Trick or Treat Lane 2021: Free Gifts

Today I bring you free gifts from the Trick or Treat Lane, a Halloween-themed shopping market. The market runs from October 15 - November 1. There are forty-eight participating stores featuring all types of creations from fashion, decorations, accessories, and some really neat home designs.

Today's featured creators are:

✫ Fallen Gods Inc. has been a favorite of mine since I first discovered them many years ago. They create a wide range of products such as fantasy skins, tattoos, furniture, and more. To be honest, I love people watching in their store because the most exciting avatars can be seen shopping there. It helps me with ideas of what I want to do.  For this event, they are giving away the WRAITH Tomb avatar for men and women. It contains the shape, skin, mesh eyes, alphas, and the trailing wrath Flexi tail. It was fun flying around in this outfit.

✫ Senzafine is currently moving; therefore, I cannot give you a landmark to the main store, but you can still find the items until November 1 at the event. Senzafine creates high-quality fantasy/bohemian clothing, makeup, and accessories. They were very generous and set out two gifts for this event; the Sera Dress - Necromance (pictured) and the Sera Dress - Spellbound, which I will feature in a later post. I must say I am partial to the Necromance one. I like the messy appearance.

✫ Moonlight Shadow is a shop you will enjoy wandering in. They have a large selection of Fantasy/Gorean/Sci-fi clothing and home and garden items. If you want to create a wine cellar or even a dungeon, you definitely want to check them out. Wait till you find the animals too. So cute and realistic. They are really affordable too! I had the time of my life looking at the details they added to their designs. Their store is a maze,  you will get lost in there, but I doubt you will mind it too much with everything there is to see. They have quite a few group gifts, lucky boards, and camping prizes. The group is free to join. Their free gift was the Mound of Earth. I know your thinking, "What do I need with a mound of dirt, really!!"  Well, if you want to create your own graveyard, it is the perfect gift. I did not think I would find a use for it myself until I needed a gravesite to come up out of for this post, and then I was "Ah-ha! Perfect!". Who knew, right? Well, obviously, Moonlight Shadow thought of it - very clever!

✫ BYRNE creates contemporary art glam clothing, appliers, and accessories for women and men. If you like bright funky clothing that makes a statement. You should check them out. Their gift for the market is the BatHead Mask & Crown (Non-Mesh).

✫ Normandy - I could not find a working landmark for an in-world store or marketplace, so if you want these horns, best make sure you get to the market before November 1. Skaoi.Horns+Crystals. The horns come with crystals that float around your head too. They are not pictured in this post, but I will definitely be using them in future posts.

+ TAXI +

Shopping list for items used but not from featured stores in this post:
✫ [Circa] Living  | "Thornhill" Slumped Ground Skeleton & Candles / Rats |0L - Hunt Gift  | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
✫ [Circa] Living  | "Moonlight" Grave Plot - Abner Mallity | 0L - Hunt Gift  | Pulse Game's Cutting Class 2021 (75L entry fee).
✫ .Lunaria.  | Harvest Lights Grass | 50L
✫ Dysfunctionality |  Swaying Leafy Bushes - Animated Season Change XL Bushes | 145L
✫ Two Moon Panoramics | Texture Changing Globe | 600L
✫ Truth Hair | Trinket | 300L
✫ Eternal Dreams  | Superheroes

Photo Location:
✫  Photo location was put together by me. A big nod to Builders Brewery for letting me use their prims to work my magic. I am not sure if building scenery counts as a building, but I totally love their sandbox. I never get harassed, and there are always interesting classes available to sate my curiosity on how to build in SL

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