Trick or Treat Lane 2021: Candle and Cauldron

The night of ghosts and goblins is right around the corner to make sure you get in a visit to the Trick or Treat Lane. There are amazing designer exclusives, along with lots of free Halloween gifts.

Trick or Treat Lane is a Halloween-themed shopping market that runs October 15 - November 1. There are forty-eight cute little pumpkin stores for you to visit. You will find products ranging from fashion, decor, and accessories, as well as some really neat home designs. Be sure to check out Candle and Cauldron's Baba Yaga's house (700L, pictured). I loved it! Baba Yaga is my all-time favorite wicked witch.  Candle and Cauldron is the place to visit for all your virtual occult and spiritual decor. I would recommend a trip to their main shop. They have several group gifts. The group is free.

I found a ton of wonderful freebies that are keepers. I will be sharing them shortly in more posts. I still have to dig them out of the bags. But don't worry, the posts will be up before the event ends, I promise! All pictures were taken at the event. 

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