the entire campus exploded with excitement over a social media link to an invitation...Shenanigans afoot, it was now going to be a "Halloween Hellraiser"! How the Sorority President, Mallory Grace, managed to convince Mother Superior to sanction it is a complete mystery, but one can assume it took a lot of "manipulation" and It's going to be a HELL of a party. 


Once you have acclimated yourself to the premise of the adventure, walk up and click the doors to be teleported to Academy's lobby.  On the main table you will see a clip board and a box. Click on the clip board to buy the hud you will need for the adventure. It costs 75L. Well worth it once you find all the prizes. Prizes, you say? Yes, along with the thrill of a story to puzzle out there is also a hunt for  you to do as you explore the halls of St. Jude's Academy. The hunt items are free, you just need to buy the hud. You get over 100 prizes if you can find them. I will feature more on the prizes in later posts this week. You will be looking for four different items.

Once you buy the hud, you will be given a folder. It in is a phone hud you need to equip and some fun accessories like a backpack, flashlight and phone. You will need to equip the flashlight and set your environment to Midnight or Ghost settings. This is to help immerse you into the story. I ended up going through the story about five times. The first time I went through the story I had my lighting set low. But I won't fib, on later trips I slowly turned it up brighter and brighter to find the hunt items, some are pretty hard to find in the dark!   

Overall the experience was well worth my 75 Lindens. Mel and I both enjoyed ourselves as we figured out the puzzles to progress along the storyline. It was fun to examine and touch everything in all the rooms. The story was pretty alright too, exactly what you would expect from a horror flick. It definitely had moments where I went "EWWW".  This is not for anyone who is easily offended or disgusted by blood or gore, there is a lot of that all around. I highly recommend you take your time and explore the halls of St. Jude's closely, take time to enjoy the scenery and decorations. The Pulse Game's staff put a lot of work into the design and coordination of the story. It's well worth not rushing.

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