"Green Claw Swamp" Witch Hut

After my horror survival adventures yesterday, I discovered I had no home to decorate with the great prizes I got from  Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 interactive horror adventure. I stumbled across this little beauty when my teleport to another location when wrong and I landed on my head after falling from the sky. Too bad I wasn't dressed like an angel. I could have had a bit of fun with that. Luckily there was no one around to see my tumble so I brushed myself off and was happy to see I landed in  Aphrodite Shop / Heart Homes. 

Aphrodite / Heart Homes  is a megastore of home and garden goodies. I saw so many needful things, it's too bad my pocket book is so short right now. I would have went crazy! They have everything from furniture, wedding and party stuff, tons of food items, poses, gift baskets, buffets. It appears they specialize in those special moments in your SL couple life. The builds they have are great quality and fun to explore. They have houses and cabins of all sizes. They also have a VIP group (not free), freebies, group gifts and they participate in hunts. All the things I  love to do! They will defiantly go on my list to check back in on. 

Okay enough about the store. Let's talk about the "Green Claw Swamp" Witch's House. On my house search I was looking for a small one-two room house that had a low prim count. This build fit the bill perfectly. It is only 40prims unfurnished and is one room with a loft, if you don't count the cute porch area. 

It comes with a chandelier that changes textures, a rustic fireplace that is controlled via a menu and several spiderwebs, with animated spiders. you can turn their movement on and off with a touch.

Another nice touch is when you click the door to open it, the pentagram on the door starts rotating and two face surface from the door before the door opens. Its a very nice touch. I also liked the broken windows. Made me think some children had came across the house and had to harass the witch. These details are what makes this home great. Oh, and if you are the type that need help with decorations and landscaping. I noticed at their store they had outdoor decorations as an add-on you could buy.


✫ Heart Homes / Aphrodite Shop  | "Green Claw Swamp" Witch Hut | 150L  
[Circa] Living  | "Thornhill" Gnarly Forest Tree B | 0L - Hunt Gift | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
[Circa] Living  | "Thornhill" Slumped Ground Skeleton & Candles / Rats |0L - Hunt Gift  | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).

.Lunaria.  | Harvest Lights Grass | 50L
Dysfunctionality |  Swaying Leafy Bushes - Animated Season Change XL Bushes | 145L
✫ 3D Trees | Autumn Trees + Accessories (Triple Maple & Blackberry) | 450L
AtiXx Design | Pathways |  Cost Unknown
Two Moon Panoramics | Texture Changing Globe | 600L

✫  Photo location was put together by me. A big nod to Builders Brewery for letting me use their prims to work my magic. I am not sure if building a scenery counts as building but I totally love their sandbox. I never get harassed and there are always interesting classes available to sate my curiosity on how to build in SL. 

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