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Today I am sharing with you a cute look I found at ZAHRA. ZAHRA is a fitted mesh clothing shop for women. They have a limited selection of designs at the moment but what they have is really cute. Their designs are compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Perky, Reborn bodies. As always, with any mesh item, try the demo before you buy. 

ZAHRA has a free inworld update group and several great group gifts, which I am showcasing for you today. Items by ZHARA are the dress, thigh-high socks, bunny ears, scrunchies on the wrist, and the tattoo. The Donella dress in lavender is a group gift. If you do not like Lilac, you can buy this dress in different colors for 77L each. It is an adorable design. The Kawaii Socks are cute but they are not free. You can buy them individually (99L) or in a fact pack (589L). Please note the hud to change the ribbon colors only comes with the fatpack. If you are a Designers News SL group member, you can get a free copy of the red Kawaii  Socks. You can join inworld at ZAHRA's store; just click the sign. The Teddy Bear is another group gift; you get pink and brown versions. It's adorable, as are the Bunny Ears! The bunny ears are unrigged and have a resizer. They come with a hud that supports 20 colors so you can have a unique color combination on your ears, fur, and bows. The Tattoo Kawaii 01 is also a group gift. The tattoo is BOM, so you can wear it with Mesh or Classic avatars. 

The Sweetheart Choker is the final group gift I have to share from ZAHRA. This adorable choker comes with a hud that has 20 material colors and 5 metal colors. It is unrigged and has a resizer, so it can be adjusted to fit perfectly.

For those of you who are major skin addicts, just a heads up 7 Deadly s[K]ins has updated their group gift. I am wearing the Blaze Skin in Caramel. Joining the 7 Deady s[K]ins inworld group is free. This month's free skin is compatible with Lelutka, evoX. It comes with body skin, head skin, in brow or no brow versions, and 8 different skin tones. As always, these are fantastic quality skins. If you have trouble getting the body skin to match the face on evoX, 7 Deadly s[K]ins does offer a free neck fade tattoo to use. It will fix the issue right up. Look for the little black boxes that say "I A Free Neck Fix."

Also, those lovely eyes are the current free VIP group gift from IKON. The free set comes with mesh eyes, system eyes in five sizes, and appliers for Catwa, Genus, Lelutka, Omega. IKON is by far my favorite eye maker.

This last photo is just for funsies. I absolutely loved the design and layout of this decor that [CIRCA] Living has on display in their shop, so I had to stop and take a quick picture. I love how vibrant the colors are. I can so see this in a young woman's dorm room. 

[CIRCA] Living specializes in home furnishings, unique lighting, home accessories, skyboxes, prefabs, and jewelry. They also have a subscriber and in-world group for you to join to keep up-to-date on the stores going on, as well as regular group gifts. Update Group costs 250L; the subscriber is free to join.

Here is a list of the sets you will need to recreate this room setting:
✫ [CIRCA] Living  | "Utopian Dreamer" 1960's Shelf - Teak /Powder Player | 600L
✫ [CIRCA] Living  | "Utopian Dreamer" 1960's Shelf - Teak /Powder Player | 375L
✫ [CIRCA] Living  | "Utopian Dreamer" 1960's Beanbag Chair | 375L
✫ [CIRCA] Living  |"Boho Dreamer" Area Rug Set - Ocean/Blue  | 650L
✫ [CIRCA] Living  |"Boho Dreamer" Area Rug Set - Ocean/Blue | 650L
✫ [CIRCA] Living  | "Utopian Dreamer" Messy Albums & Vinyl 2 | 650L
✫ [CIRCA] Living  | "Utopian Dreamer" Palm Wire Planter Set - White | 350L
✫ [CIRCA] Living  | "Utopian Dreamer" Palm Wire Planter Set - Terra | 350L

[Want More FREEBIES?] 

[Featured Poses] 
✫  Icons of Style | Summer Girl Pose 3R | Freebie 0L

✫  Kirin Poses | Mochi Pose 7 | 39L each or  120L for full pack

 [Avatar Components] 
✫ Maitreya | Mesh Body - Lara V5.3 | 2750L
✫ Maitreya | Mesh Body - Lara Add-on Petite V1.1 | 599L
✫ LeLUTKA | Lilly Head 3.1 | 3,990L
✫ Truth | Ambience | 300L
✫ 7 Deadly s[K]ins | BLAZE | November Group Gift | 0L
✫ 7 Deadly s[K]ins | NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins | 0L
✫ Asset | Freckle Me - Light |  price and store location unknown
✫ IKON - Apex Eyes - Forest | Free VIP Group gift | Free to join
✫ The shape is custom.

 [Photo Location] 
✫ Photos were taken at Go Fly A Kite on Black Kite Sim and [CIRCA] Living's display room. You can see more pictures of Black Kite Sim in an earlier post.

Want more photo locations? Check out my Photo Location Index.

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