Throwback to a bygone era.

Just for fun I was going to attend the Builder's Brewer Halloween Party but ended up having to work instead. The theme was "Night of the  Living Noobs". You were to dress up in your best noob outfit using only the Linden's library inventory. When I saw the Gamer avatar, I had to snap a few shots. It was so playful looking.  When I first started I loved running around in my noob outfit until I was told several times it wasn't "acceptable". Looking through all that stuff, reminded me how much I liked just playing dress-up and discovering odd things I would never wear in RL. I guess the lesson learned was: you be you... where what makes you smile. Who cares what is considered "acceptable"?


✫ Linden Lab's Gamer Girl, located in Inventory Library under Clothing, Older Outfits.

✫  Builder's Brewery  Halloween Party Staging Area
✫ Black Tulip | Lost in the Forest Pose| past hunt gift.

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