Trick or Treat Lane 2021: Even more free gifts!

You got it there are still more free gifts at Trick or Treat Lane, a Halloween-themed shopping market. The market runs from October 15 - November 1. There are forty-eight participating stores featuring all types of creations from fashion, decorations, accessories, and some really neat home designs. Most gifts are 0L, though I did see some at 1L.

Today's featured creators are:

Quills & Curiosities is an eclectic shop of gothic style featuring a wide range of products from avatar accessories, clothing, and home decorations. For their gift, they provided a delectable Spooky Treat Tray. Perfect for your party food needs!

INKIETUD  is a  Victorian/Goth style home and garden store. They have free group gifts. The group is free to join. If you need a new coffin, then this is the place to check out! Their gift at the market was the Damask Draped Table. This is a really nice table and the textures are very nice quality. 

✫  Candle and Cauldron is the place to visit for all your virtual occult and spiritual decor. I would recommend a trip to their main shop. They have several group gifts. The group is free. Their free gift is Baba Yaga's Mortar and Pestle. It is resizable, so it will go great in any home.

Raindale is an eclectic home and garden shop. This store has a little something to meet any style you may need. They have a nice mix of modern, mystical, fantasy, and rustic designs. The store is huge so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to wander. They were very generous in providing three gifts in one, the Stillmore cat, the Pumpkins, and the Demonroot flowers. All excellent quality and design.

✫ Dragon Magick Wares is a wonderful shop full of amazing builds. If you enjoy fantasy-style home decor this is the shop to visit. They have a wide range of products, that are high quality and designed with details in mind. Dragon Magick Wares has generously set out the Arcana Rug as a gift at the market. It is the perfect sized circle to fit in any room and the colors and texture really pop.  

✫ Oubliette creates high-quality clothing and home accessory store for those who really like the darker side whimsical side of SL. They have the cutest outfits for Maitreya, Physique/Hourglass, Venus, Isis, Freya, and a whole store dedicated to Petites, called Petite Mort. They have group gifts and lucky boards for group members, The group is free. Their sim is also beautifully decorated and you are allowed to wander around and take photos and hang out.  The gift they have selected to share with us is the adorable  Oracle Shelf.  I liked it so much I had to use it twice, see the first post here.

Laminak is a home and garden store that specializes in historical gothic period furnishings with a smattering of modern mixed in. If you visit their main store, be sure to join their group (250L) as a  member you get 10-30% off on all purchases, plus access to a lot of great group gifts! The gifts look well worth the expense.  Their gift for us at the market is the Balloon Vendor - Trick Or Treat Lane Gift 2021. It's very cute and comes with a sign to equip that tells people to click the balloons to get a free balloon. It would be a smash at a party.

Old World is a huge shop featuring rustic/Gorean/urban home furnishings, clothing,  accessories, and prefab buildings. They have such a huge selection. They have a lot of group gifts. The group costs 75L but is well worth it. Their free gift is the Pumpkin Head.

✫ Fallen Gods Inc. creates a wide range of products such as fantasy skins, tattoos, furniture, and more. I love to people-watch in their store because the most exciting avatars can be seen shopping there.  For this event, they are giving away the WRAITH Tomb avatar for men and women. It contains the shape, skin, mesh eyes, alphas, and the trailing wrath Flexi tail. It was fun flying around in this outfit. It is the body used in the pumpkin picture above. See more about this avatar in my previous post.

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