Crypt Crawl 2021: You still have time to get some great deals!

For those who are sad Halloween that Halloween has come and gone there is still a great event, you can attend to stock up on great Halloween goodies for next year's celebration. SL Syndicate's ~ Crypt Crawl 2021 Sidewalk Sale & Hunt is still going until November 6. Plenty of time to still get some great deals on items that are 25%  or more off original prices and free gifts!

This by far has been the most challenging and fun hunt I have done in a long time. I had so much fun looking around at all the amazing decorations. And the designers were particularly sneaky in the placements of their gifts. Be sure to look under and over and in everything, including trees and rocks. I am working on pictures of prizes to post later today. Until then, get going and have fun!

Oh.. and this is the item you are looking for. Good luck!

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