Freebie Alert: Goddess Creations

If you are the time of the person who thinks the small things in life are what makes it great then this store is for you. It has a wide eclectic selection of fun and interesting designs that will add details to your second life that tell the story of who you are and what you like. They have clothing, furniture, animals/pets, holiday decorations, buildings, and more. I highly recommend you stop in and join their group (it's free!). They have some really cute free gifts like the little piggies pictured here! These little piggies come in two options, one with grass and the other without, so you can keep them indoors or out. A cute addition to your SL farm! Not into pigs? Well, they do sell a large variety of other pets.


✫  )O( Goddess Creations )O(  | )O( GC: Adorable Piggies in Crates | 0L Group Gift
✫  )O( Goddess Creations )O(  | )O( GC: Piggy Pin with and without Grass | 0L Group Gift

✫ .Lunaria.  | Harvest Lights Grass | 50L

✫ A big nod to Builders Brewery for letting me use their prims to work my magic. I am not sure if building a scenery counts as a building but I totally love their sandbox. I never get harassed and there are always interesting classes available to sate my curiosity on how to build in SL. 

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