Crypt Crawl 2021: Goodies to get for next Halloween!

Time to share the goodies I found doing the hunt from SL Syndicate's  Crypt Crawl 2021 Sidewalk Sale & Hunt. If you see something you like, you still have till November 6. Plenty of time to still get some fantastic deals at 25%  or more off original prices and free gifts!

There were so many great prizes from hunts this Halloween season. In this post, I mixed pieces I got from the Crypt Crawl 2021, the Trick or Treat Lane 2021, and the Spookzilla Hunt Event 2021. Both the Trick or Treat Lane 2021 and the Spookzilla Hunt Event 2021 have passed, but I just had to share the great gifts given out. I couldn't believe the quality of items the Designers were giving out this year. I know there are many items in that first picture but don't worry, I will walk you through it all and share some closer looks. 

At Spookzilla, [CIRCA] Living gave out 10 prizes costing 15L to 25L. Together all their gifts created the "Monster" Party Food Table Collection. The table was fantastic. It looked like a platform of slime; the legs were long drips of ooze. It is an excellent design for Halloween. Most all the items in the following three pictures came from Spookzilla. 

I love the quality, and the details of the food are excellent. It looks great. I would love to have a spread like this at any party I went to or hosted!

✫  ChiMia is primarily a home and garden shop, but they also have accessories and appliers for mesh bodies. They have some charming items on display at their store. You can also use their sim for photoshoots. It looks amazing!. If you don't feel like doing the hunt but still want their items, you can find some like them at their shop. The large Boo sign, leaning broom, floating candles, autumn leaf wreath, Halloween Trick or Treat poster, and pumpkin spice latte on the table were created by ChiMia as a free gift for the Crypt Crawl

✫  [Fetch] is an eclectic shop full of clothing, decor, accessories, and makeup. You should check out their large section on glasses; they have tons to choose from. The black and white sign, rug, coffin light, and divider are free gifts for the Crypt Crawl from [Fetch]

✫  CIRCA] Living. also created the cute pumpkins with a ghost. It was given away during the Spookzilla Hunt Event 2021.  

✫  INKIETUD is a  Victorian/Goth style home and garden store. The damask draped table is by INKIETUD for the Trick or Treat Lane 2021. I like this table a lot. I also featured it in an earlier post.

✫  Dear Diary creates clothes, eyes, accessories, and tattoos.  For the Crypt Crawl,  Dear Diary made the three pumpkins encased in glass. The item is called "Funeral Ashes," so it gives it an eerie meaning.  I really liked this gift.

✫ Dragon Magick Wares is a beautiful shop full of unique builds. If you enjoy fantasy-style home decor, this is the shop to visit. They have a wide range of products that are high quality and designed with details in mind. Dragon Magick Wares' gifts for the Crypt Crawl were really great! They gave us the Sabbat Banner and the Library Skybox.

I absolutely love this skybox. I can use this in so many photoshoots for blogging. Plus, I love libraries, period, so this is right up my alley. It is the perfect size if you need a skybox for your allotted linden land size.

✫  CIRCA] Living created the pumpkin on a platter as part of the Spookzilla Hunt Event 2021.  

✫  /studioDire/ is a very eclectic shop featuring fantasy, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, and steampunk accessories.  You enjoy playing D&D or Pathfinder in real life. This shop is a must check out for you. I don't play either, but I still had a grand time wandering around and yelling at my boyfriend to look at my screen to see their creations ( he does play D&D and Pathfinder). He and I both thought the D&D Tabletop and the little figurines to be most impressive. I won't lie; I paid the 50L to join the group just to get the little figurines up as group gifts. Okay, back to the hunt gifts from the Crypt Crawl /studioDire/'s gifts are a set of Ghostwood Dice and the frozen Heart on the red platter. The dice are exceptional in detail and actually work as dice. I was very impressed with them. The heart is just gruesome. It is a much-needed item to collect for your Halloween decor for next year.

✫ What's Lost Spirits is probably the one store I can get lost in for hours. They create the most emotionally charged creations I have ever seen in Second Life before. You can see more on them in a past post. They gave us two adorable dolls for the Trick or Treat Lane 2021 event. So I was very excited to receive the Ice Witch from them at the Crypt Crawl. I can not express how much I like their designs. They also gave us their concept piece for the bird-footed candle we hunted. I was thrilled to get a copy of it to use in my own home.

✫  CIRCA] Living created the table with the haunted house and candy giver. It was a gift from the Halloween "Shop & Hop" by Linden Labs. It's really adorable; you can see the legs and white pumpkin with the tree and little white bag next to the legs that came with the table.

✫  /studioDire/ also gave us a set of Blood Glazed Urns as a free gift at the Crypt Crawl. These are really nice and would fit wonderfully into a dark theme if you are looking for a great accessory to detail a scene you are building.

Well, that is all I have time to go over today; I still have a ton more I will try to post before the event is over. Check back tomorrow for more great freebies from the Crypt Crawl, or go and be surprised by what you find! Have fun!

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