The Witching Hour [Cutting Class 2021 Hunt Items]

Yep, you know it, I have more goodies for you to from the hunt during Pulse Games' Cutting Class 2021. There are over 100 hunt items to find. The event runs from October 15th  to November 25. It costs 75L to participate in the experience. The hunt items are free.

Today's featured stores are:

✫ Dragon Magick Wares is a wonderful home and garden shop full of amazing builds. If you enjoy fantasy-style home decor this is the shop to visit. They have a wide range of products, that are high quality and designed with details in mind. Dragon Magick Wares has three hunt prizes for you to find, a gothic mirror, a solstice hearth and the Dryad king (pictured above). You need to make sure you find these three items the quality is amazing, and the dryad king is just plain awesome. Stole the show if you ask me.

✫ +Blue Blood+ is a store packed full of gothic clothing and dark adorable vintage dresses, cosmetics, eyes, and accessories. They have a huge selection to browse, don't get lost in there! Blue Blood has two gifts for you to find, Delusion the Halloween edition and She's a Witch Halloween edition (Pictured above). Both dresses are really nicely made and worth finding. They are compatible with Maitreya, Slink Org/HR, Belleza Venus, TMP and come in standard mesh size.

✫ ::AMBIX::  is an amazing shop that works on Furry, Fantasy, Sci-fi designs. Their main shop is under construction so check them out on the Marketplace. They are definitely a shop to watch for if you are into fantasy, goth, sci-fi, and odd avatar accessories. Their four gifts consisted of the Goulish Tail (Blood), Goulish Tail (Blue Moon), and the Goulish Tail (Black Cat), and The Deathly Tail {Blood, pictured above}. All tails are animated and move around with chomping animations. Great quality and definitely worth it as a unique feature for your avatar. See the Vendor picture below for a view of the Goulish Tails.

✫ Lenore is a makeup, tattoo, and accessories shop. They have a really great selection of products for the goth, punk in you. The quality is really nice. Their tats and makeup are BOM and EVOX compatible. I was only able to find one of the two Lenore hunt items, the BlackWidow Forehead and lip tattoo (Pictured below). My picture does not do this item justice so I included the vendor picture (above) to show it off in better detail. The spider on the mouth really pops, and kind of made me go eww. I do not like spider's and that one was just a little too well done.

✫ BeSpoke makes some really great mesh heads for monster and human avatars. They have a pretty cool selection. If you would like to have an avatar that stands out, I would give them a visit. BeSpoke has two gifts for you to find, Imp Zorus - Skin - Red with  Imp Zorus - Eyes (8 eye colors in the set) and the BeSpoke - Treant Conservator - Head and Skin set (not pictured). The Imp Zorus skin is defiantly not meant for a normal avatar even though I used it that way on my witch. See the vendor picture below for how it is supposed to appear on the mesh imp head they created for it (purchased separately).


✫ BeSpoke | Imp Zorus - Skin - Red   | 0L - Hunt Gift | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
BeSpoke | Imp Zorus - Eyes - Cursed | 0L - Hunt Gift | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
✫ +Blue Blood+ |She's a Witch - Halloween Edition | 0L - Hunt Gift | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
✫ ::AMBIX:: | Deathly Tail [Blood] | 0L - Hunt Gift | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
✫ Dragon Magick Wares | The Dry  | 0L - Hunt Gift | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
✫ Lenore  | BlackWidow  Forehead and lip Tattoo | 0L - Hunt Gift | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
Truth Hair | Yuko Hair | $250 VIP Group Sale Item.
✫ Dysfunctionality |  Swaying Leafy Bushes - Animated Season Change XL Bushes | 145L
✫ Two Moon Panoramics | Texture Changing Globe | 600L
Black Tulip | Lost in the Forest Pose | past hunt gift.

✫  Photo location was put together by me. A big nod to Builders Brewery for letting me use their prims to work my magic. I am not sure if building a scenery counts as a building but I totally love their sandbox. I never get harassed and there are always interesting classes available to sate my curiosity on how to build in SL. 

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