Trick or Treat Lane 2021: More Free Prizes

More free gifts! These are also from the Trick or Treat Lane, a Halloween-themed shopping market. The market runs from October 15 - November 1. There are forty-eight participating stores featuring all types of creations from fashion, decorations, accessories, and some really neat home designs. 

Today's featured stores really outdid themselves. These are some great gifts! Most gifts are 0L, though I did see some at 1L.

✫ [CIRCA] Living specializing in home furnishings, unique lighting, home accessories, skyboxes, prefabs, as well as jewelry.  This is my go-to store anytime I am wanting something new for my SL home. They have a huge selection and are constantly adding new must-have designs. They have a subscriber and in-world group for you to join to keep up-to-date on the stores going on. And trust me you want to join those, between the awesome group gifts and all the sales they participate in. You will soon find your inventory bursting with amazing items to decorate your home with. The quality of designs and attention to detail is totally worth it, I promise.  You don't even have to take my word on it either. The gift they give is the "Witches' Brew" Cat Familiar Pillow. This item is so adorable and as a cat person, It made me smile a lot. It will definitely have a spot by my couch.
✫  Secret Oktober is a small shop that creates gothic clothing and cute home accessories. For the marketplace, they are giving away a Spooky Throw Pillow. The face on it reminded me of the Boogeyman from The Nightmare before Christmas. Very nice addition to my Halloween decorations. I didn't have any throw pillows to put out before today.

✫ Dragon Magick Wares is a wonderful shop full of amazing builds. If you enjoy fantasy-style home decor this is the shop to visit. They have a wide range of products, that are high quality and designed with details in mind. Dragon Magick Wares has generously set out the Arcana Rug as a gift at the market. It is the perfect sized circle to fit in any room and the colors and texture really pop.  

LOVE Superstore is another store that I absolutely love to visit. They have amazing fashion designs, home/sim decor, along with tons of holiday decorations Their creations never fail to make me smile. They have regular sales and the store just is a happy place. Reminds me of a candy and toy store all bundled together, only with furniture and home accessories you can not resist buying. Their gift at the Halloween market is the Halloween Cat Totem. It is an adorable find to stick outside in your garden, even after Halloween is over.

Oubliette creates high-quality clothing and home accessory store for those who really like the darker side whimsical side of SL. They have the cutest outfits for Maitreya, Physique/Hourglass, Venus, Isis, Freya, and a whole store dedicated to Petites, called Petite Mort. They have group gifts and lucky boards for group members, The group is free. Their sim is also beautifully decorated and you are allowed to wander around and take photos and hang out.  The gift they have selected to share with us is the adorable  Oracle Shelf.  

Roawenwood creates unique original mesh creations ranging from home accessories, outdoor decor, and prefab buildings. Their design style reminds me of a whimsical mix of steampunk and fantasy. Their gift during the market is the Tarot Card House Deco Set. It consists of a card tower and a candle. I always wondered how those card houses stayed up, now I know it's magic!

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